How to Buy a Hiking Hat

How To Buy A Hiking Hat

You need so many things when you start preparing for your hiking trip. You may think about gear equipment, backpack, and clothing. But have you ever thought about how to buy a hiking hat? This can be an item to easily forget but is still beneficial. A hiker might not consider a hiking hat as the first thing in their mind. They may even think that hiking boots are more important.

However, if you want to protect your head during hiking, you should find a suitable hiking hat for yourself. And it will not impact your appearance. A high-quality hiking hat will provide you with a better experience during hiking. We need to consider all of the conditions before we choose our hiking hat.

How To Buy A Hiking Hat: Climate and Season

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The first thing that needs to be considered is the climate and season of the time when you intend to go hiking. If you go hiking during the summer, it should be different from winter. Summer is really hot and sunny, so you need a wide brim for covering your face area as much as you can. As well as your neck and ear also need protection. However, if you go hiking during the winter, you need a hat that can provide you with warmth. And if you go hiking during the rainy season, you should buy a quick dry performance with a resistance water hiking hat.

Hat Styles

Now you know you should buy a hiking hat. And we can choose the style of hiking hat you like. There are several kinds of styles as options. 

  • The Classic Sun Hat:

The classic sun hat has a wide rim around the whole hat. And it can protect your head and neck from the impacts of the sun. The most significant advantage is that the brim is quite stiff which means it will not like the brim of the normal sun hat which is flimsy and floppy. You’ll have a clear view of the scene during hiking all the time. 

  • The Baseball Cap:

The baseball cap is suitable for people going hiking on a normal day without sun or wind. It is so easy and convenient to wear. You can also use a hat when you don’t go hiking. If you go to the market, you can choose different colors and styles and the baseball cap depends on your preference. 

  • The Beanie Hat:

As we mentioned above, the baseball cap or the classic sun hat is used for summer mostly. The beanie hat is for winter. It fits comfortably on your head and provides warmth for your head and ears. The beanie hat is also pretty affordable so that you can choose several of them to fit your clothing. 

  • The Winter Hat:

We talked about what kind of hiking hat should be chosen when we in summer, winter, and even rainy season. So now we are talking about going hiking in the extreme winter. Some people like going hiking during the cold weather. So the winter hat is the right thing for them. Its material provides you with enough warmth even if you are at extremely low temperatures. It also offers you a lot of coverage for your ears and your neck. The only thing you may be hesitant to buy is: the price may be a little bit higher than those types of hiking hats above.

The Durability Of The Hats

Another thing you may need to be concerned about is the durability of the hat. If you are a person who intends to go hiking a lot, you can buy a high-quality hiking hat which means it will be a little bit expensive. However, if you think that investment is worthwhile, you should spend some time choosing that.

The Price Of The Hats

Price pretty much depends on your choice. Since you’ll consider the weather condition, style, and durability of hats, you should have a range of prices from five dollars to fifty dollars budget. So the prices vary a lot for each person about how much they are willing to pay for. 

Reviews Of The Hats

Finally, you can read the reviews for different brands, sizes, and styles of hats written by previous users. It will give you a good reference to decide which hat you will buy. The reviews always share the experience when they are in different conditions so that you can have an overview of each one. 

Those are all the things we need to consider how to choose a hiking hat. Hope that is helpful and useful for you to have a decision.  Do you think you’re ready to choose your hiking hat? You would have a fun and exciting time to buy a hat for yourself before your next hike!

Written by: Xiaotian Yu

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