Informative Brother XM1010 Review

Selecting a simple or beginner machine can often be daunting as one would typically like to learn as smoothly as possible but don’t want the wrong investment. The worst choice one can make is to select the wrong machine and to suddenly lose interest in the craft because learning on that machine may be too difficult. Here in this Brother XM1010 review, we hope to present an insightful article on what are the key benefits of this product, as well as what are things you may need to look for.

Brother XM1010 – Features

This model is one of the simpler mechanical types by Brother International which boasts several unique benefits and features for novices to the intermediate. It is noted for having a compact size, lightweight, and affordable for the features it has. While it lacks the multitude of features that other Brother models have, it’s that lack of complexity that makes it a great platform to learn the basics of sewing or to make simple repairs around the house.


  • Versatile Free-Arm Capability
  • Drop-In Top Bobbin
  • 4-Step Automatic Buttonhole
  • Dimensions: 5.8 x 15.4 x 12.1 inches (compact)
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds (lightweight)
  • Brand: Brother International


  • 4 Sewing Foot Pedals
  • 3 Needles
  • 4 Bobbins
  • Instructional DVD
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • Jam-resistant
  • Free-arm capability
  • Affordable price compared to other mechanical models
  • Sufficient online support
  • 25-year warranty
  • No off/on button
  • No speed controller (manual adjustment through pedals)
  • No automatic needle threader
  • May be lacking for the more experienced

Sample Customer Review…I am a brand new sewing girl and am teaching myself. So far this has been an excellent machine and the instructional video was very helpful, especially for understanding how to thread the machine. I am using youtube videos as well, but so far the machine is working very well for my beginner projects and it’s very light weight and portable, which is helpful for me because I don’t have a set sewing spot or crafting room and since it’s small and light it can be easily stowed away.

As far as beginners go, the dial showing the different stitches and patterns is very helpful. So far, I’m definitely pleased with the purchase and it’s working well for all my beginner needs (hemming pants and shortening sleeves on tank tops!)

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Brother XM1010: Notable Pros and Cons


Weight and Size

As you browse other models, you may find that many of them have heavier weights or large sizes which makes them difficult to have around the house. The Brother XM1010 is a highly valued product because of its compact size and low weight. The low weight allows this model to be easily carried around or transported to wherever you may need it. The compact size allows for easy storage when not in use and ensures that it doesn’t take up too much desk space when you need it for a project.


With 10 built-in stitches, it has just the right amount of versatility for a novice. It comes with both utility and decorative stitches for any project you may wish to learn with. Having these 10 will deepen your knowledge and help you appreciate the more advanced features that learn about in the future.

Free-arm Capability

Some mechanical machines may prove more difficult as they are built to handle specific tasks better over others. This does not necessarily mean that it can’t be done, but having free-arm capabilities does certainly help. Free-arm capability is important for working on more intricate tasks such as cuffs or sleeves with ease.

Jam Resistance

Overtime or through constant usage, many mechanical sewing machines experience jams that can hinder one’s progress on projects. To help with this, the Brother XM1010 comes with a jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin. This is an excellent quality-of-life improvement that helps with the ease of use and prevents interruptions while working.


Across the board, sewing machines can be quite expensive. All models can prove to be useful in many ways but for those seeking a model for an affordable price with simple features, the Brother XM1010 may be the one for you. New purchases come with a great set of accessories as well as learning guides and maintenance materials to help you get started. With the affordable price and great longevity, this model becomes a worthy investment.

Support and Warranty

Mechanical sewing machines may require support or maintenance since many of the features are manually operated and parts can experience wear over time. To aid with longevity, new purchases come with an efficient support system throughout the lifetime of this model.

It comes with phone, online, and live chat assistance for operation and maintenance so you never feel alone when an issue arises. As a final guarantee, it also comes with a 25-year limited warranty which ensures you have the proper assistance with your machine years later. With this model, you never have to worry about having to toss it away as these various measures have been taken to ensure that it lasts as long as you need it to.


No Automatic Needle Threader

Despite what it may say on Amazon or other sites, the Brother XM1010 manual states that this model does not come with an automatic needle threader. This feature allows one to easily thread material through the needle without much strain or effort. Without it, threading the needle is slightly more difficult as you need better eyesight to thread the needle.

No Off/On Button

This may come as a bit of a surprise but this model does not have an off/on button. It is always on but does not affect the efficiency of this model during projects.

No Speed Controller

Some mechanical models come with a speed adjustment dial that allows for an easy adjustment of stitches per minute. The necessary speed can vary depending on the type of material you use and your personal preference. However, this model does not come with a dial and its speed is adjusted through the 4 steppers. It is important to learn how to use the steppers but may become obsolete should you move onto more advanced models.

Lacking for the Experienced

This model is made for simple to intermediate tasks with its 10 stitches and moderate stitching speed. It can help with the learning curve as the Brother XM1010 is a great model to explore a sewing machine’s capabilities but may be lacking if you’re looking to work with heavy-duty fabrics such as multiple layers of denim or require additional decorative stitches.


Many beginners see the more expensive and advanced models and see those as the best way to learn but end up being overwhelmed with the multitude of features and minimal understanding of the craft. This machine is a great learning platform for those seeking to understand the core basics of sewing. It comes with just the right amount of features for those seeking to understand the possibilities of sewing such as repairs, quilting, and gift making to name a few.

Sewing is a great pastime but selecting the proper equipment depends on one’s level of experience. Many sewing machines come with various features and capabilities but purchasing an advanced model without the necessary experience to employ them is quite a risky choice. Doing so may leave you overwhelmed with the multitude of options without knowing how to complete basic tasks.

For beginners, it’s highly recommended to find a model with an affordable price and various quality-of-life features to make the learning experience fun and enjoyable.

Overall, this machine boasts a variety of features that make sewing a great experience for those exploring the craft. Whether you’re learning to advance your skills in sewing and need a good start or just need an efficient machine for repairs, the Brother XM1010 will be just what you need.

Hopefully, by reading this Brother XM1010 Review you feel more informed and comfortable with deciding whether this product is for you. If it isn’t, then that’s fine! As long as you are more aware of what best fits your needs for your projects. If it does, then that’s amazing! You’re one step closer to finishing your sewing goals. Now, go on out there and sew!

Written by Miguel Nuguid

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