12 Best Gifts for Sewers

There are always different ways to make your sewing friends happy around the holidays that could include spoiling them with sewing gifts! Did you know that sewers aren’t as picky when it comes to gifts? Sewers could never have enough of too much fabric, too many notions, or even enough buttons. Here we have included what believe are the best gifts for sewers, in order for you to make the best gifts! 

Top 12 Best Gifts for Sewers

1. Penta Angel 4.1 inch Sewing Scissors 

The first thing you need to know is that sewers come in all shapes and sizes. Some sewers prefer traditional methods like using seam rippers but a few others prefer using sewing scissors instead.

This Penta Angel 4.1 inch Sewing Scissors is a 3 piece multicolor set that can be a great choice! The blades are made out of high carbon steel that is simple to use, easy to carry around, and is a versatile cutting tool that can be also used daily around the house.

The yarn cutter can be a practical tool for a variety of materials like cutting through threads and yarns without damaging the fabric. This would be a great gift as a set or even for yourself to use. 

Sample Customer Reviews… I sew professionally and got these as gifts for coworkers. I ended up keeping one pair and I’ve switched from embroidery scissors to using these exclusively all the time when sewing. It was unexpected as I’ve never been super into this style snip before – but it’s so easy on my fingers and so sharp and accurate! For alterations or buildings, I always have them nearby. Ordering more …

I had previously used a pair of sewing scissors for all cutting/trimming when I sew, but now that I have tried this, I am sold on this. They are very nifty for quick trimming of threads and more comfortable for that purpose. This may not seem like a big deal if I sew once in a long while. But as I was making a lot of masks recently, this tool made a difference.

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2. Art Bins and Storage

Artbin Storage Container is all sewers that need to have endless compartments of storage for crafts and supplies like threads, bias tape, fabric swatches, lace, beads, and buttons.

This storage container has four fixed compartments with 20 removable dividers for storage options that can make a sewer’s life easier. It’s a well-organized solution that can maximize the sewer’s sewing time less complicated and make from a durable translucent material that can be easy and quick to identify with what store inside the compartments.

Sample Customer Review… I am not an artist, just a person who does crafts, but my home workspace seems to have been taken over by tiny parts that will be lost forever if the cat knocks them off the table; by merely small parts that are too hard to fish through my cabinet to find, even when put in small zip-lock bags; and by larger pieces such as jewelry box feet.

I hadn’t actually purchased any special containers for storing craft supplies, but this case has made a believer of me. In fact, I may buy some for my much larger (real) toolroom for all the nuts and bolts, small finish nails, and other hard-to-keep-up-with items that tend to go to the bottom of the cabinet. Out there, the fact that this can be hanged from the pegboards or nails will come in especially handy.

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3. Cricut Maker 

If you’re looking forward to making your sewer super excited then this is the gift you should be getting them. They would appreciate and thank you for this amazing electronic cutting machine.

Cricut Maker is an electronic cutting machine that makes cutting so much more efficient and easier which is why this would be a perfect tool for every sewer to have. This Cricut Maker allows you to have the ability to make everything from iron on, paper crafts, vinyl decals to even sewing projects, leather crafts, and balsa models. It can help reduce back pain and wrist pain from manually cutting everything and saves a lot of time.

Sample Customer Review… Only had it for a few days, hooked it up, downloaded software started using it right away. I’m a first-time user of any die-cut tool so can’t compare to others, but this Cricut Maker is super easy! My wife, not very tech or tool savvy, loves it and has already made a few fun projects. I did quite a bit of research, read a lot of articles, feedback, and reviews.

I chose the Maker based on the capabilities compared to less expensive, I didn’t want restrictions compared to so many projects available online. Also, most reviews state the Cricut machines and software have a better learning curve, Maker was extremely easy to set up and within about 30 minutes made our first sample project that came with the machine. So far feels like a great quality product. Looking forward to many fun and creative projects!

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4. Magnetic Pin Cushion

Is there a time where you forget where you put those pins? Or you couldn’t find the pins that you dropped? If this sounds familiar then you are going to adore this pincushion! No more lost pins or stepping on them because there is a Zirkel Magnetic Organizer.

It also has a magnetic pin holder that can help you find dropped pins and arranges your pins around the edges of the holder to make it easier to grab a pin if needed.  For the pins to be positioned head out, it must be dropped button side down which makes a layout in a flat sunburst pattern. 

Sample Customer Review… This is an amazing pincushion. Actually more of a pin catcher. It’s fascinating to watch the pins spread themselves out around their edges (if you toss the pins incorrectly the heads will be facing out so that it’s easier to pick them up when you need them). Just make sure you keep metal objects a bit away from it because the magnet is very strong. You do need a bit more space for it than for other types of pin holders, but it may be well worth it.

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5. Sewing Merchandise Coffee Mug

There are more than just gifting actual sewing items to sewers. I believe that they would appreciate sewing merchandise like t-shirts or mugs. For instance, mugs get used daily and are a great source of inspiration when there is a quote on it.

Gift for Quilters Coffee Mug is a sturdy white glossy ceramic mug that will be a great merchandise choice for sewers to add with their mugs collection! 

Sample Customer Reviews… An avid tea drinker, this cup has been used daily ever since Christmas. My family quilter is quite pleased with this gift. I was a little concerned that the product is a bit lighter than the average coffee cup of this type. However, lots of washings and handling and so far so good!! …

I purchased this mug for a friend who is a quilter and whose family enjoys attending Comicon. I particularly enjoyed the irony in the statement “What is your super power”. The mug was beautifully packaged in a well-made gift box and is high-quality materials. Very happy with my purchase.

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6.  40 Spools Embroidery Machine Thread

If you know someone who has an embroidery machine then chances are they might want an embroidery machine thread set to complete everything.

This is a 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread that comes with beautiful colors to brighten up and create any of your project needs. Its embroidery machine thread set has amazing tensile strength that lowers the chances of breaking or fraying.

Not only if the strength is excellent but the color fastness of the thread is important because of laundering, chlorine bleach, or any harsh chemicals involved.

This is great to know because Polyester is known for its ability to hold its colors well compared to other brands or threads. Also, the threads are more ideal for Brother, Babylock, Janome, Singer, Pfaff, Husqvarna, and Bernina Machines.

Sample Customer Review… Bought it to use with my new Brother SE625 embroidery machine. These work perfectly and stitch out beautifully. I really like how they have a shiny look to them when they are brought under the light. All of my projects so far have turned out great with this thread. I am also very happy with the selection of colors I have received.

I bought a little box to keep all of these in and although the box was for 30 and this came with 40, they fit perfectly inside. I also don’t know much about thread, but the numbers on the top of each thread indicating the color, correspond with the color numbers loaded into my machine which is great for working on projects. Definitely recommend!

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7. Multi-purpose Quilting Clips

These MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips are perfect for all sorts of crafts. It makes it easy to hold multiple layers of fabrics, quilts, and holding together objects by not needing any pins for sewing.

This means no more broken needles since it holds everything together tightly and keeps everything in one spot. These are extremely useless where precision is required like a piece of quilting, tailored garments, or dealing with extra delicate fabrics. 

Sample Customer Review… I am an avid quilter and was surprised to see this many clips offered for such a low price! I’ve been using red “Wonder Clips” for years and did not have a very large stash due to their higher price. I ordered these wondering if they would hold up and be as good…. in short, they do and are!

These are multi-colored and look almost identical to the red clips. The only noticeable difference is these are slightly tighter which is not a bad thing for holding fabric together! They arrived in a cute tin and I have used them several times since and they are great!

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8. Sewing Basket

Are you specifically looking for a gift that stores smaller sewing items? Rather if it’s for a sewer or a beginner? Sewing baskets are the best way to store smaller sewing items similar to pincushions, seam rippers, and scissors.

The SINGER 07281 Vintage Sewing Basket includes sewing kit accessories is an excellent choice of gift for a sewer or beginner to add with their sewing collection. There are many pretty and unique fabrics outside as a print that could match the sewer’s sewing room or projects.

With ample storage and an organized tray, the sewing basket offers a secure fastener and drop-down handle making it easy to be transported and stored if needed.

Sample Customer Review… I love this little sewing kit! It reminds me of the ones you used to see sitting on the floor by your grandmother’s favorite chair when you were little. It is covered in fabric and is just the right size to hold the basics. Incidentally, it comes with the basics- full-sized, red-handled scissors, a tiny seam ripper, and an adorable tiny tomato pin cushion, including attached strawberry sharpener, some flat head pins, some thread, measuring tape, needles, several spools of thread, and a great plastic tray that sits perfectly on top.

The whole thing closes securely with a magnetic closure. I can really only sew on buttons and maybe make a tiny seam repair by hand, but I really wanted this when I saw it and I am glad I purchased it. I think this would also make a great gift for a beginning or an avid sewer.

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9. Mini Steam Iron

The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron is a must-have for sewers aside from being a travel essential. This mini steam iron helps ensure the finished pieces come out looking amazing and top-notch instead of wrinkly.

There is a quick heat time within 15 seconds, has a 1.4oz water tank, and has three temperature settings for various fabric types. It’s strong enough for everyday use at home but yet so lightweight and compact to take along on a road trip. This comes with a convenient travel size bag and features dual voltage for overseas travel.

Sample Customer Review… This Iron is absolutely the best! Didn’t know I would use it so much. Sure, I knew I would use it for Quilting/sewing, but I find it is my go-to Iron for fast pressing and touching things up. By the time my big expensive iron is filled with water and heats up, I’m about finished by using this one. You won’t be disappointed. I love it and am thinking about buying another one for a backup. I have had this a few years so I am not just writing a review about something that may not last. This is built to Last!

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10. Fabric Pattern Weights

When cutting out a pattern, it can be difficult if you don’t have one of these Fabric Pattern Weights to keep it in place. This is great for fabric and patterns to be precise as you draw or cut around them without using pins.

Without these fabric pattern weights, it can likely cause an accident or mistake if you’re cutting something that needs to be highly perfect and precise. 

Sample Customer Review… Just used these for the first time and they worked just as I had hoped that they would. I used them to keep my Swedish tracing paper in place as I traced my pattern. They were very easy to use. Before buying these I had held my paper in place with odds and ends such as pincushion, shears, etc. These magnets kept the paper from shifting perfectly. I did not use them when cutting my pattern and fabric, so I cannot evaluate them when used instead of pins. I would highly recommend these magnets when used to trace patterns.

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11. Sewing Guide Book 

This “First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide” is a great complimentary gift for sewers who want to learn more sewing techniques. This sewing guide book is filled with various amounts of the detailed description that will make sewing easier than it looks. 

Sample Customer Review… I figured sewing was a skill I should probably learn, and just purchased my first sewing machine. I bought several books to go along with my machine, as I wasn’t sure where to begin. I paged through most of them and grew intimidated by the sometimes undefined words or instructions without enough images for me to grasp what needed to be done. This was the one book out of the four I purchased that I read from cover to cover immediately.

This book is perfect for people like me, who have never sewn a stitch, or been around someone who has. I felt intimidated after unboxing my machine, but this book made me feel confident enough to begin my first project. In short, if you’ve never done a thing with sewing before and want to learn, this is the book you should start with. The images are clear, the directions are precise, and it goes into enough detail that I felt like I could progress without feeling frustrated.

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12. Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a fantastic gift idea or sewers of all types. It allows someone to make quick and precise cuts without having to pull out a pair of scissors. Rotary cutters are also beneficial to anyone who frequently makes curved cuts as they allow for better precision. They come in a multitude of brands and sizes, but we recommend the Olfa 45mm rotary cutter.

Sample Customer Review… Just purchased this new rotary cutter to cut fabric for quilting. It is extremely easy to use and is very safe. It locks into position if you’d like, or you can just squeeze the handle and it will cut and then retract when you let go of the handle. I was constantly leaving my Fiskars rotary cutter open and worried that I might grasp it incorrectly and cut myself. This is next to impossible with the Olfa.

I was also having problems replacing the blade on the Fiskars. Though I haven’t tried to replace the blade yet with the Olfa, it looks fairly easy and straightforward. I read some reviews that say there are concerns because the instructions are in Japanese. But the cutter is so easy to use, no instructions are really necessary. I highly recommend it!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

Follow These Steps

When considering the best gifts for sewers, the first step is to do some investigation! When they aren’t around, you should visit their sewing space and check if they have a pincushion, a serger, a storage container for supplies, a mini iron, or one of the things listed below. However, if they won’t own any of these things I just listed, then this is your golden opportunity to catch them by surprise and buy them as a gift. 

If you feel bad about visiting their sewing space when they aren’t around, there is another thing you can do is casually ask them about their “dream” sewing room. Or a couple of their wish lists that could make this sewing room complete. But always make sure to look out for any hints and note them as soon as you have an idea of a gift so that you don’t forget. 

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Gifts For Sewers

Experience Level

When picking your gift, it is important to make sure the item is something that the individual would have use for. If they are more experienced in sewing, you may want to consider the fact that they will most likely already own the basics and maybe looking for something unique in their sewing tool collection.

On the other hand, if the person you are buying for has just begun sewing, it may be more effective to look for basic tools that they may not have thought of or purchased for their toolset already. Regardless, you want to make sure the gift will make the sewing process more efficient for the individual.

Intended Use

Although the fundamentals often remain the same, people use sewing as a method to produce a variety of results. From simply hemming clothes and fixing rips to sewing garments or constructing quilts, the sewing goals of each person can be incredibly different. That is why it is important to know what type of sewing the person you are purchasing the gift for is interested in.

For example, a friend who is interested in clothing construction will have greater use for a product that holds down their pattern pieces as they cut fabric than someone who intends on doing only small alterations. Some products however, such as sewing scissors may be a universal gift which would be usable by anyone.


Although some sewing gadgets can be listed at incredible prices, it is important to determine that the item you are gifting is something that will have great longevity for your sewing friend in the future. This is especially important if your friend sews frequently or for long durations of time. The products listed above are a great place to start in order to ensure durability and quality. 


Another important thing to consider is whether or not the sewing gadget you have purchased is only compatible with other specific sewing gadgets. For example, if you are buying a pin cushion for a friend, but they have yet to purchase pins or they prefer sewing clips, it may be wise to purchase a different item for that individual.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of sewing-themed gifts, and it is unlikely you won’t be able to find an item that is unique to someone’s collection. This could include something as common as a small sewing kit, or as specific as a mini steam iron like the one listed above.


There you have it! Here are the top 13 best gifts for sewers list to help you shop stress-free without contemplating what to get as a gift.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to surprise the sewer with a gift for which they would cherish and love it forever then you need to give them something to remember by choosing a gift that is on their wishlist and couldn’t stop talking about it day and night.

Remember to take some notes down to remember what gifts you are considering as gifts. Have fun!

Written by Jennifer Phuong Tran and Tess Howard

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