Do Expensive Hair Brushes Really Make a Difference in Your Hair?

Do Expensive Brushes Really Make a Difference in Your Hair? 5 Tips to Know

Despite what some people might have told you, hair care is super important. This means you should know what type of hair you have and base that information off what products you should be purchasing. For example, if you possess straight hair that gets oily quickly, then you would resort to washing your hair more often. If you would describe your hair as curly, kinky, or even very thick, then you would hold off on washing regularly. So, yes…which shampoo and conditioner you purchase does matter. Yes, what products you apply on your hair matter. And yes, though shocking, it does matter what hairbrush you decide to use on your hair, expensive or not.

Now, what makes a hairbrush a great hairbrush for your specific hair needs? If you’re interested, continue reading to find out why your hair type needs a hairbrush that will create a lasting hairstyle, healthy locks, and why purchasing an expensive hairbrush does not necessarily mean a better hairbrush.

Why Certain Hair Brushes are Better than Other Hair Brushes

Why Certain Hair Brushes are Better than Other Hair Brushes

If you are curious as to why some people are willing to spend $50 plus on a hairbrush, you’re not alone. Though baffling at first instance, the effectiveness and productivity of a higher priced hairbrush can make all the difference, but not limited to only high-priced brushes. It’s vital to know which hair type you possess in order to make the finest selection of what hairbrush to utilize.

What Makes up a Hairbrush

Believe it or not, the products that make up an entire hairbrush are what makes an individual’s hair look, well, so amazing. Below, are a variety of fantastic hair brushes and what about them make them distinct from each other, but perfect for almost every hair type and preference.

Got Long Locks?

If your hair is passing below the chest level, then a wet brush paddle is most likely the brush for you. This paddle allows for distribution of your hair’s natural oils which is literally like a conditioning of the hair. Or you could also purchase a bamboo paddle hairbrush in which the bamboo bristles help stimulate blood flow to your scalp, resulting in even longer hair than you have already got.

Got Curly Hair?

If your hair is curly, a brush with nylon bristles will do the trick. You see, these strong bristles can detangle and send needed products being applied on your hair quickly and efficiently giving you a lovely and chic look.

What About Frizzy Hair?

Try a hairbrush made of boar bristles. Boar bristles naturally leave a sleek style on your hair as the bristles help stimulate blood flow and distribute these crucial oils from root to tip. Say goodbye to frizz and hello, to silky.

Want a Bouncy Blowout Hairstyle?

You can try a ceramic round brush. Firstly, the rounding of the brush enhances volume, curls, and waves of your hair while the ceramic base helps retain heat from the hairdryer to improve drying time and smooth your hair out. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, you’re going to look on point.

Applying Treatments or Products?

A wide tooth comb can provide you service. This type of hairbrush evenly spreads products like deep-conditioner treatments, hair masks and coloring onto and throughout your hair. Additionally, this comb is an option to detangle fragile and processed hair when wet to settle your hair in place.


Learning what hair brush fits your specific hair type and needs will change your hair care routine.

As you can see, it does truly matter what hairbrush you decide to spend your time with as you are going to of course, undoubtedly, and understandably, want a beautiful hairstyle to compliment that gorgeous face, banging body, and stylish outfit. Using bristles made from boar, nylon and bamboo and brushes that are paddled, rounded, and ceramic, a comb or teezer, and even a brush for wet or dry hair will result in different pricing and should all be noted. So, our ending question is, do expensive brushes really make a difference in your hair? Our ending reply is, these are all significant factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding to purchase a certain hairbrush despite how expensive or not they may be. I wish you good luck with your hairbrush journey and I just know you’re going to look fabulous darling.

Written by Tori Walz

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