Best Keurig Alternative – Top 8 Options

Finding a good Keurig for your morning cup of coffee may be hard for some and finding the best Keurig alternative in the market can be crazy too. Over the years, many coffee drinkers relied on their generic coffee makers that only brewed large pots of coffee. This coffee would sometimes go to waste when it got cold or old.

Keurigs helped solve the problem of wastefulness due to coffee pots by offering a single-serve option. A person can get ready for work and have a single serving of coffee waiting for them when they are ready to go. This is eliminating the waste of coffee and helps shorten the time it takes to make coffee in the mornings. With just a push of a button, the coffee will be ready in minutes.

Since Keurig is one of the biggest brands for single-serve coffee, it has made a competitive market. Different companies made different products with many different features to offer many other options for coffee. 

There are many other alternatives to Keurig’s that accept K-cups or makes better coffee and the research completed below will help you find the best Keurig alternatives in the market.

Best Keurig Alternative – Top 8 Options

1. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

This one-touch, simple coffee and espresso machine is one of the best coffee makers on the market. From the authentic and delicious taste to the easy-to-use features, it’s hard to find a coffee machine that rivals the Nespresso Vertuo. The Nespresso Vertuo gives consumers the ability to brew a wide range of cup sizes which include 5, 8, and 14 ounces. The machine is also equipped with fast heating features, allowing for a heat time of 15 seconds, followed by a brewing time of 15 seconds. 


  • 8.3 x 11.91 x 11.93 in. 
  • 10.85 lbs 
  • 40 oz water reservoir 
  • Coffee and Espresso maker
  • 30 second brew time
  • Sleek design
  • Expensive
  • Coffee temperature is not adjustable
  • Can only use Nespresso pods

Sample Customer Review…I had done my homework and narrowed down my choices to this or the Breville espresso machine with the automatic coffee grinder. I love coffee and my sweet hubby said that he would get me whatever machine I wanted for my birthday. I’ve had my new Nespresso Virtuoso machine for a couple of weeks now, and I’m absolutely thrilled with it!! It’s so easy and versatile. I really enjoy the way it inspires my creative side. With this wonderful little machine, you’re only as limited as your imagination. I know it’s a cliché but it’s true. It turns any coffee novice into a real barista! From your morning cup of joe (albeit an absolutely terrific, way better than the average cup of joe) to decadent coffee desserts and everything in between the Nespresso Virtuoso and the Aeroccino that came with it was the perfect choice for me !! Not to mention, it was less than half the price of the other machine I had been considering. Oh yeah, this is also made by Breville, so I know it’s a quality product.

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2. Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker

Cuisinart makes appliances that are rated highly and can be trustworthy in the kitchen. The Cuisinart single-serve premium coffee maker is compatible with all k-cup pods and it can make up to 5 different sizes of coffee. It makes 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces of coffee while also holding 72 ounces of water in the reservoir.

Another great thing the coffee maker has is an automatic shut-off timer which turns the machine off after 30 minutes of inactivity. Also, the machine has a rinse option that allows easier cleaning. 

The Cuisinart also has a 3-year warranty on the product. They allow for any repairs or exchanges up to 3 years after the initial purchase. This gives you plenty of time to test out the product and receive help if something goes wrong. 


  • 9.9 Pounds
  • 11.03 x 9.33 x 12.13 inches
  • Silver Color
  • Stores 72 ounces of water
  • Has LCD Screen for easy usage
  • Compatible with K-Cups
  • Can make hot chocolate, coffee, and tea
  • Made of plastic
  • Pricey
  • Takes a long time for water to heat up
  • Leaks water

Sample Customer Review…Overall I feel this is an excellent choice for all your coffee needs. The design is sleek and looks great on any countertop. I have found this to be very user-friendly. As with any new appliance, I do recommend reading the enclosed User Manual. If you’ve owned a similar model previously. It’s virtually the same operation. Set up is easy. Adding water to the reservoir is made simple by removing the tank or my choice in using a larger measuring cup without moving the entire tank. Just remove the lid and add water.

Included you’ll find the coffee maker packaged well and shipped inside a sufficiently protected larger box. User manual. One carbon filter and a reusable coffee filter pod. You can easily find additional of each should you require replacements or wish to add additional reusable coffee filter inserts.

My vote is a solid yes! I’m a huge fan of Cuisinart. The brand hasn’t let me down yet and because of that, my first and only choice is Cuisinart. I hope my review has been helpful. Please click below to let me know. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!!!

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3. Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach is also a big brand that creates very popular and trustworthy kitchen gadgets. The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker is unique because of its dual coffee-making abilities. The machine is able to brew a single-serve cup of coffee or it can brew a large pot of coffee. The coffee maker is able to hold 96 ounces of water which makes approximately 12 cups of coffee. The single-serve area also has an ideal fit for standard travel mugs. 

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker is an energy-efficient machine that turns off after 2 hours of inactivity. Another great thing this coffee maker has to offer would be the short time it takes to brew a cup of coffee. It takes 3 minutes to brew a single-serve cup of coffee. 

Hamilton Beach has a warranty program for this coffee maker allowing you to have repairs or exchanges done up to one year after the initial purchase.


  • 13.7 x 11.4 x 12.2 inches
  • 13 pounds 
  • Plastic & Glass
  • Black and Silver
  • K-Cup Compatible
  • Auto shut off
  • Dual brewing
  • Bulky, weighing at 13 pounds
  • Can only brew one side at a time

Sample Customer Review…Love this thing. Owned many different coffee makers. This is the best we owned. It does take a bit longer than usual to brew. And that is when using standard mode. Bold would take even longer. But if you’re patient, it’s not that bad. The display is nice and crisp. We use the single-serve, the whole pot carafe, and K-cup. We make tea, loose tea, instant coffee, and ground coffee (single serve and pot). So I’ve used pretty much all of its features. Works fine without a hitch. Had it for a number of months so far and no issues. Parts disassemble for easy dishwasher cleaning. Coffee and tea come out great. This replaced our old coffee maker and electric tea kettle. Loose tea comes out wonderful. Sometimes we make tea from tea bags. Coffee comes out fine as well. Even use K-cup too. It uses any style of K-cup, generic as well. Simple to use as well. Just fill the reservoir with the amount you need each time you use the coffee maker and that is the amount that will come out. I prefer this to the ones where you have to choose a pre-determined size since mugs vary. This way you have your own choice of how much comes out. Really versatile and will generally replace most of your coffee and tea needs for most people.

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4. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

This Hamilton Beach coffee maker is eco-friendly and is very affordable considering the brand the coffee maker is from. The Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker is made of stainless steel which makes it more reliable and durable. The eco-friendly part of the coffee maker is that it does not use K-Cups; illuminating the plastic waste from each use of other machines.

The drip tray of this hamilton beach coffee maker is also adjustable which makes brewing coffee a bit easier. The coffee maker also has a feature to it that increases the strength of the brew making the coffee more enjoyable for those who love a strong cup of coffee.

This Hamilton Beach coffee maker has a 1-year warranty on it that will give you a free repair and exchange if it needs it.


  • 8.35 x 6.7 x 8.67 inches
  • 5.58 Pounds 
  • 14-ounce reservoir 
  • Long-Lasting
  • Cost-friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy operation
  • Slim
  • The coffee can splatter if the drip tray is brewing smaller cups

Sample Customer Review…We have had this coffee maker for nearly 5 years, purchased in 2014. It is still going strong and we’ve never had issues with it. If all you want is a simple cup of brewed coffee using grounds, this is definitely the coffee maker for you. The volume of water is controlled by how much water you put into the reservoir each time. Do avoid the finely ground coffee, as it doesn’t percolate as fast and will continue dripping even if the brewing light is off. We have used such coffee and we just leave the cups/mugs under the coffee maker until it stops dripping and there are no issues.

You get two scoops for holding grounds. I like that I can fill my giant mugs and travel mugs all at once. It takes two brewing sessions from the coffee maker at my work (espresso machine that can also do brew and is way more complicated) I’m a simple coffee drinker and this is perfect for me.

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5. Mixpresso – Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

The Mixpresso coffee maker is an easy-to-use coffee machine with many size options for the consumer including 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces to brew from. This coffee maker is relatively affordable compared to most other single-serve coffee options. The Mixpresso coffee machine can hold up to 45 ounces of water which makes about 6 cups of coffee. This would be a great option for you if you love to drink coffee more than once a day or if you have friends or family that you can share coffee with. This coffee machine is also eco-friendly since it turns off after 2 hours of inactivity. 


  • 13.5 x 6.5 x 11 inches
  • BPA Free
  • 7.2 pounds 
  • Metal
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Auto shut off after 2 hours
  • Large reservoir tank (45 ounces of water)
  • Bulky
  • Weighs 7 pounds

Sample Customer Review…We’ve had the Mixpresso for about 7 months and the unit has exceeded my expectations. I shifted over from a Senseo coffee maker and was interested in a unit that could use a wide variety of K cups. This unit does that brilliantly. The reusable K-cups work great too. In the last 7 months, we’ve tried many samples of different K-cup coffees from different companies, and they all work great in this unit. I just sampled some OneCup pods and they work fine as well. It works great, looks really good, and doesn’t take up too much counter space as some of the larger K-cup machines. The only drawback is that the coffee temperature could be a little hotter, but this was easily solved by getting some Zojirushi thermal mugs. Problem solved, but I would still suggest hotter temperature as a future product enhancement. I don’t do a lot of reviews, but this is worth the exception. I drink decaf mostly and this has opened a whole world of great decaf to sample and enjoy.

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6. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker

This Keurig alternative is great for people who love to save space and who are interested in having a Keurig-type device in their kitchen. This device is compact and has K-Cup compatibility along with being able to brew coffee from regular coffee grounds also.

The Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker also has a self-cleaning feature which is great for those of you who do not want the hassle of cleaning in the tight spaces that most Keurig-type machines have. The reservoir on the machine is 12 ounces which makes it a good addition to your home if you are the only person drinking from it. The brew time is also 3 minutes. This gives you enough time to get ready in the morning and have some delicious coffee on the go. 


  • Stainless steel and plastic
  • Black color
  • 2.5 pounds
  • 12-ounce reservoir 
  • Compact design
  • K-Cup compatible
  • Self-cleaning
  • 3-minute brew
  • Small reservoir

Sample Customer Review…I purchased this machine to replace an existing (and expensive) pour-over style coffee machine. My wife was wanting some counter space back and honestly, I am now the only one drinking coffee in the home. I researched several of these machines and settled on the Sboly. I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the coffee it makes. I’m not a big pod coffee drinker but in those rushed moments, I do have a few that I can now use. I largely use the brew basket with my own beans and this is the reason why I like this coffee maker. Many of the multi-use machines build on the Keurig model, and you have to purchase smaller containers to put your coffee in. At best, you get a watered-down eight-ounce cup. This machine comes with a much larger basket with a specially designed cover that allows you to brew up to a 14-ounce mug. Very nice. And I believe the Sboly heats the water better than a standard Keurig. The coffee is much hotter and stronger using the basket than with previous machines I have used, mostly at my work. I have a handheld STANLEY thermos that holds 15-+oz. of coffee, and I can brew this quickly and take the coffee with me and it’s still hot hours later. Cleanup is easy too.

I wanted to wait a few months until I had used the machine several times to judge, but this is one I can recommend and am enjoying.

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7. Chulux Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

If you are someone who is looking for a fast cup of coffee and is on a budget, this option would be the best for you. The Chulux Single Serve Coffee Maker is a great alternative to the Keurig because it is cost-friendly and it is compatible with all K-Cup pods. This machine is eco-friendly with a BPA-free design giving it better-tasting coffee. This coffee maker is also energy efficient since it shuts off after every time it finishes a brew. Lastly, this coffee maker is more simple than its competitors. To use it all the person has to do is insert the coffee pod, place their cup under the spout, and pull the lever down. 


  • 7.4 x 4.3 x 9.06 inches
  • 12-ounce water reservoir 
  • Black & Silver
  • Plastic
  • 2.31 Pounds
  • Slim design
  • Easy to use
  • Cost friendly
  • Makes 12-ounce cups of coffee
  • Only makes 12 ounces of coffee
  • Takes 3 minutes to brew one cup

Sample Customer Review…Love, love, love this K-Cup coffee maker. This is my fifth one–I own two and have given three for gifts. This is the best K-Cup coffee maker there is for several reasons. (1) One cup of delicious hot brewed coffee, every time in about 5 minutes. Fast! (2) Its tiny, compact size doesn’t overwhelm your counter. It’s only 10″ high by 4″ wide by 7″ deep. Mine’s right next to my 12-cup coffeemaker, which I only use for the company now. (3) Ease of use: Fill your coffee cup with spring water, twist the knob on top and pour it in, drop in the K-cup, put the coffee cup underneath, and push the button on the side. Done! (4) You don’t have to wash anything–just clean it by running vinegar and water through a cycle every once in a while. (5) It comes in a lot of nice, bright colors as well as standard black and white. (6) You can take it with you if traveling (road trip)–it’s that small. (7) Saves a lot of money at the drive-thru. (8) Worth every penny that it cost! Do your research on K-Cup makers, and you’ll probably end up here. Love mine!

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8. Black+Decker Single-Serve Coffee Maker

This black and decker coffee maker is the most affordable coffee maker that will appear on this list. It has a slim design and is great for travel since the design is slim and compact. The coffee maker holds up to 16 ounces of water which gives the user a great add-on to bring on their next trip. This coffee maker also has programmable functions along with the option to use K-cups or ground coffee. 

The Black and Decker coffee maker has a 2-year limited warranty allowing anyone who receives an appliance with defects, they will offer a replacement for the buyer. 


  • 6.14 x 5.47 x 9.41 inches 
  • 2.26 Pounds
  • Plastic 
  • Black 
  • Fast brewing
  • Cost-friendly
  • Slim fit for small counter spaces
  • Can only make one cup of coffee
  • The water line in the reservoir is not visible

Sample Customer Review…I originally got one several years ago and bought this one for my mom’s place. I have been able to make any hot or cold drinks in this machine. It’s great because you can make beverages quickly without much effort (one button) or time. You can make hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot cocoa, iced cocoa, and more. This also applies to all the different flavors (or types of coffee/ tea). When making hot drinks you can put coffee/ tea in the top basket and sugar if needed in the mug to melt while the water drips. When I make iced beverages I fill the cup with ice and then fill it with water. Then I pour in the water while holding back the ice from the reservoir. I let the hot beverage drip through the basket into the cup with the remaining ice to make an iced beverage. It pours out the amount of water that you pour into the reservoir. So, the size of your drink depends on the size of the mug that you pour into the reservoir and is able to fit in the mug holder area below the basket.

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How to Choose the Best Keurig Alternative

  • Make sure the coffee maker is made from materials you trust. If they are made from metal, they might last longer and give the best results. 
  • Know what kind of coffee drinker you are. If you like to drink coffee multiple times a day, it would be best to buy a coffee maker that makes pots as well as single servings. If you like fancy coffee, it would be best to purchase a coffee maker 
  • If you have or like K-cups, picking options that are compatible with K-cups will be the best option for you. If not make sure the machine can brew any type of coffee or just hot water for those of you who prefer tea.
  • Warranty is also a great thing to look at when buying anything. Including coffee makers. If something bad happens to the coffee maker that you choose, you want to make sure there is something to rely on in order to get your money back or to get a new machine. 

All of the options listed above are great choices for anyone looking for a single cup of coffee that will be brewed in minutes. Your standard coffee pot takes about 5 minutes to brew a whole cup of coffee that can be mediocre and watered down.


If I were to recommend any of these coffee makers, I would recommend going for the Hamilton Beach Scoop Serve Coffee Maker. This coffee maker is slick and slim so it is easier to work within the kitchen and it is also made of metal giving it a more modern touch to your kitchen. The metal also helps with the durability of the machine making it stronger to use. One con I would say the machine has for some people is the lack of K-cup compatibility if you have or prefer to use K-cups. If not, this machine is perfect since it comes with a reusable filter.

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