Which Types Of Exhaust Fan Will Suit Your Home?

Which Types Of Exhaust Fan Will Suit Your Home?

Which types of exhaust fan will suit your home? Whether you’re thinking of the typical exhaust fan that’s in your bathroom or kitchen, it’s important to have one for several reasons, one of them being that they work to prevent damage from occurring to your home. Especially when you’re in the shower for long periods of time, the excessive amount of humidity can really damage the paint job of your bathroom in addition to the buildup of mold that will deteriorate the structure of your home.

In some cases, this home product is required according to building codes so you may already have one because of this. But what about if you’re looking to replace it or build your own bathroom?

Bathroom ventilation fans have improved over time, as they have become quieter, smarter, and more efficient due to innovation. Some bathroom fans even boast features such as heat-exchanger ventilation or motion-activated lights. Depending on the options that you’re considering, a bathroom fan can cost $80 to $400. If you’re looking for a professional installation, you’ll have to add $200 to $500 so that you can pay the HVAC contractor. But before you go about choosing a bathroom fan, let’s discuss a few things about ventilation and the different kinds of exhaust fans. This will help you decide which types of exhaust fan will suit your home!

Why Ventilate My Home?

Why Ventilate My Home?
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Of course, you want your home to be safe and healthy to live in, which includes an environment that has good indoor air quality. Ventilation in your home works to remove any unhealthy contaminants that may be hanging around in your home air, including moisture, pollutants, and odors. When you don’t remove or have the proper ventilation in your home, these things can cause a variety of problems, including mold growth, lingering smells, or even personal health and wellness problems. 

Usually, homes have some natural ventilation that comes from gaps and openings around windows, doors, and the home’s foundation which means that sometimes the pollutants are flushed out of the home this way. But there’s also the possibility that your home isn’t “breathing” properly, meaning that without that ventilation you will have less control over the breathability of the indoor air quality of your home.

What Kind Of Fans Are There?

What Kind Of Fans Are There?
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Now that we’ve gone over why it’s important to ventilate your home, here is a running list of the different kinds of exhaust fans that you can consider.

Ceiling Vented Exhaust Fan

This is the most classic fan as it is found in a lot of bathrooms. Overall, these kinds of fans are highly effective and are reasonable in price as well. The way that these fans operate is by venting the air directly into the roof, which works especially well if the roof is tiled. For roofs that are flat or made out of corrugated iron, there may not be enough airflow to prevent the build-up of moisture in your bathroom. If this is the case, then it’s recommended that you install a ducted fan that goes on the outside of your home so that you avoid moisture issues both in your bathroom and roof. 

The drawbacks of a ceiling fan include that they are not sealed at the top, meaning that any dust or dirt from the roof could fall through the fan and into the room below. Having this fan also means that you lose heat in the winter and gain heat in the summer. To mitigate this issue you can try installing backdraft shutters on the fan to prevent the flow of air and dust from the roof space, but some exhaust fans already come with this feature if you purchase the right one. 

Heat/Light/Fan Units

These fans are a 3 in 1, which includes a heat lamp, regular light and an exhaust fan. These products have good flexibility, as you can choose to either duct or vent it into your roof space.

But there are some things to consider before buying this fan: (1) installation costs are much higher because there is more cabling needed due to the fact that it requires four switches to control the different features of the product, (2) heat lamps use a lot of electric power, (3) there are installation requirements to avoid fires that can be caused by the heat lamps, and (4) the exhaust fan is underpowered because of the other features that come in addition to it, so you may need an additional exhaust fan in larger bathrooms. 

Wall Exhaust Fan

If your home has a concrete ceiling then a regular ceiling fan will not be enough to provide adequate ventilation. In this case, a wall fan would be best to fulfill this need instead. These kinds of fans can either be turned on by a pull switch or it can be wired to a regular switch in the wall.

Window Exhaust Fan

When your bathroom isn’t able to suit a ceiling or a wall fan, then you can resort to a window fan, which is installed in the glass window panel and is directly vented to the outside. Since it’s in the window pane, there is an unavoidable visible cable that will run from the fan. These kinds of fans can also come with a pull switch or a regular switch. To get the window fan into the glass panel, you’ll need a glazier to cut a hole for the fan to fit.

Inline Exhaust Fan

This kind of fan allows you to install the fan motor separately from the vents so that you’re able to vent multiple rooms at the same time while there are switches in those rooms so that each room can operate the fan. The fan should only turn off unless all of the switches are turned off. Inline exhaust fans are also great for the transfer of hot air from one room to another.

Roof Mounted Exhaust Fan

If you happen to have a flat roof or an area where there is no roof space to install a ceiling fan, then you can resort to installing an externally mounted roof fan. These kinds of fans come in different sizes and capacities.

Conclusion – Which Types Of Exhaust Fan Will Suit Your Home

Conclusion - Which Types Of Exhaust Fan Will Suit Your Home
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Now that you’re familiar with the importance of why you should have a bathroom exhaust fan and the different kinds of exhaust fans that are available for your choosing, you can successfully choose the best bathroom fan that meets all of your needs.

Written by Julia Batista

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