The Complete Singer 7258 Review

Singer is one of the most popular sewing machine brands in the world and they certainly have a few options that you can look at. For today, we’ll be taking a look at the Singer 7258 and find out if this is the right computerized machine for you.

Computerized sewing machines are great because, unlike mechanical sewing machines, the stitching is more consistent. The computer components inside the machine will regulate itself and can alert you if something is wrong. They have more convenient features as well, often having automatic needle threading at a minimum. The more you invest in a computerized sewing machine, the more automatic features it will include. However, if you’re just starting out with sewing, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that can give you the necessary automatic features to make your sewing experience as easy as can be, such as the Singer 7258.

Singer 7258: Key Features

100 Built-in Stitches

100 built-in stitches will get you to just about anywhere you need to go. From decorative stitches to basic sewing, you’ll have no shortage of useful and beautiful stitches to select from. 

It will give you 203 different ways to stitch your fabric! You’ll have plenty of stitching techniques that you can try and experiment with. 


Buttonholes are simple and can be done with a push of a button. Just attach the buttonhole presser foot, place the button in the presser foot, and watch as the machine sews the perfect sized buttonhole. Each buttonhole is made with quality consistency. 

Stitch Speed

The maximum stitch speed is 750 stitches per minute. For more experienced sewists, that may not be fast enough, but it should satisfy beginners. 

The speed control is mechanical so you can make changes to suit your needs. 

Needle Threading

Needle threading can be a tedious chore. The built-in needle threader will save you much time and eye strain so you can focus on sewing.

Top Drop-in Bobbin

Top Drop-In Bobbin is designed to allow you to see through the clear cover of the bobbin compartment and clear bobbin to see how much thread you have left. You won’t be caught off guard when the thread is nearly gone. 

Tie-Off Button

The Tie-Off button is a function that secures the end of a stitch to eliminate the problem of unraveling. With this machine, you could program the tie-off function after one end of the stitch before you begin sewing.

Metal Plates

The metal darning plate helps deliver consistent stitchwork. It’s placed over the feed teeth to protect the fabric from coming in contact with it and can be used with free-motion sewing and making buttonholes.

The interior frame is made of metal, ensuring a sturdy body and the durability to last a long time. 

Stitch Length

You can adjust the stitch length. Increase or decrease the distance between stitches for sewing techniques such as basting, applique, and more.

Also, you have the ability to adjust the width of the stitches. You can adjust it up to 6 mm.

Self-Adjusting Tension System

This will change according to the stitch selection dial. You won’t have to waste time fiddling with tension to get neat stitchwork done.

Reverse Sewing

This can be easily done with a push of a button. This is usually done to secure the end of a stitch on seams.

Stop/On Button

This will allow you to sew without a foot pedal. Simply press the button once to start sewing then press it once more to end the stitching.

You can set the needle’s stopping position. Press the button to set the needle down when you stop sewing, this is great for topstitching and more.


A clear LCD screen display lets you see which type of stitch you’re using as well as what the length and width are set to. 

Removable Free Arm

The removable Free Arm slides off with ease and has a built-in storage compartment within it. From accessories to sewing notions, you’ll have the space to keep them safe and close. And with the free arm off, you can sew circular parts, like cuffs, with ease. 

Machine Cover

A machine cover is included in the box and can keep the dust off your machine when you’re not using it. 

Snap-On Design

The snap-on design makes it easy for you to switch presser feet for your particular sewing technique. 

Twin-Needle Function

Twin-Needle function reduces stitch width so the needles clear the presser foot when sewing. 


  • 100 built-in stitches
  • 6 one-step buttonhole
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Start/Stop button
  • Reverse stitch button
  • Free Arm
  • Maximum stitching speed is 750 per minute
  • LCD screen
  • Needle up/down button
  • Jam-resistant bobbin compartment
  • 8 presser feet: 
    • General-purpose
    • Zipper foot
    • Buttonhole foot 
    • Satin Stitch Foot 
    • Blind Hem Foot
    • Overcast Foot
    • Darning/Embroidery Foot
    • Rolled Hem Foot
  • Many stitch selections
  • Good customer service
  • 25 year warranty
  • Can’t adjust presser foot pressure
  • No fonts

Sample Customer Review… I received this sewing machine as a birthday gift. I’m a beginner sewer and have been teaching myself. This machine has been great. It is very easy to thread. It has a ton of stitch patterns to choose from. I have only used the basic stitches needed to mend a few clothes. Also, I love the clear bobbin cover! That helps to keep track of when your bobbin thread is getting low and it’s time to replenish. It comes with an assortment of presser feet. As I said, I’m a newbie, so I haven’t used all the presser feet and I am not even sure I know what all of them are used for. I think for the price and all the options you get, it’s a great deal! The machine seems to be well made and sturdy. Plus all the options and gadgets are nice.

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Singer 7258: Why You Should Invest

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The Singer 7258 is an award-winning computerized sewing machine that has few downsides to its quality and functions. You’ll have 203 different stitches at the tips of your fingers which are more than enough stitches for dressmaking, embroidery, quilting, or home sewing. It’s easy to start using right out of the box. Whether you’re a beginner or an amateur, you’ll have no problem operating this machine. Within a few minutes of reading the instruction manual, you’ll have the machine set up in no time.  

Because it’s a computerized sewing machine, many of the difficult threading tasks are taken care of for you. One of the great features is the automatic needle threading. You don’t need to bother with threading the needle or the tension. 


If you’re a person getting into sewing, the Singer 7258 may be for you. It’s a great starter option for a computerized sewing machine. It can sew both thin and thick fabric and that’s a lot of options for you to work with. Denim, fleece, leather, and broadcloth are all feasible to sew through. Although it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re planning on sewing thick fabrics on a constant basis, you’ll be better off looking for an industrial sewing machine or heavy-duty sewing machine. Those are made to be able to work for long hours on thick fabrics in particular.

The type of needle you’re sewing with is also important for the fabric you’re going to sew on as no one needle can handle every kind of fabric.  Although the tension automatically adjusts itself according to the stitch you’re using, the needle may not be able to go through the thick fabric. 

For an affordable price, you’ll get more than what you’re paying for. With all of the features in this computerized sewing machine, you’ll have the essential automatic functions as well as a large variety of stitches to sew with. And for a computerized sewing machine under $300, that all you could ask for.

Written by Lykasha Lysongtseng

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