Are Cheap Headphones Good

Are Cheap Headphones Good?

Everyone loves listening to their music. Whether it is from a speaker or via headphones or earbuds, everyone consumes their musical taste in a myriad of different ways. But ask yourself, are cheap headphones good? One of the most popular devices to listen to your favorite music is a pair of headphones or earbuds. They allow you to keep your music to yourself, without disturbing others. They can also be used for other purposes, such as talking to friends online or playing video games. Being such a popular product, there exists hundreds of different brands and versions.

With so many, some are better than others, whether that is sound quality or price. However, are cheap headphones good? In the end, they are not truly worth it, despite their sometimes attractive prices. Here are just a few of the factors that result from buying a cheap pair of headphones.

Are cheap headphones good?: Poor Sound

Enjoying music with good quality headphones.

With more expensive headphones, the actual quality of the sound produced will typically get better with the higher price. While wearing a quality pair of headphones, you will be able to hear any strum or blow of an instrument, and each breath taken by the singer. Overall, it makes listening to your music more immersive, and simply more enjoyable. However, with a pair of cheap headphones, that same statement cannot exactly be said.

Since lesser advanced technology and craftsmanship are being used towards the cheaper option, that means a poor overall sound quality. Some nice features of headphones may be their noise-canceling, which will block out any obnoxious outside noises that may be disturbing you from listening to your music. However, cheap headphones do not have these features, or at least will be far inferior.

When you listen to music, you want to zone out and relax, and not be pestered by so many outside noises and sounds, whether you are in public or at home. While you will still be listening to that music, it will definitely not be as pleasant, sometimes it may even feel like a chore to listen rather than a relaxing pastime.

Poor Quality

A cheaper, poor-quality pair of headphones lying on a surface.

In addition to the poor sound, the actual physical quality of the headphones will also not be on par with the more expensive alternatives. After sometimes a few months of use, they will begin to wear down. Since they are typically made of a cheaper and flimsy plastic, it will not be long before they begin to crack or fall apart. Sometimes, they may be faulty right out of the packaging. Maybe the headphone jack does not fit into the phone, or the battery dies after just a bit of time. This quality also results in the actual comfort of the headphones. 

Finding a comfortable pair of headphones is already an endeavor that many people struggle with, even with the expensive kind, and the cheap ones do not help in this way. Since they are made of such cheap material, they will not be the most comfortable, whether they are inside or outside your ears. A cheap pair of headphones over your ears will make them feel crushed and uncomfortable, or earbuds that cramp up the inside of your ear.

However, with a more expensive pair, they are specially designed for comfort. This could come in the form of special padding or soft plastic for your headphones or earbuds to make them feel as seamless or comfortable as possible for your ears, or having them simply form around or in your ears. Many factors result from this poor quality.

Buying Multiple

Buying several cheap pairs of headphones.

After buying a cheap pair of headphones, they already come with some major drawbacks. As said with the aforementioned quality, the cheap headphones will not last too long. As a result of this, you will have to buy another pair if you want to continue listening to your music. This is all just a cycle over and over again. You buy the cheap headphones, have a miserable time with them, and then end up having to buy another pair. The costs will eventually pile up, and soon the total of buying multiple cheap headphones will exceed that of the cost of one good and quality pair.


A man wearing black headphones crossing a busy street.

Overall, the question of “are cheap headphones good?” is quite clear from the numerous side effects they bring about. Always make sure not to make the mistake of buying a cheap pair of headphones or earbuds, no matter how attractive the price may seem online or in a store. They will only really make your music listening life worse in the end, and it is a much more wise investment to buy a pair of headphones that will stick with you for months or maybe even years on end. 

Written by: Max Kahn

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