How Long do Travel Trailer Batteries Last

How Long Do Travel Trailer Batteries Last?

When you’re camping with electricity, one of the important questions you may wonder is: How long do travel trailer batteries last? The lifespan of your travel battery typically depends upon how you use it. If you are actively trying to conserve its energy, you will be able to make it last longer. If you are using the travel battery as normal, it will last about 2-3 days.

This includes using the lighting, heater, pump, and refrigeration systems without trying to conserve energy. There are many different ways to make your battery last longer if you try. I will go over a few of the major ways to conserve your travel battery’s life and what a difference this can make. You need to remember that travel trailer batteries aren’t just being used to power small things.

They are powering your entire camping life so it makes sense for them to not last very long.

Conserving Energy

Conserving Energy

Upgrade Your Lighting 

One of the easy ways to conserve your travel trailer battery is by changing your lighting. The best way to do this is to change your light bulbs to LEDs. A regular incandescent bulb is about 18 watts. Remember that you have more than just one of these in your travel trailer and they each use this many watts.

LED bulbs use about 1.2 watts. These bulbs last longer and stay cooler than regular bulbs as well as being more durable. They can handle the shaking of your travel trailer while on the road without breaking. These are the reasons why I recommend switching your regular light bulbs to LEDs, you just can’t go wrong. 


Lowering the heater usage can save your travel trailer battery a lot of energy. Adopting techniques to make sure your heater isn’t being used all the time is essential when trying to make your battery last longer. This may seem tedious, but it will conserve precious energy that you may need for something else. If you don’t need the heat, don’t turn it on. But in many cases, you will need to turn the heat on. In these situations, turn the heat on to your desired temperature.

Once the temperature is reaching, turn down the thermostat a few degrees. Keep doing this throughout the day and it will help lower fan time and conserve energy. If you know you will be camping in colder weather, it’s also a good idea to add insulation to your travel trailer or even look into purchasing a tent heater. I recommend adding insulation to your skylights and roof vent cutouts. 


Where and how you store your travel trailer battery can make a big difference in how long it will last and how much power it has. The battery should never be stored on the ground as that will drain energy. It is recommended to place your battery on a piece of wood to make sure energy isn’t drained.

You should also store your batteries inside during the winter and keep them on a battery maintainer. Storing your travel trailer batteries appropriately will ensure that it will last as long as possible and you won’t have an unexpected battery shortage. You wouldn’t want to get to a campsite and your battery has been drained because it was on the ground or wasn’t stored correctly. 

More Batteries

Take a look at how many batteries your travel trailer has. Many will only have one, in this case adding a second battery will double your capacity. You can even add two more batteries, making the total 3. This will give you even more power and last longer. Check the type of battery that comes with your travel trailer. Sometimes the battery that comes with it won’t be top quality. Because of this, adding more batteries or switching them to an upgraded version can greatly affect the lifespan and energy you can get. I recommend speaking to an expert or doing some research to find what the best solution is for your particular travel trailer. 

Water Pump 

Using the water pump when it isn’t necessary is a good way to quickly drain your battery’s energy. Try turning off your master water pump whenever you aren’t planning on using water. This will save extra energy that would otherwise be used on waiting for you to use water. This is another simple thing you can do to save some much-needed battery power. 


Before you begin charging your travel trailer battery, make sure that the terminals are in good working condition. Make sure to leave enough time to fully charge your battery without interruptions. Normally, charging should take up to 72 hours. It’s best to charge your battery all at once and ensure that you aren’t undercharging or overcharging. If you aren’t careful about how and where you charge your batteries, you could damage them and that could lessen their lifespan. Never discharge your battery under 50%.

Final Thoughts on How Long do Travel Trailer Batteries Last

Final Thoughts on How Long do Travel Trailer Batteries Last

Do your research before purchasing a new battery or going camping in your new travel trailer for the first time. Knowing exactly how your battery works will help you know which steps to take to conserve its energy. Ask a professional about what they think you should do to make your battery life the best possible. Do your research and find the best RV battery for dry camping or whatever type of camping you plan to do.  Taking the steps above will help you get the most out of your battery and have the best experience while camping.

Written by Courtney Ludwig

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