What is a Good Sized Mini Fridge for a Dorm Room

What is a Good Sized Mini Fridge for a Dorm Room?

If you live in a dorm, you are probably going to live there for years until you graduate, and for that purpose, you need all the necessities needed for your room! These necessities can include a backpack, shower caddy, bedding, mattress topper, and importantly, a mini fridge.

So, what is a good-sized mini fridge for a dorm room? For a dorm, the best fridge you can purchase is a mini fridge, so it can be carried on for distance traveling and is enough for your needs. Also, if you have a party somewhere or if you need to take the mini fridge to somebody else’s place, you can!

The mini fridge does not have to be too small for that purpose, also you need some room to fit food in it, but you can get the right mini fridge, which is not too small and not too big, but good enough! Regular-sized family fridges are not helpful for a student; big fridges take so much space and because you live in a dorm you probably share it with other students, which means that the available space is limited.

If you live in a dorm, it means you live away from home, which means you are traveling there, so a mini fridge can fit in a regular-sized car, while a big fridge can be a challenge in transporting. 

Why Choose A Mini Fridge?

Why Choose A Mini Fridge?
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Expensive? Yes, a big fridge will be expensive, and for a student, you probably have enough college expenses and you do not want to add more, so I am going to save you some time by saying the best mini fridges for dorms will be best for transporting, can fit anywhere, also cheap! More importantly, that you are a college student and do not have so much time, so if you purchase a mini fridge and something went wrong, it is easier to get fixed or exchanged than a bigger fridge, and if it does not work anymore the mini fridge would not be a big loss as a big expensive fridge.

The mini fridge is small enough to fit under your bed, which is a great privilege because it saves you room in your dorm and it is more organized.

I know that you might think that the big fridge has at least a freezer, WELL! The mini fridge also has a mini freezer. Make sure you get the mini fridge with two doors; one for the fridge and one for the freezer. The size of the mini freezer is enough for the needs of a college student, which provides enough space for necessary products!

Do not forget that you are also looking for a decent enough storage capacity, so you need to know the right size that meets all of your needs.

A mini fridge can have enough room for

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Vegetables 
  • Fruits 
  • Salsas 
  • Beverages

Also, a mini fridge can have a small freezer that you can use for

  • Ice cream
  • Meat
  • Frozen food
  • Fries

I am aware that you are still asking: OK? So what is the right size? To meet all these privileges your right-sized mini fridge should be around 3.2 CUP FT. Finally, now you know, so what are you waiting for! Let us get you one!

Written by Dina Hajji

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