How to pair headphones to peloton bike

How to Pair Headphones to Peloton Bike?

When you consider motivation when exercising what do you think of? Usually, music, as music can just pump someone up, and people tend to perform their best when listening to music. Music can be a game-changer from an average workout to an amazing workout, it can push people beyond their usual limits, that is the power it contains. Something that lots of people has questions about is how to pair headphones to peloton bike.

Luckily your peloton does come with built-in speakers but sometimes we want a more personal experience when exercising so we do not bother anyone in the home or neighbors. The peloton has the thing just for that as it allows wired and wireless headphones to be connected to the bike. Throughout this document, it will teach you how to pair headphones to peloton bike so that you can get to exercising in no time at all!

Pairing Wired Headphones to Peloton Bike

For Wired Headphones
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Starting with the simplest pairing method would be having wired headphones, as you stare upon your touch screen you should notice that there is a headphone jack present which enables any 3.5 mm jack to fit. If you have a pair of headphones that do not fit this size requirement luckily there are adapters online to make your headphones fit. More importantly regarding safety is to keep wires out of any moving parts if not you will harm yourself or break your bike.

Pairing Wireless Headphones to Peloton Bike

For Wireless Headphones
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Out of the two, this is the more difficult pairing method but you will be able to connect with ease if you follow these steps. First off when connecting you have to make sure your headphones are compatible and fully charged. This means that your headphones must have Bluetooth 4.0, if not they will not connect. If your headphones do have them then you’re ready to go onto the next step.

You must know when your headphones are in pairing mode, they usually indicate this with a blinking light of some sort. When they show this indication they are ready to be paired. If you have a pair of earbuds that need to be paired separately, do so by putting one in pairing mode then the other and holding both down until they are both ready to be paired.

The next step requires that your bike is on and that you have a peloton account. Log into your peloton account on your bike. After doing so check the bottom right corner and search for Bluetooth settings which are located at the left side of the screen.

The final step is that you have to click on the Bluetooth setting to turn it on, now your bike is in pairing mode. When it is in pairing mode make sure your headphones are as well, now your bike will be searching for Bluetooth devices. When you see your device click the option on the screen and in a matter of seconds your headphones are now connected and you are ready to go!

Things to Consider

Things to Consider
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Congratulations on learning how to pair your headphones to your peloton bike, but there are things you should keep in mind when pairing. Your batteries should be charged enough for the planned workout ahead. Your Bluetooth headphones need 4.0 Bluetooth as I mentioned prior because if not you will not be able to connect. Last of all to save yourself the hassle of reconnecting is to save your Bluetooth device onto the Peloton bike, so all you have to do is pair it again and you’re all set.

If there is any trouble pairing, read each item’s respective manuals in case, and check if your device is already paired with something else. If so, unpair it and try again. If trouble persists, try turning off your Bluetooth setting on the peloton bike and turning it back on again. This should make it work and these are the things to consider when using your peloton.

I wish you all the best in your future fitness endeavors! I believe that wireless headphones would perform much better when exercising as they allow better freedom of movement, letting you go all out and do your best without concern for wires. A wired set can work but you would always be so cautious about the wire which may throw off your groove and you would perform worse. When exercising please be careful, stay hydrated, and do not overexert yourself. Do your best!

Written by Steven Nguyen

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