Perhaps the most recognizable silhouette of any dog breed globally, the Doberman, or “Dobies” for short, is an enormous watchdog with a sleek shiny black and brown mixed coat. What once was a fierce watchdog used in police forces, are now seen as the gentle giants of dog breeds. They are known to be highly loyal companions who will stick by their owner’s side until the very end. 

Doberman Background

In the 1800s, a German tax collector by the name of Louis Dobermann began a process of selective breeding to breed a dog that can protect its owner. It is said that Louis Dobermann used his Dobies to protect him while traversing unknown territories. Dobermans do require social training but are not outwardly aggressive dogs. With the right training and lots of exercise, they can become wonderful family dogs. 


Dobies are sleek and powerful animals, possessing a sharp and perceptive intelligence, unlike most dogs. Their muscular builds and fast physical speed puts them amongst the highest grade of watchdogs. Standing between 24 to 30 inches at the shoulders, Dobermans are a broad and elegant breed. Their shiny coat of black, blue, or red fur along with their usual graceful brown underbelly coat can be recognized anywhere. Their coat combined with their wedge-shaped head and pointy ears give them a unique and dignified look.

Their stylish build, keen intelligence, athletic qualities, and loyal characteristics have earned them a great reputation amongst dog owners. 


Loyal Companions

Dobbies are often referred to as “Velcro dogs” meaning they will want to stick by their owner’s side. They were bred to protect and keep their owners company and will choose their owners over anyone else. Dobbies were bred to be vigilant of danger for the safety of their owners, they will stick by your side if anything happens.


Dobbies have a sharp sense of intelligence and can quickly learn and cooperate with their owners when trained. Dobbies are the 5th most intelligent dog breed, they have a natural instinct to “sniff out” danger. Their instincts help them stay alert and communicate to their owners when something is off.

During World War II, the United States Marine Corps adopted Doberman as their official war dog. Dobbies were used to alert soldiers of the presence of Japanese soldiers in Guam.


Dobbies are known to be great family dogs, they are especially good around kids. Dobbies are gentle with family despite their massive size and are a great choice for families with younger kids. They have a very playful personality and like to be babied. They truly are gentle giants!



If you have an issue with constantly attending to your dog’s physical needs with exercise Doberman is not the right fit for you. Dobbies are very energetic dogs who need to exercise freely many times a day. Their athletic nature can be seen as a nuisance to owners as they may be needy when it comes to outside time. 


Dobermans are true giants, their tall and wiry build can prove to be a nuisance in the house as they take up more space than the normal dog. This also leads to the fact that Dobbies eat more than the average dog leading to spending more money per year on food. 

Health Complications

Dobermans have a very playful and athletic personality. If the owner does not meet their dog’s need for exercise they will become obese. Obesity is a common issue with Dobbies, their eating habits and frequent need for exercise create this. 

Doberman are especially susceptible to a life-threatening condition called dilated cardiomyopathy, DCM for short. DCM is a heart condition where the heart becomes large and thins simultaneously, making it so weak it cannot pump blood. It is recommended that you conduct a yearly heart scan with your veterinarian to check for this condition. 

Glomerulonephropathy is an inherited disease that can, unfortunately, develop and slowly damage your Doberman’s kidneys. This can lead to kidney failure, a terrible fate for any animal. It is important that you annually test your dog’s urine to be vigilant and detect any diseases early before it is too late. 

Doberman do not have any particularly bad health conditions which will ultimately help you save money and positive emotions with their healthy lives. Unlike many other popular family dogs, Dobbies are healthy and energetic around the clock, keeping you on your toes.

Doberman Conclusion

Owning a Doberman could be one of the best decisions of your life, their loyal qualities could make them your best friend. Just be prepared to buy a dog bed that is bigger than your normal dog’s. Having a gentle giant around your house sounds like a great time, they are great house pets, and their watchdog personality will keep you on your toes. 

Is the Doberman a good family dog candidate?


Dobbies can adapt and fit into your family to be the best pet. 

Written by: Ryan Knight

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