do guys really use a hair dryer

Do Guys Really Use A Hairdryer?

Do guys really use a hairdryer? According to the men in my life I polled, the official answer is: “no, I do not use a hairdryer. Absolutely not. My hair dried this way,” or even “my hair looked this way when I woke up.” These answers are not unusual. Many men seem to think using a hairdryer is a sign of being high maintenance and unmasculine, as though being well-coiffed were the exclusive territory of the female community. Well, guys, you know that’s simply not true, so isn’t it time you admitted you do a little styling with a hairdryer too? Or if you don’t, maybe it’s time you learned.

If you’re one of the men out there who defies gender norms regarding hairstyling and proudly claims ownership and daily use of a hairdryer, well done. Grab that hairdryer like a bull horn and lead the way for your fellow men who are still either afraid to admit they use one or don’t have a clue they need one.

What’s The Big Deal About A Hairdryer?

Do Guys Really Use A HairDryer?
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Sure, the old reliable classic styling tools have never gone, well, out of style over the years: men’s brushes, combs, styling gel, styling pomades. Many have even grown considerably better as specialized models have been developed, such as brushes designed to prevent hair loss. There are many men who don’t see why they need anything more.

A survey conducted by the Dollar Shave Club in 2016 indicated that just 11% of men used a hairdryer. I would say that hopefully five years later that figure has gone up, but let’s face it: with the pandemic, and every guy staying home with nowhere to go and growing out his hair, those numbers probably dipped for a while. Maybe they’ll go up now, but the fact remains: most guys don’t think they need to use a hairdryer. Why not? 

Rethink Using Product Alone, Guys

Well, mostly because they think all they need to do is get out of the shower, add some product to their hair, and it will stay in place. Well, guys, this is actually not so. Even by towel-drying your hair and using a ton of product in an attempt to hold that hair in place, your hair will still usually fall where it naturally wants to go. When you use a hairdryer with a brush, you are controlling where your hair sets. And your hair will still fall that way throughout the day, even when you use much less of your product, which means your hair products will last longer and you’ll save money. Using less product can also mean less buildup, which can help your hair achieve more volume, have greater shine, and look healthier and less greasy.

Also, guys, if the product you use is pomade, hair paste, or hair spray these tend to work best on dryer hair. The products adhere far better to surfaces that aren’t moist. Using a hairdryer for even a minute or two before applying these products will help you achieve a better and more even application. But for these products to work their very best, your hair should be completely dry, and the fastest, most efficient way to achieve that is by blow-drying.

Not Only Save Money, Save Time

Well, what do you think, guys? Is all this enough incentive for you to invest in one of the many decent hairdryers for men out there? If not, let’s examine a few more reasons why using a hairdryer might just be worthwhile.

So, the idea of adding a hairdryer, and the time hair drying would take, to a morning grooming routine you’ve perfected over the years seems a little scary. But it doesn’t take long to get the hang of blow-drying and adjust your morning routine, or you always have the option of blow-drying at night and using your styling products on dry hair in the morning. But if your real objective is both to look good and save time, a hairdryer can actually help you. As you now know, your products work best and you’ll have to use less of them on completely dry hair. Instead of waiting for your hair to air-dry in the morning, save time by blow-drying it, and using a brush and the heat from the dryer to style it, and make it look the way you want in the process.

Find A Whole New You

Now, I would bet at least some of you guys think about exploring more options when it comes to your hair. Maybe some of you have naturally curly hair and would like to see what it would look like straight. You can easily achieve that by blow-drying your hair and making long strokes through it from root to tip with a small round brush. Hair drying can tame hair that is naturally frizzy, or add volume to hair that is naturally flat. It can give you hair traits you don’t have otherwise, helping you explore a whole new you.

Doing all this to shake up your grooming routine a bit can do more than make you look good, guys. Changes like these make you feel good, and such confidence will be reflected in your daily activities everywhere from work to home.

So Really Own That Hairdryer

So Really Own That Hairdryer
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Ultimately, regarding “do guys really use a hairdryer?” the ones who want an easier and more efficient way to style their hair absolutely do or should. So, guys, let’s break the stigma regarding men using a hairdryer. Fact is, men, you can own a hairdryer without becoming just another lady wearing a mud mask watching Dirty Dancing at girls’ night. Doing a little styling with a hairdryer can do wonders for your confidence, and be a very manly thing indeed.

Written by Margaret Beucke

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