why a tent is necessary for camping

Why a Tent Is Necessary for Camping

Need a break from the everyday? Do you want a new experience that feels like an adventure? Maybe you should go camping! Camping is a great way to gain new experiences, try all kinds of things you never thought you would, and remind yourself to appreciate the environment and all it has to offer us. But before you begin your camping and hiking journey, you need a tent; one of the most essential accessories for having a successful and safe camping trip. You may ask why a tent is necessary for camping, and we have 6 reasons for you.

Why a Tent Is Necessary for Camping: Tent and sunrise

1. They will provide protection from outside weather

Without a tent, you are completely exposed to the whims of the weather, including but not limited to wind, sun, and of course rain. A tent provides a waterproof layer between you and the weather.

You might be wondering if you can’t just sleep out in the rain, and the answer is simple science. Water pulls the heat away from your skin. This can lead to extreme chilling or hypothermia, which not only would make for a poor camping experience, they can be quite dangerous for even the most experienced outdoorsmen. This means a tent can really make a difference in your camping experience. Even if it does rain on your parade, it doesn’t have to ruin your camping trip.

2. It provides a little more of a sound barrier

The sounds of nature can be tranquil…or they can be a little distracting and keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. A tent can be the perfect in-between for our Goldilocks sleepers, providing not too much noise and not too little. You can hear the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind or the chatter of birds without being completely overwhelmed by it.

3. They will keep insects and bugs out

We all know how annoying it can be to be visited by certain blood-sucking insects or their many friends. It can be hard to enjoy all that nature has to offer when nature is snacking on you all night, leaving you itchy and uncomfortable. Being able to zip up the windows and doors prevents this, but most have a mesh-like option that still allows for airflow on those warm nights.  

4. They can offer some much-needed privacy

Camping with a group, whether they be friends or family, can be a lot of fun, but there are still times you will want a little bit of privacy. A tent can provide that, as well as keep certain items away from bugs and those woodland animals. Tents also provide a place for you to spend with a family member or significant other that could end up being the highlight of your trip. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your camping trip in every way you can. Don’t let intimate moments evaporate because you didn’t bring a tent.

5. Tents can expand your survival skills

Especially when it comes to beginners, it is important to know how valuable an outdoor shelter can be. Tents serve as great forms of shelter. Knowing how to build and deconstruct a tent will only further develop your survival skills and camping and hiking knowledge. Don’t rob yourself of this basic skill by skipping out on a tent. It is an excellent skill to have in your back pocket at all times, which hopefully you only have to use when it is part of the plan, but you never know!

There is a wide variety of types of tents, so be sure you do your research to pick the one that is right for your needs and skill level. And remember, you don’t need to spend a bundle to bundle up nicely, some of the best camping tents are under $100.

6. You can enjoy a real outdoor experience

You want to be peaceful in nature without any fear of nature being more than you can handle. Tents can make you feel safe. Peace of mind makes it much easier to enjoy your camping trip or your hiking adventure. Tents allow for protection from nature without taking you away from it, allowing you to enjoy all it has to offer.


By now, hopefully, you are convinced that purchasing a tent for any upcoming camping trips, is the way to go. Tents can provide protection from all kinds of weather, help achieve a peaceful slumber, keep those insects away from you, provide a bit of privacy, help to develop your survival skills, and help you make the most out of your time in the great outdoors. For reasons this good, who wouldn’t want to add a tent to their list of camping essentials?

Remember to always be well prepared for your camping and hiking trips, so you can have fun without worrying. Always do your research, take the recommended precautions, and stay safe. 

Happy camping!

Written by Artesa Cox

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