How to Go to the Bathroom in the Woods

How to Go to the Bathroom in the Woods

If you have never been camping or hiking before then one of the biggest concerns you may face is where to go to the bathroom when nature calls. It is a serious concern that not everyone may know the answer to. Use these tips in order to navigate how to go to the bathroom in the woods like a pro.

How to Pee in the Woods 

How to pee in the woods

If you go camping with a group of people, it may be wise to pick out different spots where you can all go when the time comes to use the bathroom. When you are selecting the spot where you wish to relieve yourself you should take certain things into consideration: 

  •  You should choose a spot that is away from your campsite and any small water source. The recommended distance is about 200 feet, in an effort to be mindful of others as well as keeping small water sources clean. 
  • Urinate on flat rocks, gravel, or pine needles if possible since it can protect vegetation from animals that are attracted to salt. 
  • If you are in a large body of water such as a river that has a high volume of water then you can pee directly in it since your urine would get diluted. It is also advised to dilute your own urine with a bottle of water if you were to urinate in the woods. 

Picking a Position 

When you need to use the bathroom in the woods there are many options on how to do so. Here are a few that you may take into consideration: 

  • The Squat: When you are squatting the main concern is to have a good balance. To achieve a good balance you will want to have a wide stance. You will need to pull your pants down to your knees to get them out of the line of fire and make sure your shoes are out of the way as well. 
  • The Throne: You will need to find a tree that is on a slight hill and make sure you are facing uphill to avoid any of your urine getting on you. Once you are ready you plant your feet firmly on the ground, press back against the tree making sure your thighs are parallel to the ground and you are all good to go!
  • The Tripod: You will need to find a slender tree that is sturdy enough to sustain your weight. Once you have located an adequate tree you will grab it tightly and lean back into a squat with your feet near the base of the tree. 
  • The Assist: You will need to look for a fallen log or even a tree stump if possible and take a seat on it. Once you sit you will scoot all the way back and make sure your rear is hanging off as far as possible without falling and you can go ahead and urinate! 

How to Poop in the Woods 

When you are preparing to go camping, one of the questions that may arise is how you will use the bathroom when you have to poop. Although to many it may seem an unpleasant experience there are some things you will need to make it more bearable. 

One of the things you will need to bring aside from toilet paper and hand sanitizer is sealable plastic bags. These bags can be used to store your toilet paper once you have cleaned yourself to reduce littering. If you do not want others to see into these bags some suggest that you may line them with aluminum foil. Another important tool you will need is a camp trowel. Camp trowels are small hand-held tools used for digging the perfect spot to make your deposit. 

Picking the Perfect Spot 

When choosing a spot to make your deposit it is good to keep a few things in mind. It is suggested that you find a location that is approximately 200 feet from your campsite or any small water source. If you are looking for some privacy it is also suggested that you pick a location with some underbrush to help cover you up. You want to make sure the location you pick has loose, rich soil and plenty of sunlight. If the location has these things it will help decompose your waste more quickly. Remember to dig your hole approximately 4 inches wide and 6-8 inches deep. But if you cannot find an area with loose soil and the ground is too hard or rocky to dig, lift a rock from the ground and use that spot. 

The Cover-Up

When you are all finished with your needs, it is time to cover up and get on with your day. You will need to cover up the cathole with the original dirt you have dug up. You will need to make sure the hole is filled completely and if you so wish you can cover it with a rock or branches to discourage any animals from digging it up. If you want to mark the spot and discourage anyone else from using it as their pooping location you may consider placing an upright stick at the site. 

Just remember when you are going camping to do your research and find the best camping toilet for you!

Written by Paola Valdez

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