what are sewing scissors

What Are Sewing Scissors?

Sewing is a perfect hobby for anyone wanting to get creative. For people that want to get started, you’ll need to look into a few different tools. One of the most important is sewing scissors, otherwise known as fabric shears. But, what are sewing scissors?

Sewing scissors are the primary tool used for cutting out fabric during sewing projects. There are many different kinds of scissors for sewing, and there is both a right and a wrong way to use them. It is important to use them correctly and to choose the right option for your project’s needs. 

Sewing Scissors vs Everyday Scissors

Sewing Scissors vs Everyday Scissors
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You may be asking yourself, why can’t I use the scissors that I already own? There are some significant differences between fabric and all-purpose scissors that are important to recognize. Using the wrong pair of scissors can cause a lot of frustration that you don’t want.

Sewing Scissors

Fabric Shears are all about clean cuts and sharp edges. Because they are so sharp, they can give a very precise cut that is much needed when working with fabric. They require some maintenance to maintain the sharp edge and should never be used on anything other than fabric. Doing so could dull the blade and create jagged edges on your project. 

There are also different kinds of sewing scissors for the different needs of your sewing project. Having the right scissors is a must-have for your sewing cabinet. You want your scissors to cut through your fabric like butter. By choosing the right fabric shears for your project, they will.

Everyday Scissors

Everyday, all-purpose scissors are a lot less sharp. They are made to cut through things like paper and plastic rather than fabric materials that have a lot more give. Because they are less sharp, they are also less precise. Everyday scissors don’t really require maintenance and because they are less precise should be used for only more general tasks when crafting. 

Types of Sewing Scissors

Types of Sewing Scissors
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When searching for the best sewing scissors to fit your needs, it is important to consider the different types that are available. Using the correct types of scissors will help save you a lot of time when you are working on your project.

Heavy Duty Shears

Shears that are heavy-duty are by far the most important pair of scissors that any sewer could own. If you only want to get one pair of new scissors, these should be it.

They have a long blade, are sturdy, and are perfect for cutting all types of fabric. You can cut fabric over and over with a good pair of heavy-duty shears and won’t have to worry about any jagged edges on your fabric.

Embroidery Scissors

You don’t need to be working on an embroidery project to appreciate the benefits of these scissors. Embroidery scissors are fairly small. Because of their small size, they are perfect for trimming loose threads close to the fabric. 

When you are searching to get the best embroidery scissors, you’ll find that they come in different shapes! So, you get to choose the pair that has the most comfortable angle for you. They are a great staple for any sewing kit.

Applique Scissors

The applique technique is when a fabric patch is sewn on a foundation fabric. Applique scissors are used to cut close to the stitch line when you are working on a project where you have to stitch down applique fabric. It is done before the raw edges are sewn over at the end so that the final project turns out looking nice and neat. 

Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are used to trim the edges of your fabric so that they do not fray very much. They are often used to make the seams on your project lay flatter. By using pinking shears, your finished project will look nice and clean. 

Specialty Sewing Scissors

Specialty fabric scissors consist of different scissors for unique purposes. 

Important types of specialty sewing scissors include buttonhole scissors. Unlike other options, they have a screw in them that helps prevent your buttonhole stitches from getting damaged or stretched out when you are cutting. 

Don’t worry! If you are left-handed, there are options out there for you too! One of the most popular kinds of specialty scissors are left-handed shears. You can find left-handed options for all different kinds of sewing scissors. 

Conclusion: What Are Sewing Scissors?

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Whatever you are planning on sewing, it is important to be sure that you are using sewing scissors that are perfect for both you and your project. Buying the right ones and making sure your kit has all of the fabric scissors that you need will play a huge role in helping you avoid any unnecessary frustration when it comes to your sewing projects.

Written by Lauren Pinto

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