How to wash an electric blanket

How to Wash an Electric Blanket

Electric blankets, along with fan heaters, oil heaters, etc., are essential and familiar heating devices when it gets cold. While fans and oil heaters are easy to clean, many people wonder how to wash an electric blanket. The question asked by many consumers who are using or wishing to buy electric blankets is: Can dirty electric blankets be washed? Read this article to help preserve your electric blanket for years to come.

What is an electric blanket?

An electric blanket, or heated blanket, is an electric device designed to mimic the shape of a warm blanket. The duvet cover is made from many materials such as cotton, velvet, etc., soft, warm, and does not cause skin irritation when used.

Electric blankets are usually light in weight and very easy to fold to carry or store when there is no need to use them. Electric blankets are considered extremely safe thanks to the electrical wiring that is evenly distributed throughout the blankets, which is covered with sturdy fiberglass and effectively insulated.

The structure of an electric blanket

The structure of a heating blanket is very different from that of a normal covering. For starters, the mattress body may consist of two or more layers. In which, the heat conductor layer is ensured (including the heat emitting core and the surrounding heat-resistant synthetic fiber with bearing capacity and water resistance) and the outer layer is the fabric layers (can be velvet fabric, imitation leather, or cotton). So you can safely and cleanly wash your electric blanket. 

The common control device is structured with seven different heat retention levels to help users easily adjust the temperature level to suit the needs of use and outdoor temperature.

Why should we use electric blankets for heating?

  • The electric blankets can automatically cut off when the voltage changes suddenly. In addition, the inductive wiring (not the spring wire) is absolutely leakproof, providing safety for users.
  • Products for high heating efficiency.
  • Products do not consume a lot of electricity.
  • Electric blankets have a long service life of up to twenty years. 

Is an electric blanket washable?

Many people who own or intend to buy an electric blanket have one question: Is an electric blanket washable? The answer is yes. However, this is an electrical device, so when washing it, you need to be very careful and pay attention to the following points:

  • You can still wash it gently by hand and dry it in a cool and windy place. Besides, during washing, you should not wring the blanket vigorously as that may damage the electrical circuit.
  • You must not wash the electric blanket in the washing machine because the washing machine will twist the electric blanket. That will break the electrical circuit in the blanket, causing the blanket to be damaged.
  • You should not expose the electric blanket to the sun because the sun will damage the surface of the blanket and the insulating porcelain layer within the blanket.
  • You should not scrub the surface of the blanket vigorously with a brush, as that may damage the cover.
  • You should not immerse the electric blanket in water because it will damage the electrical system in the blanket.

Instructions for washing electric blankets properly

For blankets made of imitation leather: Blankets made of imitation leather are very easy to clean. You clean the blanket as follows:

  • First, you remove the controller from the blanket. You need to pay attention to the blanket so as not to get wet.   
  • Then, you use a soft towel to gently rub the surface of the blanket. After that, you use a dry towel to wipe off the water. 

This method is simple but definitely ensures that you will keep your electric blanket clean.

With blankets made from velvet, cotton, fabric, felt, etc., follow the steps below:

  • First, you spread the electric blanket on a flat surface. Then, you pour water on the blanket to wet it.
  • The next step is to pour soap and mild detergent on the surface of the blanket. You use a brush to gently brush on the surface of the blanket. You should try to avoid scrubbing too hard so that the blanket does not fade or tear the cover.
  • Next, you use water to clean the blanket two to three times.
  • Finally, you dry the blanket on a flat surface or a clothesline to let it dry naturally. You can also wring the blanket lightly by hand to make it dry faster.  

When not in use, you can store the electric blanket in one place. However, you should note that before putting the blanket away, you can heat up the blanket for about thirty minutes. Then, you let the blanket cool down. You can carefully fold the blanket and put it in a large bag or a storage bag. You should not put the electric blanket under a heavy object because it is easy to break the resistance wire in the blanket.  

Notes when using an electric blanket

woman holding neck pillow

In principle, it is absolutely safe to use because it has an insulating and fireproof inner layer. In addition, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Do not use an electric blanket to iron clothes. Though resting clothes on a heat blanket may seem like the perfect way to get rid of wrinkles, it may lead to danger.
  • Do not disassemble and repair the blanket yourself. When the blanket has a problem, instead of fixing it yourself, you should call a blanket distributor for help.
  • Electric blankets should not be used for children if they sleep separately to avoid the case that they arbitrarily adjust the high temperature, causing burns.    

How to wash an electric blanket: Conclusion

Although it is a product that also makes consumers wonder about features and safety, electric blankets are still the choice of many families when winter comes. Hopefully, with this article, you have gained important information to use and clean electric blankets properly. 

Written by Chau Truong  

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