How to Fix a Squeaky Dryer

How to Fix a Squeaky Dryer

Are you wondering how to fix a squeaky dryer? The first step to fixing the dryer is pinpointing the problem so you can figure out what tools or parts will be needed for the repair. Laundry time can be a headache when you have a squeaky dryer.

Pinpointing the Problem

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Are you burnt out when it comes to washing clothes with a squeaky noise constantly repeating? If so, a faulty driving belt, time-worn motors, or unlubricated bearings/rollers are some common issues that could make your dryer squeak.

Parts of a Dryer

  • Drum bearing help to rotate and support the rear of the drum 
  • Drum glides provide support and allow the drum to turn correctly against the front cabinet 
  • Drive belt is a rubber belt that turns the tub when you turn the dryer on. 
  • Motor idler wheel or pulley is a wheel that provides tension to the drive belt
  • Drum support rollers are a 4 set of rollers that support the drum in the front
  • Felt seals seal where at the cracks where the top meets bottom of the drum
  • Blower wheel is a device that draws air into the dryer that is a metal wheel

Is the Dryer Squeaking from the Back of the Unit?

In the case that your dryer is squeaking from the back of the unit, the problem could be the roller wheels or drum bearing might need to be lubricated. This part of the dryer is the part that helps guide the drum smoothly. If you would like to see if this is the problem with your dryer you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Unplug the dryer from any electrical outlet. 
  • Withdraw the lint screen from the lint trap on the top of the dryer.
  • Attempt to open the dryers top pan.
  • Disconnect the plug from the wire harness.
  • Pick up the front panel off of the dryer housing.
  • Remove the drive belt off the drum.
  • Cover the roller wheel axles inside of the dryer housing and the rear dryer bearing at the back of the drum with 30-weight oil.
  • Put the dryer back together.

That could be an easy fix to your dryer squeaking from the back of the unit. If this does not solve your dryer issues and the dryer bearing or motor might need to be replaced, you should get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Is the Dryer Squeaking from the Front of the Unit?

Do you hear the squeaking constantly annoying you from the front of your dryer unit? If so, your dryer belt could be failing or the drum glide bearing could be faulty. Over time a dryer belt can crack and loosen due to the high amount of heat that the dryer puts off.

You can personally replace your dryer belt by unplugging your dryer, opening the dryer cabinet, disconnecting the wire harness plug, and inspecting the place the belt goes and sliding it off to replace it. The dryer glide bearings are on the edges of the dryer tube. The tub of the dryer is normally constantly moving which causes these delicate plastic tabs to break which prevents the dryer from making the squeaking sound. Check these sources first when squeaking is coming from the front of the dryer.

How to Fix a Squeaky Dryer

Preparing a list of tools and a plan before attempting to fix the dryer makes the job a lot less complicated. Always take precautions before working on any appliances; make sure the dryer is unplugged from the wall.

  • Examine the lifters or baffles to see if they are loosened or need to be replaced.
  • Grab a level to see if it is unsteady or wobbly.
  • Check the drum glides in case that there are brown specks on your freshly dried clothing.
  • Always check for loose nails, screws, money, and even paperclips in the drum of the dryer. They often can create unnecessary noise if trapped or left inside.
  • The felt seal might need to be replaced in which your clothes end up with black streaks on them
  • To examine the other possible causes, it will require that you take the dryer apart. Before starting the process of disassembling parts, it is always good to look at the owner’s manual. 

Did you fix it?

A dryer is an essential part of most adults’ lives. We use them every day in our cycle of washing and drying our clothes. If they are out for even a day, the laundry will start to pile up. Looking up videos might also be a good way to learn how to take apart the dryer. If looking up videos is the best method of learning for you, be sure to always look up your dryer’s brand and name in specific. 

Written By Halli Koon

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