Tips for Buying a Laptop

6 Tips for Buying a Laptop

Are you looking to buy a new laptop? There are so many out there from brand name to color. Then, you have to think about what you could do and not do with the laptop. There is so much to consider when looking to buy the best HP Laptop, best laptops for Developers, best laptops for CAD, or even best` laptops under $600. How long battery life is? How much is it going to cost? Should I even get one? Well, don’t stress. Here are six tips for buying a laptop that will help guide your decision.

Key Features to Consider: 6 Tips for Buying a Laptop

Key Features to Consider: 6 Tips for Buying a Laptop
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1. Budget

The most important thing that most of us can agree on is pricing. When looking for a laptop, you have to know what your price range is. Do you have to ask yourself some serious questions like how much am I willing to spend on a laptop? Am I looking for a low price, medium price, or high price? Just keep in mind, if you want to buy a laptop that has a lot of pros and good security, it can be costly. Try to look for a price range that you could afford and understand what this laptop is going to do for you. Remember the phrase fancy does not mean better. 

2. Battery Life

Look for a laptop that has a good average battery life that could hold up to at least 8 hours. Some laptops could hold up more than 8 hours that have longer time usage. Understand that battery life means how long a laptop would run without being charged.  Know what you are going to use your laptop for. Like if you want a laptop that you could use for gaming, that means you want a laptop that could have longer battery life. Asus laptops are known for having one of the best battery life for gaming. 

3. Security

Most of us might forget that security is an important factor. We like to keep our privacy and do not want unwanted people to look at what we are doing. When I speak of security, I do not mean hacking or anti-virus, but more of who can access your laptop. Apple laptops have password security where you have to type in your password. Unlike Apple laptops where it could be easy to guess your password, Windows OS laptops have finger-reading security. So think about a laptop that you feel would give you the best security. 

4. Platform

Even if you do not understand the difference between a Chrome OS or macOS or WIndow OS, you have to have an idea of what platform you may want. Three main operating systems are well known: macOS, Chrome OS, and WIndow OS. The Mac Os is known for having its utilities right there in the dock and has Siri that can speak to you for assistance. The Chrome OS is known for having access to Google fast. The Windows OS is known for having a touch screen feature and having Cortana who is similar to Siri. 

5. CPU Processor

You may not know what a core processor is, but it is pretty much how fast you could do a task. The core processor gives you the ability to multitask as in-stream a movie and do coursework. It may seem that it is not important and it may not matter but it does. One of the best core processors that most people try to get is the Intel Core i9-10900K Processor DirectX which is the number one processor. If you are not interested in what processor to get, you should probably look for a processor that has a speed of 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz. 

6. Brand

For some reason, people care for the brand so if you feel it is important to you then the brand should be something you look at. Research reviews on what people think of that brand. What do the good reviews say and what do the bad reviews say? What are some pros and cons about these brands? Pretty much get the dirt on this brand.  Within those brands, which laptops are considered the best. Rank as the number one brand laptop is Apple which is not sort of obvious with its features it has. But if the brand does not matter to you then just get a laptop that is affordable to you and you can do things on it. 


Tips for Buying a Laptop
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These 6 tips for buying a laptop will help you find the perfect laptop for you. Buying a laptop should not be so stressful to do, but in these times they have become a must-have for a household. From just taking work home or just streaming a movie, buying a laptop is important. Overall, you have to be able to balance out your needs with your budget. You may think you may need this laptop, but in reality, you may not. Just be clear on what you want your laptop to have and if it is within your budget.

Written by Evelyn Ramirez

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