5 Things to look for when buying a bluetooth speaker

5 Things To Look For When Buying A Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t buy a Bluetooth speaker without considering the 5 things to look for when buying a Bluetooth speaker. People forget Everybody loves a good Bluetooth speaker – whether it’s for their home, for a BBQ, or just to have with you when you are traveling, millions of Bluetooth speakers are sold each year.  They are growing in popularity by the year and because of this, a lot of companies have been trying to create cheap ways to mass-produce these products.  This can lead to some pretty bad choices on the market.

 There are many things to think about when starting to look for a good Bluetooth speaker. We have laid out what we think are the 5 most important things to look for in a speaker for you. You could be looking for the best home speakers, or just a small portable one, it doesn’t matter – you should watch out for these in all speakers. People should account for these 5 things when buying a Bluetooth speaker.

5 Things to Look for When Buying A Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker, Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Battery Life – Power Bank Capability:

One of the biggest issues when trying to buy a portable bluetooth speaker is the battery life.  You should contrast what your needs/wants are with the options you are looking at.  If you are wanting to have the speaker on for hours at a time, you obviously want to look at the options with bigger, more powerful batteries. There is no bigger let-down at a party than when the music stops randomly!  Most options out there have batteries that can last around 8 hours – obviously that can depend on how loud you’re listening to it, and how hot the speaker gets. 

There are some options that you can find out there for 24 hour battery life but that is much more rare, and you’ll probably have to fork over much more money than the average 8 hour ones.  A good area to start when looking into battery life would be ones that last for more than 10 hours on one charge.  If you do find a speaker that you like but the battery life is sub-par, you can always look into some external power banks that will charge the speaker while you are playing music for an extra boost to the duration of the battery.

Durability – Weather/Waterproof:

Another thing to think about when looking into your new bluetooth speaker is how well it can handle external events such as water skills, drops, etc.  The durability of some of these products are not great, while others can be dropped from serious heights and be perfectly alright.  There are many speakers that have entire brands and marketing around the fact that they can withstand some serious mistreatment and still work like new.

Waterproof is also a great feature to look into because you don’t have to be around big bodies of water to be worried about water damage.  This can happen from a spill of a drink, splash from a sink, or even just moist air!  More and more speakers are coming out with this feature so I am sure that it will not be hard to find one that fits your needs.

Sound Quality:

Good sounding speakers are much harder to find, especially if you are shopping online to find your next speaker.  The issue with online ordering is having to take other peoples reviews into account when asking yourself the question, “Does this speaker even sound good?”.  You could read 5 good reviews saying that the speaker sounds great and has no issues at high volumes, but then you can read ONE review that says the product is a stinker and you are going to be hesitant from there on out.

The only other advice I have is to try to find the speaker in a store and listen to it yourself before purchasing, but if you can’t do that, then the best thing you can do is trust the reviews of random people on the internet.


An important thing to ask yourself before looking into a speaker is where and when will you be using it?  If you are planning on keeping it in your house and not moving a whole lot, then a bigger and heavier product shouldnt be an issue, whereas if you are wanting to take this on hikes, or on a kayak, or anything on the move, then you should definitely be looking at smaller and more portable options.  Make sure you don’t buy a huge speaker that you have to lug around everywhere if you plan on bringing it to certain places.


The last thing to think about is budget.  For some people it might be the first thing they think about, and that’s fine.  If you have a budget of $100 or less you are going to find plenty of smaller options with less power quite easily.  However, if you are looking for a quality speaker and want to really wow either yourself and your friends, you are going to have to spend more.  Our advice would be to stay away from the dangerously cheap products, but for $100 or even $50 you can for sure find some good products with good quality that are fairly durable against the conditions of life.

Although those are great things to think about when buying a speaker, there is nothing like going into a store to personally try the speaker, listen to it, feel it, and really get an understanding for what you are buying.  We really suggest getting out and looking for yourself, but if that is not an option then reading reviews of products is never a bad last resort. We hope we have helped you in your quest for your first (or next) bluetooth speaker!

5 Things To Look For When Buying A Bluetooth Speaker: Conclusion

Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speakers will be your go-to audio outlet for any family events, traveling, or just chilling at home. You should invest in a good one. The 5 things that you should consider are price, durability, battery life, sound quality, and portability. You may value one of these features more than others. In that case, you should look for “best budget Bluetooth speakers“, “Best durable Bluetooth Speakers”, and so on and so forth.

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