Is Sony Better Than Beats?

With so many virtual platforms to learn, play games, or listen to music, a good pair of headphones will help to enhance your experience. The search for the best wireless headphones is a constant battle. Beats Studio 3 and Sony WH-1000XM3 is often a debate that arises for this topic. Is Sony better than Beats? Here is a closer look at each of them.

Is Sony Better Than Beats
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Ease of Use

Is Sony Better than Beats for use? For the most part, you will get more controls and features on Sony headphones including on/off features and voice assistance, which is not offered from Beats. They both have nice breathability as well as are easy to pack up and carry around. Both offer cases for protection and easy portability. A cool feature of the Sony headphones is that you can control the sound from the Sony app to match your preferences. Beats, however, has physical buttons that can make them more ideal for some people. 


For the most part, neither Beats or Sony are gaming headphones. While noise-cancelling, they both lack a quality microphone which is crucial for a true gaming experience. Of course, they can still be used for gaming, but they are likely not the best option.  


Although not quality for things like gaming, Sony WH-1000XM3 has three microphones while Beats Studio 3 only has one. If you are someone who plans to have phone calls through your headphones, the extra two microphones on the Sony model may be more beneficial for you than the Beats model. 

Battery Life

It is important to recognize how often long you will need the battery life of wireless headphones to last. There is not much difference in the battery life between these two models, but some people may want the maximum amount of hours possible with battery life. Sony WH-1000XM3 has a battery life of 28 hours while Beats Studio 3 has a battery life of 23 hours. Furthermore, after Sony is charged for 15 minutes, you will have a battery life of 5 hours for your headphones while Beats will give 2.5 hours of battery life after 10 minutes of charging. 

Sound Quality

Sony tends to be bass heavy with treble that is less than average, but they provide a consistent sound for all audio. Sony also uses their noise cancelling technology to double-check frequency accuracy, making them have a very high accuracy across all frequency ranges. Beats are also noise cancelling, but they do not keep up quite as much noise as the Sony headphones.


Both Beats Studio 3 and Sony WH-111XM3 are wireless, over the ear wireless headphones. Beats have a slightly tighter grip, making them able to be used for working out and other activities. They have a soft, memory foam that allows them to sit comfortably for hours while you’re using them. The Sony headphones, while not as cushioned, leaves more room for your ears. The Beats headphones are also lighter than the Sony headphones, weighing 0.58 lbs while Sony weighs 0.60 lbs. 


Beats, being a product by Apple, have a sleek design that is recognizable to most people. That is not to say that the Sony headphones have a bad design, but it is not as recognizable. Not to mention, for those who stand by brand loyalty, Beats certainly will help with that.


There is not much of a price difference between these two headphones. The Sony headphones are slightly more expensive than the Beats headphones and considering their features and extra microphones they may be the better option. However, for people who like to stick to brands, for their comfort and design, the Beats headphones are still a great option. Plus, there is always the possibility of finding either pair on websites other than directly from the sellers or in other ways. Beats, for instance, are usually given free to people who purchase a laptop from Apple. 

Is Sony Better Than Beats: Conclusion

So, is Sony better than Beats? Well, both Sony and Beats headphones are great. Neither is all good or all bad. What it really comes down to is what your preferences are and what your use for the headphones will be. Some people may prioritize price or brand loyalty and others will favor comfort and features. Both are great headphones so deciding which is better is entirely up to you. Written by Megan Schimp

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