Best Star Wars Gifts

Best Star Wars Gifts: 24 Top Options

Trying to surprise friends or family members with the best Star Wars gifts? Don’t worry, there are more than enough Star Wars items out there that are sure to leave a smile on their face. The real problem, however, is finding the right one. From clothes to legos, to lightsabers, this gift guide will make sure you find something special for your favorite Star Wars fan!

24 Best Star Wars Gifts

1. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is one of the most iconic items in the entire Star Wars saga, which is why this LEGO set is a must-have for avid fans. This gift is the perfect activity to do with friends, family, or by yourself.


  • Dimensions: 22.91” length, 14.88” width, 3.43” height
  • 1,351 pieces
  • Contains seven different action figures

Sample customer review… Visually, the outside of the finished ship is very detailed; there are different grays, some red, gold, and blue giving it a splash of color throughout. There are stickers to simulate some detail, but most of the detail comes from actual parts. It has a round radar dish that is mounted on a ball joint, tied to other junctures for a lot of freedom of motion. It has two turrets, one on the top and one on the bottom, which is also mounted on ball joints for 360 degrees rotation and junctures for the angles. There is so much detail that it is mesmerizing; it has a turret control room, your main control panel, it has a smuggler bay, a sleeping area, storage, kitchen, and etc… round that off with spring-loaded shooters and a loading ramp to complete the illusion.

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2. Star Wars – Mandalorian Travel Mug

This cute mug is a great gift for fans of the hit TV show The Mandalorian, as they can sip their coffee with the beloved “Baby Yoda”.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Insulated
  • BPA Free

Sample customer review… I’ve been wanting to own a tumbler for so long but I don’t know which brand to get and if it is worth it. So I was checking their products out and the sales associate told me about the differences of each tumbler type. And I chose this as a gift for my bf, he told me that it kept his coffee hot the entire day as if he just made it and he really liked Baby Yoda! I had to get one for myself too, just last week, it was really hot outside (96°F) and my car easily gets hot inside and I left my tumbler in there for more than an hour, when I went back in the oven aka my car and grabbed the tumbler it was hot outside ’cause it’s metal, and I thought my, before cold, water will now be hot too, surprisingly enough my water was still cold.

Review from Tervis

3. Rey and Pals – Star Wars Children’s Book

This children’s book is a great way to get your child into the Star Wars saga at an early age!


  • Made for ages 4-8
  • 64 pages total

Sample customer review… Brown’s drawings are reminiscent of “Peanuts” or “Calvin and Hobbes,” with caricatures of the characters that are still clearly recognizable while given the hand-drawn charm of his sketchy, almost colored-pencil-looking style. Characters rendered as kids are still recognizable as themselves despite being younger, and while adults can occasionally look a little grotesque (he can go a little overboard with the wrinkles while drawing older people), they’re still the iconic characters we know despite the different circumstances. Most of these comics are single-panel, some without any dialogue necessary to convey the joke, while others are strips with a few panels. They poke mostly gentle fun at the new films and can be seen almost as a sequel to the rest of the “Darth Vader and Son” comics with the now-grown Luke, Leia, and Han having to look after the younger generation of heroes. There are some callbacks to the older films, including a dig at Jar Jar Binks that may or may not be deserved.

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4. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook

With this gift, you’ll be able to recreate the recipes inspired by your favorite characters and locations from the Star Wars saga.


  • 176 pages
  • Comes in hardcover or spiral-bound editions
  • 70 recipes

Sample customer review… I’m going to be frank; when I get a cookbook for a fandom, I don’t want cookies shaped like characters, or cupcakes that have cutouts put on top of said characters. No, I want food that one of the characters eats on-screen or might otherwise be found in that world. So far as I have found, this is the only cookbook for Star Wars that delivers exactly that, and I love it for that. Ronto Wraps, Mandalorian Stew, and Lothal Spicebrew are only a few of the recipes out of the book, but they are delicious! And on top of that, they’re fairly easy too! There is a scale of difficulty throughout the book, and I haven’t tried any hard ones yet, but this is a great cookbook for fans of the series, from beginning to intermediate, and I’m sure even a great cook will get something from this.

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5. Star Wars Bounty Hunters Figure Set

These figurines are perfect for children or collectors. Featuring five Star Wars iconic characters, you can either play with these action figures or display them.


  • Action figures are 3.75 inches tall
  • Includes 5 figures: R5-P8, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, Bossk, and IG-88

Sample customer reviews… Excellent product delivered in a timely manner and in perfect condition. They accidentally shipped me two packages. I called and informed them of this and they said to keep the second at no charge, so now my 4-year-old has her own set to play with too!

The item arrived flawless and was exactly what I wanted. Fast delivery. The figures were like when I was young, except these are high quality.

Coolest collection. Bossk is by far my favorite. It’s inexpensive for such a nice collection of figures.

The Bounty Hunter collection is perfect for the collectors or to play with! The designers did a fantastic job with the details on each bounty hunter!

Reviews from Hasbro Pulse and GameStop

6. Star Wars Wooden Spoons and Utensils Set

These wooden spoons are detailed with your favorite Star Wars characters! Made out of bamboo, these utensils are great to have and use in any kitchen.


  • 5 Piece wooden spoon and utensil set
  • Made with 100% bamboo

Sample customer reviews… I purchased these as a gift for my wife and she loved them. They are actually a lot more durable than they looked at first. We have been using them and hand washing them now for several weeks and they are still in perfect condition. I wouldn’t suggest putting them in the dishwasher though. I highly recommend it for a star wars fan though.

Got my girlfriend this for Christmas and she loves it. They look amazing very well done. She loves them so much she doesn’t want to use them and risk ruining the great work done on them. So we are going to use them as decoration in the kitchen.

Reviews from DesertCart

7. Death Star Cheese Board Set

This cheese board is a great way to impress fellow fans! From cheese platters to charcuteries, this is an ultimate gift for the classy Star Wars lover. 


  • 10.2 inches wide
  • Detailed Death Star Engraving
  • Includes 4 utensils

Sample customer reviews… This board seems awesome. We opened it and my husband squealed with delight and surprise. It’s well made and the tools seem solid. To be fair, we haven’t used them yet, but I’m excited too! It’ll make a great functional coffee table piece.

I purchase this beautiful death star cheese board for a friend for her birthday. She’s a huge Star Wars fan! She absolutely loved it! The construction is well done. It’s very sturdy and the wood grain and carvings are very detailed and beautiful. I would purchase this again, hands-down! I’m not even a Star Wars fan and I want one.

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8. Star Wars Miniature Plates

The custom Star Wars drawings and quotes on these miniature plates are sure to be a hit with friends and family!


  • 6.75” in diameter
  • Glass plates
  • 8 plates included

Sample customer reviews… Great small plates/salad plates. Perfect for snacks or when you just need a little something. The two different images alternating on the plates are adorable. My husband is such a huge Star Wars (and Baby Yoda) fan. Since we just got married and needed some extra dishes, I knew these would be the perfect addition. His reaction didn’t disappoint. They were a little pricier than I expected but I guess that’s what happens when you take a well-known brand name and add Star Wars to it. They have already run through the dishwasher multiple times and still look new.

Love these plates so much! We’ve had them for several months now & they’ve been used at least 3 times a day and hold up very well. They are light enough that even with food my 4-year-old can carry them to the table & durable enough that when my 1.5-year-old drops it, they haven’t broken yet.

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9. Star Wars Porg T-Shirt

These cute and funny graphic tees are a great way to show off your love for the adorable Porgs from the recent trilogy. 


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • 6 different styles
  • Machine washable

Sample customer reviews… My daughter wears this all the time and it really holds up in the wash. The porg graphic hasn’t faded at all and still looks brand new. Great Quality!

I bought this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. Good quality and fit perfectly.

Fits well; hubby is 6’4” and has a long torso so needs a t-shirt that is long enough to not be constantly flashing his belly! Good quality fabric, doesn’t shrink in the wash, he loves it and it gets lots of laughs!

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10. The Child Plush Toy

The Child is a character that has stolen the hearts of Star Wars fans through the massively successful TV series, The Mandalorian. Known to many as “Baby Yoda”, this plush toy is the ultimate bedtime companion.


  • Soft, fuzzy exterior
  • Realistic stitching and look
  • Original Disney item

Sample customer review… This is the Disney plush Grogu you’re looking for! Beware of all the knock-offs on amazon that use this one’s picture and seem to not be the same quality. This one is just as pictured. His face is cute as we hoped and both my kids love them (we bought one for each kid). His robes do not come off as they are sewn in several spots under his face/head to maintain the signature cowl-neck look of the real Grogu. He has little brown undies under the robes. Worth the cost and we were not disappointed.

I purchased two of these plushies. One for my GF and the other for my son. Both were in great shape when they got to me, with no loose strings or botched stitching. The product is as described and matches the picture provided. Super soft and cozy. If you are a fan of Grogu or The Mandalorian I highly recommend this plush!

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11. Star Wars Lightsaber

This realistic lightsaber will make any kid feel like a Jedi. With sound, light, and exchangeable parts, this gift will send kids to a galaxy far, far away!


  • Realistic Lightsaber sound and look
  • Built-in light
  • Multiple pieces for customization

Sample customer reviews… I have always wanted to purchase a Lightsaber but never got around to it. After reading the article about the Stat Wars Land and how much they charge for a Lightsaber, I decided to go with the least expensive option for the same product I would get at the park. This is Awesome! A Master Saber with 3 in 1. You can configure them in many different ways. Great construction. They all need batteries that are not included. A joy for every fan!

12-year-old nephew loved the gift. It lights up and makes noises. It is also modular so my nephew was able to combine it with other pieces he had. This is a fairly large toy which made it more impressive as a gift.

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12. Star Wars Lokai Bracelet

These bracelets are the perfect gift for someone who wants to display their fandom in a less overt way. With many different styles to choose from, a Lokai bracelet will surely satisfy the average Star Wars enthusiast.


  • Sizes ranging from 5.5” to 7.5”

Sample customer reviews… I got this for my girlfriend and she loves it! Sized accurately. Quick shipping. Highly recommend.

The bracelet was as expected. Two of my friends chose the same bracelet. We are enjoying them.

Bought “The Child” bracelets for a colleague & myself! I got so many compliments & she loved hers! Then the meaningfulness on how there made & what they’re made from! Just awesome!

I have ordered 6 bracelets now and love them. I give them as a reminder to my friends and family to stay balanced. I love the charity aspect of them as well. Super comfortable and fun!

I bought a black and a white “The Child” bracelet, for my son and daughter, and they absolutely love them. My husband saw them and now he wants a Lokai bracelet. They are very cute.

Reviews from Lokai

13. Star Wars Oral-B Children’s Electric Toothbrush

This is a great present for young Star Wars fans that makes brushing their teeth fun! With different styles and characters to choose from, they’ll look forward to cleaning their teeth every day. 


  • Battery-powered
  • Soft bristle material

Sample customer reviews… My kids love to brush their teeth thanks to Oral B !! We have used this brand for some time now and noted a few things over the years. Using these toothbrushes twice daily minimum has less to no issues at the dentist and furthermore curbed the desire to mouth objects for my children. I highly recommend getting these toothbrushes even though you can purchase ones with changing heads having the kids pick characters every few months gets them and keeps them excited about brushing.

My son and I both really like this toothbrush and how well it works. I purchased it for him as a Christmas present from Santa and included a note about keeping his teeth clean and healthy. My son has never enjoyed brushing his teeth but he likes the ease of using this battery-operated Oral B and he loves that it’s Star Wars themed. I don’t even have to ask him to brush his teeth morning and evening because he now does it on his own. Happy Momma here!

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14. Monopoly: Star Wars The Child Edition

Perfect for families, this special edition board game allows everyone to play as their own version of “The Child”. This redesign of a classic game brings new life to game night.


  • Contains 8 players
  • For kids ages 8 and up

Sample customer reviews… My son loves to play monopoly but finding one that would actually keep his interest was hard. But he loves “Baby Yoda”, this was a winner! There are fewer pieces than normal monopoly which allows the game to not take as long.

Absolutely phenomenal. It’s a unique take on traditional Monopoly and a great gift for any Mandalorian fan.

Bought this for my father-in-law for Christmas and he loves it! It was a great gift! I’d buy it again for another Star Wars fan.

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15. Boba Fett Mobile Phone and Controller Holder

Store your phones and controllers away with this awesome Boba Fett device holder. It’s incredibly detailed and not specific to any device, allowing it to be used on a multitude of items.


  • 8 Inches tall
  • Charging cables included

Sample customer reviews… The device holder was heavier than expected, which was a bonus. Designed to hold various electronic devices. It’s a great conversation piece and would make a great gift for any Boba Fett fan. I haven’t used the charging cord that came with it yet, but I’m very satisfied with this purchase. It arrived well-packaged and on time.

Really good quality! It weighs more than it looks because it needs to be solid enough to hold devices. Boba Fett has awesome detail and the base looks great too. Roughly 8″ tall. A must-have for any Boba Fett fan!

My husband loves it! Took me forever to find the Boba Fett version of this. I saw it at Best Buy at some point but after that, I couldn’t find it in stores. The one I got wasn’t like the other ones I saw in stores. It was a lot heavier like a little statue whereas the holders I held in store were more of a plastic feel. It came perfectly no complaints.

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16. Dark Side – Engraved Pencils

These pencils are a great gift for the subtle Star Wars fan. They have classic quotes from the series which are perfect for school or the office. 


  • Comes with 4 pencils
  • Pencils are unsharpened

Sample customer reviews… Pencils are so clever and cute. Customer service was excellent. There was a slight problem with the original order, so they promptly sent out a replacement order. Very pleased with the product and the service. Will order again. They make great gifts!

These were a very fun gift for me to give to my employee. They wrote well and sharpen well too.

I like the looks of these pencils. A great little gift or add-on for the adult Star Wars lover who possibly has everything. These are perfect to go with a Star Wars journal or notebook.

If you have a Star Wars fan in your family and are looking for the perfect gift, you’ve found it! Highly recommend!

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17. Star Wars Chewbacca Mask

This mask is an awesome way for kids to channel their inner Wookie! The realistic sounds and moveable mouth provide a fun experience.


  • Movable mask
  • Speaker built into the mask for sound

Sample customer review… We love this mask, especially for our grandkids. Even though it doesn’t fit adult heads very well, I can still put it on and use it. In fact, I have long brown hair and others have commented on how great it matches my hair. It makes different Chewbacca sounds when you open up your mouth. Our dog and our friend’s dog cannot figure out what is going on with me when I wear this. It doesn’t scare them, they just come up and sniff me a lot and tilt their head wondering what is going on. It is a ton of fun and has brought a lot of laughs to our house. I’m trying to find more masks like this to have around.

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18. Yoda Doormat

This silly doormat will let everyone know your love for the Star Wars franchise. Invite your guests in with style!


  • 24 x 16 inches
  • Made with PVC and Coconut
  • Officially licensed Star Wars product

Sample customer reviews… This is a great-looking outdoor mat. The colors are very vivid. We’d tried ordering some mats online that arrive and are very thin and not good for outdoor use. This mat is not like that…it’s thick and obviously made for outdoor use.

Purchased it for my dad for his birthday. He loves it. Nice quality. Perfect for any Star Wars lover. I will be buying one for our front door when our current one wears out. Love it, we do!

Perfect gift for my son and daughter-in-law. They loved it. Very sturdy and holding up well with all the traffic in their house.

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19. Darth Vader Apron

This apron is great for Star Wars fans that tend to get messy in the kitchen! Channel the dark side into every meal with this awesome gift.


  • Machine Washable
  • Officially licensed by Star Wars

Sample customer reviews… I don’t usually use aprons, but wanted this simply because I love the Darth Vader character. It has saved my clothing several times already and whenever I put it on, it generates smiles. So, fun to use and very serviceable. There aren’t any pockets on it, but not sure that I’d need them. The material seems adequate and comparable to my wife’s various aprons that she’s had for years, so this will more than likely be just as durable.

This apron is of good quality and inexpensive when compared to other websites. It will please any Star Wars fan and grill master!

This was a great addition to my son’s Star Wars-themed birthday party. It fit well, was adjustable, and protected my clothes from grilling. I do wish it had pockets, but that’s a personal preference.

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20. Star Wars: Squadrons Video Game

This game puts you right in the pilot’s seat, allowing you and your friends to step into battle against other intergalactic spaceships. This is perfect for kids or adults with gaming consoles, and is affordable too!


  • Available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One
  • Contains online multiplayer
  • Compatible with Virtual Reality

Sample customer review… When I was a kid I played Star Wars arcade and became hooked on Star Wars ship games. Over the years I played every one I could, rebel assault, rouge squadron to name a few. When PlayStation VR came out I hoped they would make one, Battlefront gave us a VR mission that gave us a taste of what could be, Squadrons is that taste delivered!! Jump in a fighter and fly for the empire or rebels and enjoy!!!! The gameplay is fast (I got a little motion sick the first time I played, took a break, and went back in) but you can play non-VR also but trust me this game is awesome in VR!

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21. BESTKEE Lightsaber Umbrella

This LED umbrella lets you wield the force through the heaviest of storms! This is perfect for both children and adults, and there are many colors to choose from.


  • 7 different colors 
  • Includes built-in flashlight

Sample customer review… This is the most fantastic umbrella ever! I’m very glad I bought it. It’s very durable, even in high winds. It slides open very smoothly and doesn’t catch when taking it down either. The carrying case is very helpful and allows you to have your hands free when not in use or on public transportation, with a chance of leaving it behind, because you can just wear it over your shoulder or back. It can cycle through all of the colors constantly, or it can stay on just one. It has the options of Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and White. There’s also a LED flashlight on the bottom of the handle. It takes 3 AAA batteries and they seem to be lasting quite a bit. The lights are bright enough to see even during the daytime. I was very surprised and pleased at the quality and durability. The carrying case and close strap display the logo of the brand, but it’s not emblazoned anywhere else. A great buy.

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22. Star Wars – The Mandalorian – The Child – Jigsaw Puzzle

This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is a great gift for a Star Wars fan looking to relax and unwind. Complete this puzzle solo or work together with friends to piece together an adorable picture of “Baby Yoda”.


  • 500 pieces total
  • Puzzle has dimensions of 21.25” by 15”

Sample customer review… Bought this puzzle as part of our COVID-19-things-to-do since we cannot go out. It was a fun, challenging puzzle. I definitely underestimated how long a 500 piece puzzle would take. In total I spent about 2 days on it, working on it throughout breaks in the day when nothing was going on. The most challenging part of the puzzle is the darker areas of the armor. Individually many pieces look similar in the shade until you get them placed. I got to the point near the end when I had to take the few remaining pieces and try in each available place. LOL And there are many pieces that you think “fit” but it’s not the perfect fit that you get when it’s the right piece. When I read the reviews of a small remainder of pieces that don’t fit it makes me think that those people accidentally placed a piece that “fit” but was not the perfect fit.

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23. Remote Controlled BB-8 Droid 

This high quality BB-8 droid is the perfect little companion for Star Wars fans! 


  • Hour-long battery life
  • Durable material
  • Bluetooth compatible

Sample customer review… BB-8 Sphero is exactly what I was looking for because it is programmable, just like a Sphero Sprk, plus all the bonus Star Wars toy features that I now see on the trailer (yes, but it’s a shame that the sounds don’t come from BB-8 directly and the holographic images are only on your mobile device). The key is to not only download the BB-8 specific app but to download the Sphero Edu app. The app allows you to control and program your BB-8 to be way smarter than its pre-programmed self. You can have it react or turn around wherever it bumps into something. You can have your mobile device make BB-8 sounds automatically (or even roar like a Lion) whenever BB-8 starts charging. My 8yo programmed it to run laps around my kitchen island. You can program it to go up to your fishbowl, change colors, and turn around. It’s a lot of fun and provides quality STEM-based intro-to-robotics education for my kids.

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24. Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray

Relive the iconic Star Wars moment with this hilarious ice cube mold! This gift doesn’t have to be used for ice only, fill them with chocolate for a fun little treat.


  • Made of silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5.91” length, 4.33” width, 0.91” height

Sample customer review… Is there a cooler way to make ice for your drink than with Han Solo in carbonite? No, but “Let’s keep a little optimism here.” There is likely a 2% chance you can find a cooler ice mold. I made these for a group I had over at my house and they were impressed. “You know, sometimes I amaze even myself,” I said to them. Then nobody seemed grateful to get such cool drinks so I said, “Don’t everybody thank me at once.” My guests asked if they could take my nest ice try and I was quick to tell them, “Over my dead body.” At the end of the evening, all my guests were by the front door and they told me, “We love the Han Solo ice.” I played it cool, “I know.” and I closed the door on them. These ice trays work well. They are durable and will last for a long time. They are easy to fill and to get ice from. Cleaning is a snap. I am happy with them.

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These items are some of the best Star Wars gifts that Amazon has to offer. Any of the products listed above are sure to be a hit with any fan of the saga. Good luck choosing that perfect gift, and may the force be with you!

Written by Jack Lynch and Alyssa Batzer

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