Warframe Tier List

Warframe Tier List

Warframe is a popular role-playing multiplayer shooter game that is free to play online and has a wide variety of warframes to go into battle with. If you are a beginner, it might seem a little overwhelming picking which warframe is best, so to help you out this article contains a Warframe tier list that has all of the warframes ranked from most effective to least effective. The tier list is divided into six tiers: Super (S), Good (A), Above Average (B), Average (C), Below Average (D), and Weak (F).

Since its release back in 2013, Warframe has greatly increased in popularity and has reached over 50 million users. There are currently over 45 warframes, or characters, available to choose from, with more on the way. Each warframe has its own skillset, so whether you are playing a PvE mission alone or with a team, it is important to know which members of the Tenno give you the best chance to emerge as a victorious warrior!

The Tier List

S – Mesa, Saryn, Octavia, Trinity, Nova, Wisp, Rhino

A – Ivara, Inaros, Chroma, Khora, Volt, Gara, Wukong, Equinox, Nidus, Gauss, Nezha 

B – Baruuk, Mirage, Oberon, Harrow, Lavos, Limbo, Titania, Revenant, Sevagoth, Ember, Protea

C – Nekros, Mag, Vauban, Frost, Hildryn, Excalibur, Loki, Valkyr, Ash, Garuda

D – Atlas, Banshee, Hydroid

F – Xaku, Grendel, Zephyr, Nyx

S – Tier

The warframes in the S-tier are the ones that are the best to use in a wide variety of different roles and situations in the game. They will certainly not disappoint you and provide you with the best chance in battle. 

A – Tier

The A-tier frames may not be perfect, but they are the next closest thing to it. They will more than get the job done and will still allow you to dominate enemies in your path to victory.

B – Tier

The B-tier frames are above-average performers that can attack, heal, and excel in crowd control. They still provide great value for certain situations in the game, but for beginners, they probably are not the best choices due to their limitations. More advanced players should have no problem using these frames and maximizing their abilities in appropriate situations, however.

C – Tier

The C-tier frames can still be considered slightly above average, but they lack certain advantages that frames in the B-tier possess.

D – Tier

The D-tier frames offer below-average performance in the game and provide no real advantages in any given situation. They are not strong enough offensively or defensively, and beginner players should steer clear of them.

F – Tier

The F-tier frames are the weakest ones the game has to offer. Those who choose a frame from this tier are certain to have a very challenging time, as they offer no good abilities. It will be very difficult to have much success at all with these frames against enemies.

Top Warframes to Use

When picking your warframe, there are three important variables that you want to factor into your decision: Crowd Control (CC), Survivability, and Damage Per Second (DPS). Out of all the warframes available right now, here is a list of some of the top warframes that are efficient in one or more of these variables.


When it comes to DPS, Mesa is the best of the best. She is mainly a gunslinger frame, but her offensive firepower can also serve as a crowd control ability. She is nearly unbeatable in DPS because she can attack enemies from both close and ranged engagements and has remarkable damage recovery potential due to her Shatter Shield.

Her ultimate skill, Peacemaker, kills any enemy no matter the level, and her subdued ability, Shooting Gallery, disables all enemies as they approach her and allows her to also go into other frames and categories.

Mesa can be used in all types of missions and is considered to be the best warframe in the game, so you really cannot go wrong with her.


Rhino is a great warframe for beginners and is wildly popular to use because he is a powerful frame with the potential to dominate and boost the power of his allies. Due to his Iron Skin feature, his durability is amazing, and he becomes very hard to kill. 

He also has a Roar ability which gives nearby allies the power to do more damage for a period of time, and his Rhino Stomp ability deals a great amount of blast damage which makes it a great crowd control ability.

Because of his abilities, Rhino is best to use in survival and defense missions.


Ivara is one of the most well-rounded, universal warframes in the game. Her weapon is a bow and she is archer-themed. Her skill, Artemis Bow, allows her to shoot multiple arrows. This provides an increase in damage even though her bow does plenty of damage on its own from any distance.

She has four arrows that she uses: the cloak arrow, the noise arrow, the dashwire arrow, and the sleep arrow. She also has permanent invisibility, which makes her a beneficial addition to any team.

Overall, Ivara is a very strong frame and can be used in a wide variety of missions.


Although she is one of the older frames in the game, Nova is still a fierce warrior who can kill any enemy in sight. Through her top skill, Molecular Prime, she can control her enemies by making them slower or faster, or she can double her damage. Her Null Star skill gives her a great reduction in damage, making her much harder to kill.

She also has the Worm Hole ability, which allows her to create a wormhole to escape from enemies. She has both great DPS and crowd control abilities, and she is great for defense missions as well as close combat situations.


Trinity, also known as the War Goddess, is considered to be the best healer frame that the game has, and she is a frame who is vital to have by your side during missions. Through her abilities, she is not only able to heal her allies directly, but also steal healing from her enemies and then transfer it to her allies.

She is an infinite energy source, which often means that enemies waste their abilities trying to kill her, and she has a support frame as well. Trinity is a fantastic frame who can be used in all types of missions and withstand even the most powerful attacks.


Octavia is a frame that has a multitude of powers and abilities through her metronome skill. Her subsumed ability, Resonator, gives her and her allies more time to attack by throwing a rollerball that distracts the enemies.

She also is another frame with infinite invisibility, and she can share that with three other teammates as well. She can do massive damage to her enemies and is a must-use frame in the game.


Saryn is a lethal frame to use because she can destroy enemies before they even get to her. Her abilities hit enemies with viral and corrosive effects, and her Spores skill spreads and causes damage to others beyond her enemies.

Her subsumed ability, Molt, has the power to draw enemy fire and also bring her health up. Her other skills, Toxic Lash and Miasma, can wipe away enemies from the map when they spawn.

Warframe Tier List Summarized

Based on your play style, this tier list should help you in your decision of which frames to use, especially if you are new to the game. While this list is meant to help you and serve as a guide, these are just suggestions, and as you play the game more you will develop your own preferences. You are now ready for battle, so choose wisely. Good luck!

Written by: Alex LaRocca

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