How to Prevent Hair Breakage

How To Prevent Hair Breakage?

Is your hair healthy, shiny, and breakage-free? If you said yes, you most likely are mistaken. Many people with long hair habitually engage in acts that unknowingly break and damage their hair. These damaging acts include common, everyday actions, such as styling your hair with heat, over washing, and even a lack of proper nutrients in your diet can cause breakage. Now, you find yourself pondering how to prevent hair breakage before it occurs. Luckily, there are a few simple actions that you can implement into your routine to prevent damage to your hair.

Do you often experience hair breakage?

 Do you often experience hair breakage?
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Don’t worry- we have spent time researching methods to prevent hair breakage. From using certain hairbrushes designed to avoid breaking your hair to the ways a balanced diet can affect the strength of your hair, you’ll find many options to try for your hair.

Hair-Washing Regimen Changes to Prevent Hair Breakage

Changes in your hair-washing regimen can help prevent hair breakage. No matter your hair type, make sure to wash your hair gently, and don’t scrub too hard. Shampoo and condition regularly to keep your hair clean and strong. However, don’t wash your hair too often. Washing your hair two to three times a week is the best option to improve your hair quality. Even deviating only one day from your routine is enough to preserve natural hair oils that protect your scalp and prevent damage. Dry your hair free of heat as often as you can, and avoid drying with rough towels.  Another trick is to use detangling hairbrushes made specifically with the fragile state of your hair in mind. 

Styling to Help Prevent Hair Breakage

Styling to Help Prevent Hair Breakage
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Styling your hair with heat- curling irons, straighteners, hairdryers- more often than not can increase hair damage, and specifically, hair breakage. If you feel it is necessary to use heat, set your device at lower temperatures, starting around 280 degrees. Lower temperatures are better for your hair; perfect curls aren’t worth the cost that comes from frying your hair at 400 degrees.

Another way to change how you style your hair to prevent hair breakage is to avoid wearing your hair in a ponytail. Instead, gravitate towards buns or braids. Putting your hair up into loose ponytails using soft hair bands and placing less stress on your scalp also help prevent damage. Finally, don’t use any alcohol-based styling products, such as some dry shampoos, hairspray, and mousse, along with gel-based products.

Hair-care Treatments Which Prevent Hair-Breakage

There are multiple hair treatments you can try using to prevent breakage. One of the best ways to repair damaged hair without a proper haircut is using hair oil. Another tip is moisturizing your hair at least once a week. Quality hair masks and protein treatments are a few more ways you can repair or prevent broken and damaged hair without going to the salon.

More Ways To Prevent Hair Breakage

One of the best prevention methods is to follow a healthy, balanced diet. Be sure to eat plenty of plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Consume foods rich in iron, folic acid, protein, and zinc daily. If you find your hair breaking off simply by brushing it, it’s time to rethink your hair care routine. If applicable, don’t continue coloring your hair and avoid styling with any form of heat. Now, you have reached the time to consult a professional hairstylist for help and advice on repairing your hair.

Effects of Hair Breakage on the Self

A person’s hair can add a lot to their self-confidence and identity. You can keep it short in a pixie cut or a bob, shave half off, or all the way. You can also choose to let it grow long, down your back, or even further. You can color it a shade or two darker or lighten it, but many also choose to dye their hair one of any bright and fun color from the rainbow. Damaged, broken hair can scrape away at one’s confidence.

It’s important to care for your hair, and avoid unnecessary damage, when possible. By changing your hair-care routine in a few minor ways, you can confidently go into the future more secure in the knowledge that your hair is protected against the dangers of everyday life. It’s important to take care of yourself, including your hair.

Conclusion – How to prevent Hair Breakage

Make sure to wash your hair regularly, but not every day. Avoid styling with alcohol-based products, heated tools, and tight elastic ponytails. Hair masks, hair oil, and protein treatments are a few simple ways to repair damaged hair at home. Be sure to eat a well-rounded diet of food rich in natural minerals and proteins. These are all different methods you can implement into your routine in order to prevent future hair breakage. 

Written by Alexis Enderle

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