Top Hair Dryers For Men: 10 Best Options

Top Hair Dryers For Men: 10 Best Options

You must be wondering what are “the top hair dryers for men” most men use. Whether you are into rocking long hair or have decided to grow your hair long, it is noticeable that the beauty industry, compared to woman’s hair products, lacks the production of men’s hair products. These facts are the reason most men have chosen to use unisex hair products; you might want to check the best hair dryers for fine hair.

On the other hand, some use women’s hair products, and hair dryers are among them. What makes up the best hair dryers? When choosing hair dryers for men, the following elements are what make a great hairdryer: a diffuser, size, price, hot/cold, cord length, and style. In our research, we have assembled the top hair dryers for men featuring the 10 best options of our choices which could be yours as well.

1. BIO Ionic Ultralight Speed Dryer

A black hairdryer

Taking into consideration the hairdryer diffuser, the bio ionic ultralight speed, as says the name offers a variety of advanced features which include a built-in hanging loop, a size nine-foot power cord that is super extra-long, serving as the easy storing purpose. These features make it easy for you and the user to reach when drying your hair. As says the name, “ultralight speed” this dryer features a 1,800-watt EcoDrive brushless motor which can allow you to dry your hair in less than 10 min. It consumes less power and delivers a greater shine, magnific styling when using moisturizing heat.

2. Conair 1875 Compact Hair Dryer

A silver Conair hairdryer

The Conair 1875 is considered by far the most impressive option for any occasion. So tiny as it is shown, it is the most recommended you can travel with for sake of luggage storage. Featuring two different heats speeds, it is known as being the dryer’s dual-voltage function making it useful for international trips. Furthermore, there is an addition of a cool shot button that helps you meet your hair desire.

3. Dyson Supersonic

A Dyson Supersonic with its parts dissassembled

One of the best you can ever find, Dyson Supersonic is loved by many whether it is for professional or personal use. It is known for its Dyson technology which consists of its intelligent heat control features that prevent damage, the 1,600 watts of power, three different airspeed settings you can choose from, its Dyson V9 digital motor for a faster drying and styling result. These features help it have a quieter almost sound-free usage experience. Its external features such as the wide-tooth comb, the concentrator, and the magnetic styling attachment. it is Best known for its lightweight, these features make it easier to carry around on a bag, carry on, etc,

4. Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry

a black hairdryer

One of the splurge purchases and the best investment one can make, it is suitable for men with longer and thicker hair. While it reduces drying time, it has tourmaline ions features with the purpose of adding shines and eliminating frizz. It includes two attachment, a diffuser, a concentrator, four heat settings, as well as a cool shot button, a smart sense microchip that let you know when the hairdryers(filter) needs cleaning ( for the best airflow)

5. Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer

a white hairdryer

Known for making the best products for several years, this brand makes unisex, men and women beauty products. Having an Ionic ceramic technology feature helps your hairdryer with lower air preventing heat damage. Your desired look is gotten from the concentrator and diffuser preventing the sacrifice of your hair health. Like many other hairdryers, it features two-speed and heat settings and a cold shot button.  

6. Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

a green hairdryer

Including a wide and narrow concentrator as well as four heat settings packages, the harry Josh Pro dryers’ air is fired at up to 85 mph. It features an ionic button that has the purpose of reducing frizz and as well cold air. Upon its purchase, the company provides a two-year warranty if you decide to change your choice.

7. JOHN Blast Professional Hair Dryer

7. JOHN Blast Professional Hair Dryer

Having the perfect price range that fits on most men’s budget, this hairdryer is found to be among the top hairs dryer for men. Providing a very fast drying by avoiding heat damage due to its negatively charged ions, and easy styling, the John blast hair dryers have 2,200 watts, 82 cubic meters of airflow. A very cool feature of a Klixon thermostat provides a perfectly tuned air. Another feature that makes it among the best is its three temperature, cool shot, speed settings.

8. Helios Performance Hair Dryer

a white hairdryer with rose gold accents

Being known for its special motors, it makes the Helios hairdryer among the fastest and quieter hairdryers. It is also known for its ability of a healthy-looking more natural look and shiny result on your hair when drying it. It features air blows at 75 mph, a cold blast, a higher-end, and a multiple heat setting.

9. Fit Hair Dryer

a white hairdryer with rose gold accents

Loved by so many professionals, this could be a sign that this hair dryer wants to be part of your home. With its ability to pack major power into small packages, its power engines are able to dry your hair so quickly, so gently without leaving your hair overdried and crispy, due to the IonAir technology it features. Very lightweight it is easy to carry around, especially in the gym when working out.

10. Moda One Smart Ionic Hair Dryer

A brown hairdryer

This world has been dominated by so many smart devices and the beauty industry also wanted to be in the game and created a smart hairdryer. The best feature of this product is that it is used with innovative technology that is able to sense the levels of moistures by automatically adjusting its heats to give you or a client the healthiest hair results. Although compared to other dryers, it provides a slower drying speed, the key focus is to avoid overdrying and keeping your hair healthy which is what this hair dryer exactly does.

Top hair dryers for men : Conclusion

We have provided a link in case you would want to check on the top hair dryers for men. If you ever wondered why your hair looks different from the barbershop? the best answer to this question is the grooming tools the barbershop use. To help you out with your decision besides presenting you with these best 10 options, the other things besides “what makes great hairdryers” you want to consider when buying them are wattage, heat, and speed, attachment, and technology.

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