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Are Beats Worth The Money?

Audiophiles and casual listeners understand the importance of a good pair of headphones. We use them every day, they are our little companions following us and providing an immersive audio experience. Luxury headphones like the Beats by Dre can have extreme prices so being selective with the type of brand your buying is imperative.

Beats is the best known name-brand headphones in the market and many people have been drawn in by just its notoriety; people have been especially drawn to the wireless Beats. The celebrity glamour that encompasses the Beats headphones has established the headphones as titans within the market. The high price associated with the Beats often has people wonder are Beats worth the money?

So Are Beats worth the Money?

So Are Beats worth the Money?
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This guide will reveal the many different features of the Beats that will answer this important question.


Style is a must when looking for the perfect headphones. The most versatile accessory, our headphones are supposed to be a good balance of fashion accessory and reliable device. The Beat’s style has been coveted for years.

Available in multiple colors and known for its sleek minimalist look, the trendy style of the beats are one of its main draws. Its style announces to the world that you are modern and understand the current trends. Even when not in use, the lightweight headphone is a great accessory to wear around the neck.


The amazing style of the headphones is at war with its flawed design. The beat’s design is lacking in both the longevity and practicality departments. Beats are highly vulnerable to damage due to their flimsy mechanics. Only connected by a fragile and low-cost plastic headband, the headphones are often reported to break in only a short time after purchase.

With the uncertainty of the economy, you have to find a headphone that will last and be worth the huge price. The Beats were not built to last and ultimately might not be the best choice for people under a budget. 

Sound Experience 

An amazing sound experience is of course one of the main needs when looking for a good pair of headphones. The projection of sound must be perfect to provide someone with a satisfying and immersive listening experience. The Beats are known for their loud bass, but it seems that the bass is the only impressive sound feature in the headphone’s mechanics.

It seems that even that feature has inherent flaws; there have been reports of the bass drowning out every other aspect of music and lessening the effect of the music. Music needs a balance, the over-reliance of bass in the headphone ultimately robs users of their music and leaves them wanting more. There are many alternative headphones that can give you great bass quality without sacrificing the other aspects of music.


Another feature that draws one eye to the beats is its addition of the wireless connectivity feature that comes included in a majority of its headphones. The beats have been manufactured to connect with Apple products with great precision. 


Co-Founded in 2006 by icon and hip-hop legend Dr. Dre, the beats’ brand has been solidified in the market by its celebrity origins. The branding has relied on and been influenced by the endorsements of a wide range of celebrities. With endorsements from social media influencers like Kylie Jenner to music legend Ed Sheeran, the beats have certainly gained a lot of clout in recent years.

It is undoubtedly very exciting to own the same brands of celebrities that you admire; this excitement of being validated by your favorite celebrity has made the headphones one of the most famous in the world. Branding though cannot erase the giant flaws in the headphones; one must ask themselves is it better to have a headphone with good marketing or good quality?


Compared to other brands the egregious prices of the beats are very worrisome. Prices reach up to over $200; the beats, while equipped with a nice style and endorsed by a multitude of celebrities, simply do not provide enough good sound experience or practicality to be worth the high price points.  


So are Beats worth the money? Ultimately the answer comes down to a definite no. The flaws in the Beats headphones are hard to ignore. Ultimately when you buy the headphone you will be paying for style and branding. While style and notoriety are very important, they aren’t worth the many hours of work and sweat that it would cost to afford the headphones.

There are many alternatives in the market that, while not able to give the same trendy feel of the beats, still provide a massively enjoyable experience that could last for you for many years. 

Written by Aimee Coreas

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