Informative Futura XL580 Review

If you want a high-end sewing machine, the Futura XL580 is one of the many great options. Despite its high price tag, both beginners and experienced sewists will be able to operate this sewing machine as well as optimize its features. The Futura XL580 is a computerized sewing machine that can accomplish embroidery and casual sewing. This option is even better for the ones who want to embroider because they won’t need to buy a separate machine to do the task. Although not ideal for quilting, you still have many projects that you can work on thanks to the design of the machine being able to fulfill both home and business needs. 

It should be no surprise that this high-end model is entirely computerized. The Singer Futura XL580 comes with a wide table for embroidery, making it easy to use its included embroidery hoop to accurately embroider your designs. Boasting a large variety of built-in stitches and embroidery designs, this sewing machine will not be holding you back in the pursuit, and creation, of creative projects. You can quickly jump into the process because everything is automatic. Whatever feature you want to try, you can experiment with ease. There won’t be any strain or struggle to thread your needle or to adjust your thread tension with every new fabric you want to sew. 

Sewists will appreciate the convenient features such as the knee lifter and the multi-hoop capacity. These features allow you to sew for long periods of time without discomfort. And anyone would appreciate the computerized functions as low to middle-end computerized sewing machines don’t have the function to connect to laptops for managing embroidery designs. 

Futura XL580: Key Features

What are the features that make the Singer Futura XL580 sewing machine great? Let’s take a look:

215 Built-in Stitches

215 built-in stitches is more than enough for many sewists to exercise their creative minds. You’ll get basic stitches, decorative stitches, and more. You’re certainly not limited by your options. 

Over 250 Embroidery Designs  

Over 250 embroidery designs will leave no shortage of ways to experiment and enjoy the various designs. From floral, cross-stitch, and holiday designs, you’ll have plenty of excuses to utilize the many built-in designs. 


The USB key adds the superb convenience of being able to connect the sewing machine to your computer so you can easily send your embroidery design straight to the sewing machine. 

Multi-hooping Capabilities

Multi-Hooping capabilities mean that you’ll have a greater variety of hoops to use when embroidering your pattern. You’ll get 3 different sized embroidery hoops with the sewing machine and one of them is 10 by 6 inches. That’s about as wide as embroidery hoops get. 

Emboridery Software

The included embroidery software lets you personalize embroidery designs, upload your own designs, and digitize images you want embroidered. The software is compatible with a wide variety of file types so you can save it in whatever format you need, though it will likely be the file type compatible with this model. 

Bobbin Winding System

An independent bobbin winding system allows you to wind up a bobbin without having to unthread the machine. 

Metal Interior Fram

The metal interior frame ensures the Singer Futura XL580 will be strong and durable for years to come. 


  • 215 built-in stitches
  • 7 one-step buttonholes
  • Over 250 embroidery designs
  • Multi-hoop capability
  • Over 20 monogramming fonts
  • 3 embroidery hoops
  • Stitch selector dial
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Auto tension adjusting 
  • Reverse button
  • Start/stop button
  • LCD screen
  • Bobbin winding
  • High presser foot lift
  • Knee lifter
  • LED light over needle work area
  • USB key
  • Bonus Embroidery software
  • 6 presser feet
    • All-purpose foot
    • Zipper foot
    • Buttonhole foot
    • Blind hem foot
    • Satin stitch foot
    • Button sewing foot
  • Very Fast
  • Advanced Threading System
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Not the best for embroidery beginners
  • Included embroidery software can be confusing to use

Sample Customer Review… If you are looking for the next level of sewing or embroidery please buy this machine. When I purchased this machine, I did not expect the quality to be this good. I wanted a great machine but I also don’t want to spend 2-3k on a sewing and embroidery machine. This machine gave me the greatest quality for all of my projects. Plus it comes with the software, it’s very handy. I recommend this machine if you are a beginner with sewing or embroidery. I love it.

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What do Users have to say?

There are few downsides to this model. Most users have expressed that they’re satisfied with what the sewing machine offers. Although, there have been common complaints about the tension system. There have also been complaints about broken needles when sewing or embroidery. These complaints, however, were due to user error and not the functionality of the machine which were quickly taken care of by a call to customer care. Aside from the drawbacks mentioned above, the Singer Futura XL580 will more than likely leave many more sewists satisfied. 

Why Do People Love This Machine?

The only thing to subtract from the ease of use points is that this sewing machine’s embroidery software and functions may require a learning curve for beginners. Otherwise, the rest of the features – mainly just the regular sewing – in the Singer Futura XL580 is simple enough to use even for beginners. For experienced embroiderers, the embroidery functions and software will likely not pose a problem when it comes to understanding how to navigate its particular functions. Despite the embroidering features suiting experienced embroiderers, it’s quite amazing that beginners can still benefit from all of the built-in stitches and other features in this model. There are also built-in tutorials in case you get confused about how to operate a certain function. 

When beginners do want to learn how to embroider, they will have an excellent machine to learn from. Although the learning curve is inevitable in such a case, committing to utilizing all of the Singer Futura XL580 features will no doubt add to the appreciation of the machine as well as the craft in general. 

Even though the Singer Futura XL580 is specialized in regular sewing and embroidery, there’s a wide extension table included which can be used for bigger projects like simple quilting. The start/stop button gives you the option to sew without a foot pedal if so desired. With a quick push of a button, you can start sewing and another push stops it. 

Another convenient feature is the knee lifter, allowing you to raise or lower the presser foot without having to take your hands away from feeding the fabric. This will come in handy if you need to make sudden adjustments without jeopardizing your current result. The embedded six LED lights will be a blessing to all the night owls. You won’t have to worry about if you can see where you placed your stitches. 


If you sew often and need a high-end sewing machine to keep up with your projects, the Singer Futura XL580 is a good option to consider buying. However, if you don’t think that you’ll be using the embroidery function and included software, then you may want to look elsewhere. Learning how to embroider is a different skill altogether. The included embroidery software can be difficult for beginners to get a grasp of and require dedicated time in learning how to use its functions. But once you do learn how to use the embroidery software, you’ll just have opened a new path of personalization and crafting. 

This computerized sewing machine comes with all of the basic features and more. Its convenience is spectacular in the maintenance area as well because it is one of the few sewing machines in the high-end tier that doesn’t require constant maintenance. The Singer Futura XL580 is durable to handle everyday sewing and embroidery, and with the many built-in stitches and designs, you won’t have to worry about running out of ideas for projects. Though you might not be given as much of a variety in embroidery design options as other models, it’s still a great investment. In the end, it’s just a great machine.

Written by Lykasha Lysongtseng

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