Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: Who Are The Best Characters?

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s mobile offering of the popular Fire Emblem franchise. With over a hundred characters to choose from, our Fire Emblem Heroes tier list will help you choose your roster! A good strategy is just to pick your favorites. Even so, with so many different units, how can you even begin to choose your team?

Though the game may look simple, Heroes has a robust combat system that does not pale in comparison to its console-led counterparts. As such, it’s important to pay attention to who you’re using for the most success. Here is a tier list of the best units available in Heroes so that you can collect even more of them!

Weapons Triangle

Fire Emblem Heroes simplifies the weapons triangle found in the franchise down to its colors. Like a game of rock-paper-scissors, Red, Blue, and Green units each have their strengths. Colorless units exist outside of the triangle with different buffs depending on the character. On top of this, characters have different movement styles that play a factor.

While five-star characters tend to be good, don’t immediately discount four stars. You can upgrade any character you wish to a five-star status with time and effort.


Blue characters are associated with lances. Blue weapons are strong against red weapons types and weak against green weapon types. Here are some good choices if you are looking for a blue-type character.

Legendary Dimitri

Legendary Dimitri is a variant of Dimitri from Fire Emblem Three Houses. This form of Dimitri represents him during the events of the game. This unit has high attack and speed, making him a reliable damage dealer. He is an infantry lance user, so be careful with his movement.

Fallen Corrin (M)

Fallen Corrin is a variant of Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates. Fallen Corrin is a version of the main character who is struggling to control his power. Luckily for those who wish to use him in battle, this makes him exceedingly strong. Fallen Corrin is a great all-rounder with high stats across the board, making him a fearsome opponent. As a dragon, he is weak to Wyrmslayer weapons so be careful when those opponents are on the field.


Fjorm, unlike the other two characters listed here, is free! You can get Fjorm by playing through Book II in Heroes which is original to the mobile game. She is a princess of ice. Fjorm is a great lance unit and is positively adorable. She is a reliable addition to any team.


Red units are typically sword users. Red is weak to blue and strong against green. Red-type characters are plentiful, so you will have many great choices! Typically red units will have high attack, so keep this in mind.


Reignn is another free original character you can get in Heroes. Reignn is a princess of a mechanical land and you can unlock her in Book V of the story. Reignn has incredibly high speed, making her a super reliable unit on the field.

Halloween Myrrh

Halloween is a great time for Heroes fans, as the new Halloween-based units roll around. Luckily, they also tend to be great units. Myrrh is another dragon unit, but she has an amazing defense as an armored unit. She can only move one space per turn, but even so, her high defense will keep her on the field.

Exalt Chrom

Chrom is a fan-favorite character from Fire Emblem Awakening. As one of the most popular characters in the franchise, he has many different alternative units. Exalt Chrom is one of the best. Instead of infantry, Exalt Chrom is a cavalry unit, giving him great movement.


Green units tend to be ax-wielders. Green units are strong against blue, but weak against red. If you are a fan of any of these characters, be sure to pick them up for your team!

Legendary Edelgard

Edelgard is one of the lords from Fire Emblem Three Houses. Her weapon of choice is the ax, and she is a deadly force on the field. She has one of the highest attack stats in the game. The trade-off for this is an extremely low speed. Luckily her health pool should make up for any hits she takes.


The Gatekeeper is another character from Fire Emblem Three Houses. Once just a gatekeeper, his popularity brought him into Fire Emblem Heroes. As it happens, his high defense stats make him a must-have in Heroes. Like Edelgard, he does suffer from low speed.


Colorless weapons operate outside of the weapon’s triangle. The weapons colorless units carry oftentimes contain different status effects. These are some of the best colorless units to have!

Fallen Edelgard

As a popular character, Edelgard comes in many forms. Fallen Edelgard represents a version of the emperor as portrayed in the Blue Lions route of Three Houses. She is a very impressive unit with both high attack and defense. She even has a counter, negating her slow movement.


Eir is the princess introduced in Book III of Heroes. Her mother is the ruler of the underworld and Eir herself has some deadly moves. Eir is a flying unit, giving her great coverage. As always, you must be aware of bow-users when using her but her high speed should make up for any problems you may have.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: Conclusion

Fire Emblem Heroes has an extremely large cast! With so many characters to choose from, it can be hard deciding who to pull for and invest in. Hopefully, this list will make it easier. While the wait for some of these units to return can be long, when they’re finally in your party the feeling will be so sweet!

Written by: Zaria Evans

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