Bamboo Hair Brush Benefits

Bamboo Hair Brush Benefits

There seems to be new crazes in the beauty industry all the time. One of the current ones is the use of bamboo hair brushes. There are plenty of reasons for this. Bamboo hair brushes can lead to healthier hair and a healthier earth. Using a bamboo hair brush benefits not only the user, but the environment as well. Here is a more in-depth look at why you should consider switching your hair brush to a bamboo one. 

Bamboo Hair Brush Benefits

Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo hair brushes are made out of a sustainable material. Therefore, they are better for the environment as a traditional, plastic hairbrush. The wood from the bamboo brush is not only abundant in nature, but also is biodegradable, meaning that when you are no longer using it, you won’t have to worry about its environmental impact. Plastic brushes emit chemicals when being created and won’t break down like the bamboo ones when they’re no longer in use. Bamboo brushes are also cruelty free. Some brushes, such as boar brushes, exploit animals for their creation. Bamboo is made from natural resources and don’t cause harm to animals in production.  

Easier Detangling

Bamboo hair brushes are softer than typical brushes. This leads to softer, easier detangling. Your hair will get caught less, leading to less tearing and hair loss. On top of this, due to the rubber bamboo tips of these brushes, your scalp gets a natural massage. The bristles increase blood circulation to the area which creates rapid hair growth. On top of this, the massage causes shinier and softer hair. The best part is that it requires very little effort on your part, just brush your hair as usual, and you will see incredible results. Plastic brushes often irritate your scalp due to harsh bristles, causing less blood flow and less hair growth. It also causes more hair loss since hair is more likely to fall out due to irritation and getting caught in the bristles. 

Less Hair Static

Bamboo hair brushes will also decrease static in your hair. The material is not a conductor of electricity, therefore, it will not bring any unwanted static or fly-aways to the table. Other brushes, such as boar and plastic, may cause more static due to a higher level of friction and the conduction of electricity. This will lead to messier hair. When using a bamboo brush, your hair will have less static, therefore be easier to style and maintain throughout the day. A quick brush can cancel out any negative effects of humidity or sweat. A traditional brush may add to the chaos. 

Distributes Natural Oils

Your hair needs its natural oils distributed among it and most traditional brushes do not do a good job of this. Bamboo brushes, however, are known for spreading these oils when you’re brushing your hair. Our natural oils are almost a natural conditioner. When they are distributed throughout hair, the hair becomes shinier, softer, and overall healthier. This could lead to more growth, less frizz, and more shine. Plastic brushes don’t help to distribute the necessary oils, which leads to a buildup on the scalp and can create the look of greasy, damaged hair. This causes flaky scalps, thinning hair, and an overall negative appearance. The material of the bamboo bristles is simply better at spreading oils than plastic bristles. This leads to overall healthier, happier hair. 


Durability is also a strong suit of bamboo brushes. While plastic hairbrushes can break from getting caught in the hair, gripped too tight, stepped on, etc., bamboo hair brushes are made of strong wood, therefore, they are made for durability. Plastic bristles are also more prone to falling off of the brush since they are often getting caught in hair. The bristles on bamboo hair brushes are made of a softer material, causing easier detangling, which means the bristles don’t fall out because they don’t get caught in the hair. This will lead to the brush lasting you far longer than a plastic one would. This saves you money since you have to buy less brushes in the same amount of time. Therefore, bamboo hair brush benefits include not only personal and environmental, but economical as well. 

Final Thoughts on Bamboo Hair Brush Benefits

You may have not even considered switching your hairbrush since plastic brushes are so widely used and have been for so long. However, bamboo hair brush benefits are too good to ignore. They’ll give you healthier, better-looking hair with minimal effort.

Written by Alissa Buckley

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