How to Steam Broccoli in an Instant Pot

How To Steam Broccoli in an Instant Pot In Under 5 Minutes

If you want to incorporate a quick, easy, and healthy side dish into your meal, you’re going to want to learn how to steam broccoli in an Instant Pot. Steaming in an Instant Pot requires nearly no effort and can be done in under just 5 minutes! Search for the best instant pots to create the perfect steamed broccoli.

This Instant Pot steaming technique helps keep much of the broccoli’s nutrients locked. Steamed broccoli is a convenient healthy side dish anyone can make! It’s the perfect way to incorporate healthy veggies into your diet. All you need is water, broccoli, any seasoning of your choice, and of course, an instant pot. 

To Steam Or Not To Steam

Moisture built on broccoli.

You may be surprised to hear you won’t actually be using the “steam” button found on your instant pot. I know, it sounds weird. Isn’t the whole point to learn how to steam broccoli in an Instant Pot? Well yes, but there’s an alternative way to steam your broccoli, maybe it’s a more efficient way to do it. The “steam” button cooks food at a higher temperature than what is needed and for longer than what is needed. If you like your broccoli to be extra soft, this might be of your liking. 

In the case you would like to experiment with the “steam” button, make sure you are using a steamer basket. The pot is going to get very heated and if you don’t use a steamer basket, you could risk burning your broccoli. Well done broccoli, anyone?

If you want your steamed broccoli to have a bit of a crunch when you bite into it while still being soft,  set it to 1 minute. If the broccoli pieces are a bit big, this setting will work great. If you want your broccoli to be extra crispy you can set your Instant Pot to zero. At the zero setting, the Instant Pot has enough time it needs to steam your food. The less cooking time you set your Instant Pot to, the more natural texture your broccoli will have.

The zero and 1-minute manual pressuring settings put enough pressure and heat to steam your broccoli. You can choose how much time to set to steam your broccoli based on the kind of texture you are looking for. Experiment with the timer to learn how to steam broccoli in an Instant Pot the best way.  When you find what works best for you, you’re all set!

Simplified Steps

  • Thoroughly wash your broccoli
  • Add water to your Instant Pot bowl, about a cup of water should do the trick
  • Put your broccoli on top of your steamer basket or trivet, whichever of the two you are using
  • Place your steamer basket or trivet inside the Instant Pot
  • Place the lid on top of the pot and make sure to lock it. Turn the valve to seal your pot.
  • Check that the vent has been set to the sealing position.
  • Press on the “manual” button and set your time to either zero or 1 minute.
  • Look out for the beep!
  • Move the vent into the venting position to do a quick pressure release
  • Open the Instant Pot lid and take out its content
  • Ta-da! You have steamed broccoli!

Consider A Steamer Basket

A plate of steamed broccoli and lemon.

Even if you aren’t using the steam setting, a steamer basket could help you when you’re using another setting to steam your broccoli in your Instant Pot. Instant Pots don’t come with a steamer basket, this gadget will definitely pay off. A steamer basket helps your broccoli steam better, the broccoli will be sitting above the water inside the Instant Pot. This promotes steaming, not boiling. This is going to be the best way to steam broccoli with the best results. We want to know how to steam broccoli in an Instant Pot, not boil it!

If you don’t have a steamer basket or aren’t really interested in getting one, there is an alternative. What the Instant Pot does come with is a trivet you can use to steam your broccoli. Place big chunks of your broccoli on top of your trivet and insert it into the Instant Pot like you normally would. 


 Fresh broccoli works best for steaming in an Instant Pot. Frozen broccoli could come out overcooked and turn into an unpleasant mushy texture. 

You can season your broccoli either before inserting it inside the Instant Pot or after you have already steamed and taken out your food. This is up to you and which method you prefer. 

After your Instant Pot has beeped, release the pressure as soon as you can, don’t let your broccoli sit inside any longer. Perform a quick pressure release carefully, the steam built up inside the pot will be very hot. If you don’t do it soon enough, your broccoli could turn out overcooked. 


Steaming broccoli in an Instant Pot is a convenient side dish to any meal. Steamed broccoli is both healthy and tasty! You can make it your own with different seasonings and test different flavors. Steamed broccoli is a versatile side dish anyone can simply incorporate into their dinner.

If you’ve made it your own personal goal to incorporate more veggies and nutritious food to your diet, look no further! Steamed broccoli is the food for you! After you’ve mastered how to steam broccoli in an Instant Pot, you’ll be ready to tackle other veggies too!

Written by: Daisy Gonzalez-Quezada

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