Exos Heroes Tier list

Exos Heroes Tier list

Exos Heroes took the world by storm with its balanced gameplay, presentation, and next-level graphics. With an Exos Heroes tier list to help guide, you will discover all that this game has to offer. This Korean game is full of exciting quests and trials that pair perfectly with the game’s fantasy narrative and aesthetic. Within Exos Heroes, your hero will set off on a grand adventure in search of the missing sword of the emperor, Exestruk, and the curse of an ancient dragon.

This game has an impressive roster with over 200 heroes to choose from. You may have a hard time choosing a character as each has a unique personality and skills. Characters are also fully voice-activated, making the game-play experience that much more immersive. While technically, every character would be good as the main character, the varying quality and rarity of each hero has become more influential in your game experience than ever before. Thus, it’s become even more important to know which heroes to invest time and resources in.

Within Exos Heroes, there is a Fate Core System. This unique system and feature are categorized into six grades. These grades are Fate Core, Fated, Legendary, Rare, Magical, and Common. This Exos Heroes tier list will cover the best heroes within the Fate Core, Fated, and Legendary grades. The tier list ranges from S+, S, and A-D with S+ being the most powerful heroes in the game and D being heroes that require more skill to be effective. This Exos Heroes Tier list will give you the information you need to assemble the heroes you need for a well-balanced and powerful team.

S+TIER (Main Heroes)

S+ tier heroes are extremely rare and difficult to get. Once collected, these heroes can destroy anything in their path, making them the most powerful heroes in the game. The sooner one can get one of these heroes on their team, the better. They allow you to build and create a team quicker and allow you to move through the game faster. One will also notice FC next to several names – this stands for fate core. Fate core versions of Heroes are better than their original versions making them worth the investment.

  • Bathory
  • Tantalo
  • Dorka
  • FC Shell
  • Rera
  • FC Bathory
  • Jinai
  • FC Garff
  • Shufraken
  • FC Rachel

S-TIER (Sidekicks)

Heroes in the S-tier are great assets to have on your team. Although they are not as powerful as S+ grade heroes, you will be happy to have them. These heroes are incredibly strong and can help you get through most game scenarios with ease.

  • Deva
  • Brook
  • Iris
  • Annie
  • FC Rudley
  • Blue FC Baraka
  • Rachel
  • Schmid
  • Lepin
  • Uloom
  • Garff
  • FC Anastasia
  • FC Adams
  • FC Annie
  • FC Baraka
  • FC Hekin
  • FC Iris
  • FC Luke
  • FC Magi
  • FC Lepin
  • FC Ramge
  • FC Uloom
  • FC Scarlet
  • FC Tantalo
  • FC Rera

A TIER (Reliable)

The A-tier mainly consists of dependable heroes. These heroes have proven to be effective and are worth investing in until one can snatch up a hero from the tiers above. Investing time and resources into these heroes is not a waste because they also have the ability to reach and surpass S tier if scaled up through the proper setup.

  • Astarde
  • Baraka
  • Yao
  • Degas
  • FC Baileysh
  • FC Jinn
  • FC Valarr
  • FC Zeon
  • Adams
  • Guter
  • Hawkeye
  • Karin
  • Leger
  • Luke
  • Metron
  • Firis
  • Vinity
  • Scarlet
  • Sernando
  • Shufraken
  • Monica
  • Otard
  • Zeon
  • Black FC Baraka

B TIER (Average)

B-tier heroes are good, solid characters but have a few characteristics working against them. Some of these characteristics include low survivability and low area of effect skills. Although these heroes cannot dominate or win a battle on their own, they can be good in certain builds or games. In most Exos Heroes tier lists, you will find these characters as constants.

  • Kaya
  • Bernadette
  • FC Xiakhan
  • FC Bernavas
  • FC Deva
  • FC Emma
  • FC Mahar
  • Anastasia
  • Bernavas
  • Garff Light Defense

C TIER (Usable)

C-tier heroes fall into the usable or viable category because they are generally able to hold their own in a battle but fall behind in many aspects. Often these heroes do not receive much attention from their builders but can be enhanced.

  • Valentina
  • Emma
  • Magi
  • Kylock
  • Chati
  • Sabrina
  • Sharpei
  • Talia
  • Jinn
  • Xiakhan

D TIER (Needs Work)

D-tier heroes are used most in the early builds of the game. Otherwise, they are not good heroes because they become so weak in the latter stages of the game. To even be usable, these heroes need a lot of work which takes time and significant effort.

  • Ramge
  • Rudley
  • Neomi
  • Mahar
  • Valarr
  • Baileysh


Exos Heroes is a great adventure and even more fun when you have assembled the right characters along the way. This Exos Heroes Tier list covers every tier as well as several of the different grades of heroes to help you compare and understand the different characters. It is worth it to invest in higher-tier Heroes because they will make a significant difference in how you play the game. Finally, if you haven’t started playing Exos Heroes yet, your grand adventure awaits.

Written By Jessica Pagel

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