Why Won't My Headphones Work With Zoom?

Why Won’t My Headphones Work With Zoom?

You log into an important Zoom meeting and are eager to join the conversation when you realize the audio is not coming through your headset. All you can wonder is “why won’t my headphones work with Zoom?” Frantically, you try to figure out the issue but you’re missing important instructions from your boss as you mess around with your headphones. Clearly, this is a situation you would like to avoid. So, let’s go over some common problems people encounter when trying to use headphones in Zoom meetings and how to avoid any unnecessary stress. 

Starting Off On The Right Foot

Why Won’t My Headphones Work With Zoom?

Before you even dive into your Zoom meeting, it’s best to make sure you are prepared to the best of your abilities in order to avoid any audio issues. 

Make Sure Zoom Is Updated

To begin, it’s important to check if you’re using the latest version of Zoom. The app is constantly updating and changes are made to fix issues or problems. Typically, you’ll be alerted if there is an update when you open zoom, but it doesn’t hurt to check anyway. Some features change with updates, so keeping the app up-to-date will be beneficial. 

Make Sure You Have Good Wifi Connection

Sometimes with poor connection comes audio issues. Ensuring that your connection is stable can greatly help you avoid missing out on part of your meeting. Sometimes connection issues just happen, which is frustrating but if you’re able to run a speed test for your wifi or wired connection, you’ll be able to see if there is a problem with speed. This is worth a shot if you often find that your audio is freezing due to poor connection. 

Restart Your Device

Sometimes issues that seem technically complex can be quickly fixed by simply restarting your device. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised that it resolves the issue. Doing so will shut down anything that is interfering with your hardware or software.  

Why Won’t My Headphones Work With Zoom?

Why Won't My Headphones Work With Zoom?

You’re Muted

It might sound silly, but check to see if you are muted if your speech is not being detected while you are using your headphones. When joining a Zoom meeting, you’ll often have to manually turn on your microphone. If the microphone icon is crossed out, it means that you are on mute and you should simply click the button to unmute yourself. 

Your Volume Is Down

If you think your headphones aren’t working, try turning up the volume. Sometimes devices will automatically turn your volume all the way down when you plugin or connect an external device such as headphones. 

Issue With Bluetooth Connection

If you’re trying to use Bluetooth headphones on your Zoom call, but your audio is not working, make sure you are not accidentally connected to a different Bluetooth device. If you have another Bluetooth headset, it might be automatically connected. If that is not a possible issue, make sure your Bluetooth headphones are properly connected to the phone, computer, or tablet you are using for the Zoom meeting. 

Incorrect Audio Source

When experiencing audio issues while using your headphones on Zoom, it’s crucial that you check your audio source. You can do this by clicking on the up arrow that expands the audio button. There, the available options will be displayed so you know you have selected the right microphone or not. 

Issue Within Audio Settings

Another step you can take to figure out the problem is to check the audio settings in Zoom. You should take a look at your audio settings before the meeting starts to ensure it runs smoothly while using your headphones. Open the settings and click on audio. You’ll then be able to look at or change your audio preferences and test the microphone and speaker. 

You Don’t Have Permission

Another step you could try is checking Zoom’s permissions on your device. Go to your device’s app settings and look to see if Zoom has permission to access your headphone’s microphone/speakers. 

Your Headphones are Broken 

Unfortunately, your headphones being broken is a possibility. Annoyingly enough, you might not know how or when they broke. You could try to repair them but if you need to use audio immediately, you might want to try using your device’s built-in speakers or another pair of headphones and see if that does the trick.



It can undoubtedly be frustrating when your headphones aren’t working with zoom. Hopefully, you found this article useful and you now have some tips on how to combat the issue or stop it before it starts. 

Written by Sara Cayem

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