How to Lubricate a Treadmill

How to Lubricate a Treadmill

The treadmill is the most sophisticated choice for users for the purpose of exercising and improving their physique at home without having to go out or go to the fitness center. The best treadmills are suitable for all people, including the elderly, middle-aged, young people, and children. 

With a modern configuration and diverse functions, athletes can freely customize the speed, time, and intensity to best suit their running capacity and running program. Exercise on the treadmill brings a lot of benefits thanks to familiar exercises such as walking, jogging, breast augmentation, slimming the waist, toning the hips, etc. With functions that are flexible and help bring better health to users, treadmills, like other machines, need to be carefully maintained for each part periodically. One of them is the running mat. 

For best use, the treadmill mat should be lubricated to make the exercise process goes smoothly and to achieve the best effect. Lubricating your treadmill is a maintenance task you should do periodically. However, the fact is that many people still do not know how to lubricate the treadmill properly and not everyone understands the process of oiling an electric treadmill.

Common condition of running mat after a period of use

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After a period of use, the friction between the running mat and the treadmill’s running board will increase. This is also the main cause of running mat wear. Even after a long time, the mat will be torn.

The effect of lubricating the treadmill

Properly oiling your running mat will help increase the smoothness of your treadmill’s movement. At the same time, this also contributes to reducing noise, limiting the damage during use, making jogging easier and more enjoyable. From there, the life of the treadmill motor as well as the training efficiency will increase.

Treadmill manufacturers recommend that users lubricate their treadmill about every 6 months. In particular, you must use a specialized treadmill silicone oil. Motorcycle oils or grease can not replace specialized oils. Not only do they not work for the treadmill, but they are also harmful to the running mat. The most common consequence is that the mat is greasy on both sides and cannot be used anymore.

The benefits of using silicone oil for treadmill lubrication are undisputed. However, not everyone understands the process of doing this. Soon, we will learn how to extend the life of this product. 

AC Motors vs DC Motors

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There are two types of electric treadmills on the market today. There are treadmills using direct current (DC) electric motors and treadmills using alternating current (AC) motors. Gym equipment with a DC motor is suitable for home use, and equipment with an AC motor is widely used in gyms.

Lubricating treadmills with AC motors 

These devices have a built-in automatic oiling mode. So you only need to perform maintenance and cleaning of the treadmill every 6 months. 

Lubricating treadmills with DC motors

Treadmills with DC motors are usually designed for low power. They are suitable for use in households. These devices are not equipped with automatic oiling technology. So you need to lubricate the treadmill yourself to ensure the durability and longevity of the engine. This also helps your home appliances be cleaned regularly.

Steps to use DC treadmill belt lubricant

  • First, disconnect the treadmill from the power source.
  • Use a hexagonal screwdriver to open 2 screws at the bottom of the tripod. This type of screwdriver may be included with your treadmill purchase. If you don’t have one, you can buy it yourself.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe off any dust underneath the treadmill’s mat.
  • Use one hand to lift the running mat. With the other hand, apply silicone oil evenly in two long lines on both sides of the running mat. This whole process will use about 30 ml of 100% silicone oil (60 ml in the first lubricating of a new machine).
  • To spread the silicone oil evenly on the running mat, press gently on the mat with your hand. Then, re-tighten the hex screw.
  • Power on the treadmill, set it to the slowest speed (“0.6” – “1.25” miles/hour) and then, let it run.
  • After the machine is hot, step on the silicone-coated area so that the oil spreads evenly under the running mat.
  • Maintain the same pace and continue to run the treadmill for about 5 minutes. This both ensures that the running mat is evenly lubricated, and also helps the oil to dry more evenly.

Things to note in the process of lubricating the treadmill

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As mentioned, when lubricating the treadmill’s running mat, you must use a specialized treadmill silicone oil for this type of equipment. You can find this oil at stores that sell exercise equipment. Simply, you can find it at the store where you bought the treadmill. In addition, you also note that you should clean and lubricate your treadmill’s mat every 6 months to ensure the product life.

How to lubricate a treadmill: Conclusion

It is not only the treadmill that needs to be lubricated but any other sports products such as multifunction treadmills, exercise bikes, etc., must also be carefully preserved. If you want to use the machines for a long time, they need to be cared for and maintained regularly. In order for these devices to last a long time, you need to learn how to lubricate your treadmill periodically. 

Written by: Chau Truong

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