Best Headphones For Voice Over

How to Choose the Right Headphones for Voiceover

Whether for online videos, streaming, vlogging, voice acting, podcasting, or other content, knowing how to choose the right headphones for voiceover creation is essential for this growing digital platform of dynamic content creation. While essentially anyone can talk into the microphone built into a standard pair of earbuds, the quality of sound you want to create varies depending on the equipment you decide to invest in your project. 

Assuming that you want to create high-quality voiceovers using audio editing computer software, we will offer some insight on the best tips, tricks, and products to achieve the best audio quality possible. While headphones are also important for finding the right headphones for voiceover, key parts of your audio recording setup may also include a headphone stand, a laptop, or a headphone amp.

To begin your search for the right headphones for voiceovers, it is important to understand why you should wear headphones to record in the first place. Essentially, headphones are important because you hear your own voice differently than others do, simply because of the way sounds vibrate in your ears, altering how you hear yourself speak. By wearing a high-quality pair of headphones, you are able to hear your voice in the way that is being recorded on the microphone. 

Comfort and Design of Studio Quality Voice Over Headphones
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How to choose the right headphones for voiceover when looking for Comfort

The first thing you want to look for in the right headphones for voiceover is how comfortable they are going to be, especially if you plan to wear them through long recording sessions.

There are various components to the headphones that impact comfortability. These include the ear pads, the padding of the headband, the weight of the product as a whole, and how tight they are going to fit over your ears. The earpads should have a decent amount of cushion so that they are not painful to wear and should be made of high-quality material that will last long term. It is surprising how much impact ear pads can have on the sound quality overall. 

Another consideration when choosing the right headphones for voiceovers is whether the ear pads are interchangeable. For sanitary reasons, if you are going to be working in a studio where multiple people are wearing these headphones, you will want to change them out often. The headband padding will also impact the level of comfort. The more padding resting at the top of your head, the less likely you will feel any pain from long-term wear. As for weight and fit, you want the headphones to fit snugly over your ears, but not so tight that they cause pain after a while. It is also good to note that lighter headphones are generally more comfortable to wear, as they will put less pressure on your head and ears over time. 

How to Choose the Right Headphones for Voiceover
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How to choose the right headphones for voiceover when looking for Design

It is recommended to use closed-back headphones when deciding on the right headphones for voiceovers because this style of headphones will prevent any feedback or muffled audio from being recorded by the microphone. If your headphones leak audio into the microphone, you risk the audio being low quality, as well as potentially damaging your equipment by creating feedback.

Closed-back headphones will also be useful when editing audio, as you will have an easier time picking up any mistakes and fixing sounds in the audio recordings. Closed-back, overall, is the better option because they are versatile in that you can use them both to record audio, and edit audio in private without distractions.

Open-back headphones are viable options if you want to be able to hear sounds around you, but also remember that this means the people around you can hear what you are listening to, meaning you risk microphones picking up on the sounds of what you listen to. Earbuds are another headphone option but are not recommended for voice recording because they fit differently in each person’s ear, so the probability that you will be able to hear your audio at its maximum quality is low. 


Knowing how to choose the right headphones for voiceover allows endless opportunities for high quality when recording and editing audio.

The perfect pair of headphones for this field would have plenty of cushioning on the headband and over the ear pads, providing comfort throughout long recording sessions. This perfect pair would also feature a closed-back design so that you are hearing high-quality audio, as well as preventing noise from the headphones from leaking into the microphone while you are recording. Your perfect pair of headphones should be versatile as well, meaning you can easily wear them while recording and switch to editing your audio with no hesitation or issues.

With all of these features to consider when buying your headphones, you should be able to select a high-quality pair of over-the-ear headphones perfect for your recording and editing needs. High-quality audio is important in improving the credibility and performance of your voice-over, so never underestimate the power that recording headphones have in increasing your studio performance.

Written by Lindsey Seney

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