Don't Be Cheap: 5 Reasons To Spend More On A Laptop

Don’t Be Cheap: 5 Reasons To Spend More On A Laptop

Don’t be cheap: 5 reasons to spend more on a laptop. Depending on how you plan on using your next laptop can determine what type of features are worth investing in, deciding your budget for your laptop is one of the most important thing to consider. While keeping to a budget can be important, some of the cheap laptops have poor build and performance qualities. If you are looking for something above average but still affordable, you can check out a list of laptops under 400 dollars. Below are 5 reasons why you should not be cheap and spend more on a laptop.

Don’t Be Cheap: 5 Reasons To Spend More On A Laptop

Don't Be Cheap: 5 Reasons To Spend More On A Laptop
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Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is one of the most important factors to consider as most people use their laptops to stream content, having an HD screen is essential for an enjoyable viewing experience. If you are upgrading a laptop the minimum resolution you should be considering is 1920x1080p which will allow you to view videos in HD. However, many streaming services and websites are also making 4K content more available. To view videos in 4K then your screen resolution must be at least 3840x2160p. If high resolution, color accuracy, and clarity are important to you, then investing in the screen will be something you would want to invest in. Many graphic designers and video editors will put a high-resolution screen at the top of their priority list when looking for a laptop.


If performance is something that is important to you, then investing in your computer’s Solid state drive is something that should be at the top of your list. The solid state drive has a direct effect on how fast your computer runs, opens programs and switches between applications. While your laptop may have a fast processor, it becomes ineffective if there is not an optimal solid state drive making your laptop run smoothly. For individuals who will need their computer to run multiple applications at one, this will be incredibly important. 

Build Quality

If you are investing in a laptop, one quality to take into consideration is the build quality of the machine. This is especially important if you are someone who doesn’t plan on upgrading their device for another few years. Build quality will become important not only for design sake but can also play a role in how your machine lasts. Carbon Fiber and aluminum are so much stronger than laptops with plastic chassis and this will ultimately provide better protection from accidental drops. 


The typing experience on a laptop is also incredibly important. Since you will spend hours typing, a responsive and premium keyboard will make your typing experience much more enjoyable. When choosing a laptop be sure to check out the keyboard in person to see what the typing experience is like. Another aspect to consider is what size keyboard you need. Most laptops will have a 75% Tenkeyless keyboard (keyboard that doesn’t include the number pad). If you work a lot with numbers and spreadsheets then having a large laptop with a number pad is essential. Lastly, a backlit keyboard can be essential for those who work frequently in dark areas. Not all laptops have backlit keys and maybe an essential element that is worth paying more for. 


If you are someone who is into gaming, then a gaming laptop is essential to spend more for. Regular laptops simply do not have suitable processors, gaming cards, powerful GPU’s, screens with high refresh rates, or essential cooling systems that are needed to run intensive games. While gaming laptops can be considerably cheaper than building a gaming PC, gaming laptops still cost a premium since the machine not only needs to be powerful but it also needs to be portable. 


Don't Be Cheap 5 Reasons To Spend More On A Laptop
Photo by Yu Hai on Unsplash

When looking to invest in a new laptop there are certain aspects that should be considered before you make your purchase. Overall you should consider just what type of work you will be doing on your laptop and how long you plan on keeping your machine before your next upgrade. While buying an inexpensive laptop may be tempting, you will be sacrificing important qualities that can drastically affect its performance and longevity. One tip that would help making purchasing those slightly more costly laptops easier is to look for payment plans. Most of the time, it would be totally worth it.

Written by Daniella Sandoval

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