What hair dryers do professionals use?

What Hair Dryers Do Professionals Use?: 5 Best Optional choices

Ever wondered What hair dryers do professionals use? When walking out of a hair salon, how many times do you ask yourselves if and only if I could blow out my hair at home and having it look like this, I would have saved a lot of money right? There is not really an answer to this question other than understanding that people who give glam to your hair are professionals and it highly depends on the products and tools they use. On the other hand, they also understand and are familiar with their clients’ hair textures, whether it is straight or curly, the right product to use when blow-drying the hair.

Nowadays, professionals look into using the best hair dryer for fine hair that will help add volume and shines to their client’s hair by either straightening its strands or enhancing its curl pattern. A blow-dry which features in a range of its heat setting, its speeds, and is ready to deliver a fast-drying by enhancing their clients’ hairs moisture.

Below are listed some of the best hair dryers most professionals including celebrity hairstylist use in their daily career:

1) Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

1) Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

 This specific hair dryer brand is loved by so many including celebrities because of its lightweight compactivities and it is built in to protect hair from extreme hair damage. This hair dryer can be directly heat regulated on hair strands resulting in the prevention of heat damage, the elimination of frizz, and providing the perfect shine. The majority of hairstylists say this is the secret to a perfect blowout. It is quite expensive but the outcome on your hair is worth every penny spent on it. It seems very easy to handle and its best feature is that its temperature control is constant.

2) Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer (Babyliss)

Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer (Babyliss)

The pro nano titanium is loved for its uniqueness of having a six heat speed setting and two concentrator nozzles. It is among the most used by professionals because they found it being infused with nano titanium properties which serve as a purpose of preparing the hair in the blowout process and as a result, it helps remove static and closes the majority of hair cuticles. 

3) 2-in-1 hairdryer: Revlon

2-in-1 hairdryer-Revlon

This 2-in-1 Revlon dryer simply simplifies the process of you drying your hair. While it is used by many professionals, it is also used a lot at home. What makes it among the best hair dryer professional use? First, it comes in three heat and three-speed settings. It is a multitasking dryer-brush that does both the drying and straightening at the same time saving you extra time. Its results are stunning and incomparable. It smooths your strands. Its oval shape allows the brushes to get close to your roots, indeed, giving your hair an insane and massive volume, zero frizz, and a bouncy movement.  

4) Sam Vila Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

Sam Vila Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

The Sam Villa Light is best known for its ability to create the perfect brilliant shine when blow drying your hair. As many other hair dryers mentioned in the article, it is best loved by professionals for its magnificent ability to reduce static and frizz as well which  we already know the result of is smooth and sleek hair. It comes in a ceramic/tourmaline ion generation, two rotating concentrator nozzles, and a deep bowl diffuser. These features contribute to the volume building of your hair. This hair dryer is the perfect one  for drying curly and wavy hair because it maintains the curls pattern and gets rid of frizz. 

5) ghd Air Hair Dryer

ghd Air Hair Dryer

The GHD Air Dryer is known for its unique feature in ionic technology. It is recommendable for thick hair because it mitigates heat damage if the drying process extends ( goes beyond the expected time). The ionic technology provides fast drying and styling, as a result, a soft, silky, and very shiny hair. Its fasting drying ability helps lock in moisture, making the style last longer than usual. One of its cool features consists of a shooting button for waves and curls lock. 

Another additional and important point as a takeaway is that professionals might know as well the type of hair dryers to use for each specific season. You might want to check what hair dryers do professionals use? for the Fall Season for a shiny and voluminous result just like the one done by a professional.


Professionals want their clients to be satisfied with the final looks, so they know which blow-dry to use for your hair. If you are considering becoming a hairstylist, the secret of a perfect blowout is of course the tools and it takes a lot of practice to become a pro. On the other hand, while you might practice becoming a pro, researching what hair dryers do professionals use? and the best hair dryers designs are always very crucial in your start-up career as a hairstylist.

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