German Shepherd Puppies

Are you in search of a new forever friend for you or your family? German Shepherd puppies may be the perfect addition! Here we will give you a deeper look into one of the most popular dog breeds, the German Shepherd. Getting a German Shepherd puppy could be a life-changing decision, as they are wonderful family pups!

The German Shepherd is one of the best dog breeds in the United States. They are known for their beautiful coat, braveness, strength, intelligence, and loyalty, and they are capable of fulfilling many service jobs. The combination of their brown, black, and tan fur makes them unique along with their pointed ears. They may look intimidating due to their muscular build but are extremely loving and protective. They truly can be great family dogs!

Are you considering getting a German Shepherd puppy, but don’t know if this is the right breed for you and your family? We are giving you a deeper look into the reasons this puppy is an amazing choice for you!

A Short Background on German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherds are a newer breed that originated in 1899 in Germany by Captain Max Von Stephanitz. They were used in World War 1 as guards, messengers, and military training. These puppies began to become superb family dogs due to their loyalty and training abilities. The German Shepherd puppy breed has been a popular choice forever now! Below are 10 reasons to consider this breed. 

1. A very smart puppy

German Shepherds are up pretty high on the list of the smartest breed of dogs. They have an astounding sense of smell. They are a heroic breed of dog. They have saved many lives and are generally seen in the police department due to their great skills to find criminals. 

They can also serve as a great dog for someone who has suffered from or has PTSD.

2. A healthy puppy

German Shepherds are generally a very healthy breed of dog. They have few health complications when taken care of well. This means a good diet and given regular exercise and activity. 

A healthy German Shepherd will be a happy dog!

3. An amazing guard dog

German Shepherds can be pretty aggressive with intruders, but usually know the difference between an intruder or visitor. 

They will protect your family, home, and your kids and will alert you if someone were to break into your house.

They will make your children and you feel safe, as they have natural guard instincts.

4. Water lovers

They love being in the water. This breed of puppy will always enjoy splashing around in the water. They are great swimmers who would be great company by the pool or on your boat!

5. Can stand all weather

Are you one who likes to travel to different places or lives in a place with different seasons?

This breed of a puppy can stand all weather types. German Shepherd puppies have a two-layer coat of beautiful fur that can be in any weather or different seasons. Perfect for the warmth or cold. 

6. Great personality

The German Shepherd puppy sometimes gets a bad rep, for their capability of being vicious. Many assume they are scary. They are actually extremely friendly to you, your family, and other pets in your home. 

They are alert, obedient, protecting, and loving. They are confident and playful puppies making them a great choice for your family’s next puppy.

7. A Faithful Breed of Dog

German Shepherd puppies are one of the most faithful and loyal dogs. This pup will always give its life for the family and always protect your children. They are a great family dog!

8. Smooth training 

Are you nervous about training a dog? Well, don’t be if you are considering a German Shepherd puppy. They are an extremely intelligent breed that responds to training very quickly. This breed is a perfect choice if you are looking for a puppy to obey when you train. 

Training your German Shepherd puppy is extremely important if you want it to be a great dog. 

9. A Highly energetic breed of puppy

German Shepherds require lots of regular exercise and activity in order to keep them happy. 

These German Shepherd puppies are great for a family into activity and adventures! They also make for a great hunting dog! But yes, you do need to keep them active in order for them to be happy. 

10. Life expectancy 

When German Shepherds are taken care of properly such as diet and the regular exercise they can live for up to 14 years. Lots of time for your kids to grow up with this puppy!

German Shepherd Puppies: Conclusion

With all the responsibilities and activities coming with the puppy, German Shepherds will return you with a lifelong sense of love for you and your family!

Written By: Maria Comella

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