Gifts For Older Men: 30 Great Ideas

Having trouble coming up with the perfect gift for an older gentleman in your life? Look no further than our comprehensive list of 30 thoughtful and unique best-selling gifts for older men! It’s true they’re not easy to shop for, but for your convenience, listed below are some of the best-selling gifts for older men. When he opens one of these high-quality gifts, the older gentleman in your life will surely smile!

Top 30 Best Selling Gifts For Older Men

1. Naipo Siatsu Back and Neck Massager

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For a gentleman with muscle or joint pain, this back and neck massager is the perfect gift. It is also great for people who live active lifestyles, or those who simply want to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.


  • Features three settings for vibration intensity to better suit personal preference.
  •  Has eight deep-tissue nodes that rotate to massage tired, achy, or tight muscles.
  • Comes packaged with a heat transfer function which automatically shuts down after twenty minutes of use.
  • Built-in an ergonomic U-shape, perfect for office, vehicle, and home, 
  • Comes with safety approved power adapter and car adapter.

2. Gun Muscle Massager

Help your older man take control of muscle pain and soreness with the Sylphim Percussion Massager. He can discover his very own personalized massaging routine with adjustable vibration intensity and interchangeable massage heads to help his body recover more efficiently than ever before. This unique massage tool prioritizes both ease of use and efficiency to provide the user with relief at any time wherever they may be.


  • Features a motor with six different speeds.
  • Comes with seven different massage heads.
  • Uses a 2800 mAh lithium battery that can hold its charge for over six hours.
  • Features a pause button that allows the user to pause and resume their session at will.
  • Comes with a setting that automatically stops the device after 30 minutes to help preserve battery life.

3. Frozen Pint Glasses

Teach your older gentleman how to enjoy his favorite beverage the right way, with these frozen pint glasses. To use, simply place the cups in a freezer for about two hours to make the gel inside freeze. He can count on his drink to be anywhere between 43 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit for hours. 


  • Plastic walls are insulated with freezable cooling gel.
  • Uses durable, BPA-free plastic.
  • Features an insulated, no-sweat grip made of silicone for increased comfort. 

4. 3 in 1 Charging Stand

Your older gentleman can charge all of his devices–smartphone, smartwatch, and AirPods–conveniently and simultaneously with this 3 in 1 charging stand. The LED light switches off after 20 seconds so it won’t interrupt his sleep. He can enjoy media on his phone or smartwatch while charging them both with this stand’s unique 45-degree viewing angle.


  • Silicone tray gently holds and charges most Apple or Samsung smartphones and watches.
  • Nightstand Mode for time viewing or alarm while preventing from falling off or scratching. 
  • Compatible with both Apple and Samsung
  • Designed for hands-free use. 

5. Essential Compendium of Dad Jokes

Give your older Dad or Grandad the gift of laughter and smiles with the Essential Compendium of Dad Jokes. This book is a perfect Father’s Day or Birthday gift for only the “punniest” of aspiring comedians in your life.


  • Boasts over 300 unique dad jokes.
  • Available in Hardcover (272 pages) or as an audiobook.

6. Mystery Tackle Box Bass Fishing Kit

The fisherman in your life is sure to fall in love with this mystery box. The mystery tackle box bass fishing kit comes with a wide variety of tackle and fishing lures that are ideal for freshwater bass fishing. This box is also stocked full of fishing experts’ advice on how to improve his fishing game.


  • Each box is roughly $25 in retail value (five items on average) of the best quality fishing lures. 
  • Includes limited-edition, exclusive fishing gear in each box.
  • Comes with detailed instructions and tips from fishing experts. 

7. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This all-in-one breakfast food maker would make a great gift for the foodie in your life. He’ll shave some time off of his morning routine by treating himself to a hearty breakfast in just five minutes with the hassle-free cleanup.


  • Makes custom breakfast sandwiches in as little as five minutes.
  • Facilitates many different diets and breakfast food preferences.
  • Comes with a comprehensive recipe book 
  • Removable components are dishwasher safe.

8. Power Screw Driver

Your older tool man will love this versatile, rechargeable screwdriver: handy and ready to take on any project with him. Whether he is assembling furniture or renovating his house, he can always count on this tool to get the job done right the first time.


  • Features three-speed settings 
  • Lightweight, compact, and slim design. 
  • Comes with a battery light indicator and USB Type-C charging cable.
  • Equipped with two LED headlights.
  • Packaged with 12 different bits (Phillips, Torx, slotted, 2” power bit, recess inserts, ¼” magnetic bit holder)
  • Arrives in a durable plastic mold-injected box for safe storage. 

9. Keen Howser Slide Loafer

For the older man who likes to lounge, these slip-on shoes are comfortable enough to be worn as indoor slippers, but they are also sturdy enough for everyday outdoor use. These Keen’s would make for a perfect gift for anyone who prioritizes comfort and durability above all else.


  • Has a durable synthetic sole and a mark-free rubber outsole.
  • Removable memory foam insole for reduced fatigue.
  • Features a knit upper and fur lining inside the shoe for warmth and comfort.

10. Foosball Table Drink Cooler

Does your older man love foosball? This foosball table and drink cooler hybrid is convenient, durable, and sure to be a party pleaser at any tailgating event. Not only can the table store up to 60 canned drinks or 50 bottles and maintain their cold temperature for days on end, but it also has an attached bottle opener and bottle cap catcher, so it will help him throw the most memorable get-togethers.


  • The table cooler has a 17 Gallon (or 65 Liter) capacity.
  • Features a built-in bottle cap opener and catching tray for caps. Also includes an additional tray to hold more beverages and a drainage spout for easy water disposal.
  • Comes with four rotating wheels and two-wheel locks.
  • Durable welded steel legs and handles with a powder finish. 

11. EasyMote: Universal Big Button TV Remote

Is your older man sick of that 100-button TV remote? The EasyMote is the perfect gift for anyone seeking an easier and more convenient alternative to traditional TV remotes with dozens of buttons that remain unused for the most part. This fully programmable universal remote has six large buttons and a comfortable and secure wrist strap to take the hassle and confusion out of watching television.


  • Controls TV and Cable Box with a single remote. 
  • Features six buttons for basic media control.
  • Comes attached to a durable wrist strap.
  • Has “Quick Search” functionality to easily pair and unpair devices.
  • All buttons are programmable via learning mode.

12. Sunbeam heated throw blanket

For the older gentleman who likes to stay cozy, this premium reversible blanket is perfect for staying warm during the winter. The Sunbeam heated throw blanket offers three different heat settings and can be safely cleaned with a washer and dryer.


  • Integrated ThermoFine technology auto-adjusts for consistent heating. 
  • Comes with EliteStyle II Controller which has three different heat settings. 
  • Product automatically shuts off after three hours as a safety measure.
  • Reversible and made of polyester, premium sherpa, and mink. 
  • Product is safe for machine washing and drying. 
  • Blanket measures 50” x 60”.

13. Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

Perfect for the nature lover in your life, this extra-large acrylic bird feeder allows him to see and experience wild birds from the comfort of his home. This feeder is completely transparent and gives him the best possible view of the many birds visiting the feeder.


  • High capacity (XL) transparent bird feeder made with premium acrylic for durability.
  • Feeder accommodates many types of birds during all four seasons.
  • The feeding tray dissipates water to keep seeds dry.
  • Slide-out feeding tray allows seeds to be refilled in seconds.
  • Strong suction cups attach to windows with ease.

14. Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Great for the environmentally conscious, with this bidet, he will no longer need to twist and bend to wipe after using the restroom. The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 ensures a convenient and safe cleaning alternative that is gentle on the skin and helps reduce the number of paper products used.


  • Made with premium high-pressure valves, ceramic and metal valve cores, and steel hoses.
  • Features a nozzle guard gate for a more sanitary experience.
  • An automatic retractable nozzle ensures sanitation between uses.

15. AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

If you think it’s time your older gentleman upgraded his audio experience, gift him Apple AirPods, premium wireless earbuds that connect seamlessly to any laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Apple’s new headphone chip allows the AirPods to have a faster wireless connection to all devices, paired with more than 24 hours of battery life when listening or 18 hours of talk time.


  • Automatically turns on and connects to your device via Bluetooth.
  • Allows quick access to Siri.
  • Double-tap to continue or fast-forward media.
  • Earbuds charge while in the case.
  • Case charges quickly when paired with the Lightning connector.

 16. Portable Campfire

For outdoorsy types, this eco-friendly, portable campfire offers an authentic campfire experience and was featured on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. The portable campfire is easy to use and clean up, making it the ideal choice for any outdoor enthusiast. 


  • 4lbs and 8″ wide.
  • Made with soy wax and briquettes made of recycled paper to minimize carbon footprint.
  • Has a burn time of over three hours. 
  • Has a shelf life of more than 30 years making it very reliable in case of an emergency.
  • Odor-free and easy to ignite.
  • Easy to clean up after use (minimal soot and embers).
  • Lid designed to extinguish the fire with ease.
  • Infused with eucalyptus essential oil.

17. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

For the golfers out there, the classic kidney-shaped miniature putting green is the perfect gift for any golf enthusiast looking to spruce up their home or office and refine their putting technique. Now he can practice his golf skills at home when he can’t make it to the golf course.


  • Made with PET resin in the USA
  • Premium putting surface remains smooth after continuous use.
  • Built-in cutouts simulate sand traps to catch missed shots.
  • Measures 3’ x 9’.
  • High-quality backing prevents skidding.

 18. Gourmet Coffee Sampler

The coffee lover in your life will love this hand-picked selection of four gourmet coffees from Seattle’s top roasters. This gourmet coffee sampler works closely with multiple award-winning, small-batch roasters based in Seattle to bring him the best award-winning coffee possible.


  • Includes almost 1/2lb of whole bean, freshly-roasted coffee. 
  • Comes with roast profiles, tasting notes, artisan treats, and tips for brewing.

19. 20pc Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tool Set

This portable grilling set is one of the most effective means of cooking on the go and is a great gift idea for the grillmaster in your life. Ideal for camping trips and backyard barbecues alike, this set is a no-brainer when it comes to being equipped for years of grilling meals to perfection.


  • Includes a fork, spatula, grill brush, basting brush, four skewers, eight corn holders, and a premium aluminum case.
  • High-quality tools made with industrial-grade, heat-resistant stainless steel.
  • Case and tools are lightweight and ideal for travel or storage. 

 20. Ridley’s Texas Hold ‘Em Deluxe Poker Set

Treat the older gentleman you know who’s still a maverick at heart to a great time with friends and family, with Ridley’s Texas Hold’Em Deluxe Poker Set! This set comes with everything he needs and detailed instructions on how to play draw, stud, and Texas hold ’em poker to spice up his next game night.


  • Contains 200 chips, playing instructions, two decks of cards, and a dealer button.
  • Includes a durable print box for storage.

21. Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth® Speaker

Help your older man experience music the way it was meant to be experienced, with Marshall’s Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This durable powerhouse is great for travel and can easily fill large rooms with high-quality, undistorted sound.


  • The charge lasts for over 20 hours of listening time.
  • Comes with integrated Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection up to 30 feet.
  • Speaker has an IPX4 rating for water resistance.
  • Silicone coating on the exterior and metal grille with Marshall logo.
  • Capable of multi-host connectivity allowing two Bluetooth-compatible devices to switch back and forth.
  • Includes bass reflex system to enhance bass, increase frequency response, and lower distortion.

22. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Show the older gentleman in your life how to energize his morning, with this efficient temperature-controlled smart mug. He’ll enjoy his coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for hours on end and never hassle with reheating his beverages ever again. 


  • Keeps hot drinks between 120 degrees F and 145 degrees F.
  • Comes with a charging coaster for convenience.
  • Battery lasts for an hour on one charge or indefinitely when paired with the charging coaster.
  • Ember App allows the user to set their drink temperature, get notifications, and customize settings with their mobile device.

23. YETI Roadie Cooler

For the older gentleman still full of wanderlust, Yeti’s Roadie cooler is the best cooler for travel. He can take his favorite beverages with him to camping trips, barbecues, and tailgates with this lightweight yet spacious model. This particular Roadie 24 model is taller than its predecessors and can fit a bottle of wine or two-liter bottle with ease while fitting perfectly behind the passenger’s or driver’s seat.


  • Lightweight, more compact, and higher durability than other coolers.
  • Simple latch design for single-handed access.
  • Can carry 18 cans with twice as much ice (or up to 24lb of ice).
  • Dimensions: 16.5” Length × 14.”Width × 17.5” Height.

24. Cornhole Board Set

Does your older gentleman love to play games? Celebrate Fall and sports the right way with this premium Cornhole set. He can get together with friends and family to play this classic and easy-to-learn lawn game before the big game this Sunday!


  • Comes with two 4 ‘x 2’ Regulation-sized boards for cornhole. 
  • Two sets of four colored bags filled with corn.
  • Made with Baltic Birchwood tops for lasting durability.
  • The play surface is laminated for further damage protection and product longevity. 

25. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

The Book of Unusual Knowledge is great for a contemplative older gentleman who has a curious mind and a passion for learning. This book will give him hours of fascinating content to read and would be a great gift for anyone looking to expand their wisdom. 


  • The book is hardcover, 704 pages
  • Features games, anecdotes, articles, and lists
  • The book is also illustrated
  • Topics include art, animals, technology, sports, politics, history, the universe, and more

26. Rossie Home Media Bed Tray

Ideal for a gentleman of leisure, the Rossie Home Media Bed Tray is extremely versatile, durable, and is sure to change the breakfast in bed game forever. This tray is sustainably made with the environment in mind while being lightweight due to its bamboo structure.


  • The tray is 21. 8″ x 13. 9″
  • The media compartment holds all sizes of smartphones and tablets
  • The tray is made of renewable bamboo
  • The front lip of the tray is lowered for easy access to the tray’s contents

27. Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts Personalized Cutting Board

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The older chef in your life will agree, there’s really no substitute for a good cutting board, and this personalized real wood cutting board, available in maple, cherry, or walnut, is a gift that he’s going to use for as long as he’s cooking! Available in three sizes up to 18 x 12, it’s big enough for carving the family’s Thanksgiving turkey, but it’s so decorative too, it would also be perfect to use as a charcuterie board for him to serve some appetizers on as well. 

Engraved with a pretty design on one side, the other side is the business side. It features a juice groove all the way around to help minimize the mess when you’re carving meats or chopping up juicy fruits. Easy lift handles make this board easy to use, and its surface has been well-conditioned, but he’ll also get a bottle of cutting board conditioner with his gift.


  • Available in 3 shades of wood: Maple, Cherry, and Walnut 
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small (12″ X 9″ X 0.75″), Standard (16″ X 10.5″ X 0.75″), and charcuterie board (18″ X 12″ X 1.25″)
  • Choose from over over a dozen designs and personalize too

28. Arris Heated Vest for Men

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Is your older gentleman a lover of the great outdoors who still doesn’t want to come inside when it’s time for bed? Keep him warm during his outdoor adventures in chillier weather, with the Arris Heated Vest for Men. The Arris Heated vest’s unique design fits most men because of the zipper adjustments along the side seams. It has eight heating zones and five different heat levels so he can customize it for the current weather and his own comfort level. 

This rechargeable vest will last up to ten hours each time he charges it, and it has an AC adaptor plus a 7200mAh battery that’s very easy to take out of the pocket and plugin after use. Weather-resistant, the Arris Heated Vest is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and camping. 


  • 8 Heating Panels & 5 Temperature Control Settings
  • Side zippers make size adjustable
  • 7200mah Battery and AC adapter Included
  • Can promote blood circulation, relief of pain and muscles.

29. Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew

Help the older wine connoisseur in your life spend less time prying open wine bottles and more time sipping fine wine, with the Rabbit automatic electric corkscrew wine bottle opener! Fun to experiment with since it’s the first of its kind, this creative tool removes the wine cork from the bottle on contact, then automatically ejects the cork from the corkscrew. 

The Rabbit is rechargeable thanks to its included micro USB, and once charged, it can open up to 30 bottles of wine. It also has a built-in foil cutter so it’s a wonderful solution for the wine-loving older gentleman in your life. 


  • Product dimensions: 2 x 2 x 9.5 inches, weight 0.62 pounds
  • Just place on top of the wine bottle, then the electric corkscrew does the rest – no pushing buttons necessary
  • Opens up to 30 wine bottles on a single charge, micro USB wall charging unit included
  • Works on all cork types, including synthetic and plastic corks

30. ZNAP Men’s Metal RFID Blocking wallet

Do you know an older gentleman who wants to organize his credit cards but is more of a money clip kind of man than a bulky wallet guy? Or perhaps the older gentleman you’re shopping for is simply a bit paranoid about bad guys using advanced RFID technology to steal his identity. Either way, give your older man the slim and sleek ZNAP Men’s carbon fiber metal RFID Blocking Wallet with a built-in money clip! This innovative wallet has a unique card holding mechanism, to allow him fast and easy access to his credit cards. If your older man has problems with arthritis in his hands or a handicap in one hand, this can be a great option because this wallet can be easily unsnapped and used with one hand.

The sturdy metal frame of this wallet is made out of unbreakable, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum encased in leather, so it will last him for many years. The cash compartment fits 20 bills, and the size of this wallet is so compact, it could even fit in a front pocket.


  • Compact size barely smaller than a credit card at 3.1″ x 2.3 x 0.7″
  • Comes with an RFID shield card for an all-side protection
  • The sturdy metal frame is made out of unbreakable, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Holds up to 12 credit cards and up to 20 bills

Now You Can Choose Among These Best-Selling Gift Ideas For Older Men

Gifts for older men
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Whether shopping for an avid gym-goer, sports fanatic, music enthusiast, or traveler, the items on this list would make for a perfect gift on almost any occasion for an older gentleman in your life. We hope you found these best-selling gifts for older men on our list to be helpful in finding a gift for that special older gentleman in your life!

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