What Are the Best K Coffee Cups?

What are the best K coffee cups? Most people like to start their mornings with a nice cup of coffee. For those who have their own coffee maker or Keurig, K Coffee Cups are the best way to create an easy, fast cup to enjoy. Of course, now that these types of machines and coffee accessories are so popular, there are more than enough kinds and brands to choose from. Many brands have come out with their own K-cups such as Starbucks and Dunkin so the choices may seem intimidating. You’ll want to look at the roast as well as the flavor of your cups to make sure they are something you would like. 

Choosing the Best K Coffee Cups

What Are The Best K Coffee Cups?
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Starting the Morning Off Right

What are the best K Coffee cups and how do you find them? Finding the best K Coffee Cup will require you to know what kind of roasts you prefer and some other factors such as flavor and knowing of the company from which you get your K Coffee Cups. 


All coffee will have some caffeine but the caffeine in your cup will depend on the roast. Different types of beans will also have different amounts of caffeine. Higher-end beans will have more caffeine, just as the finer the grounds are, the more caffeine there will be. K-cups tend to be on the finer side but they aren’t always. The amount of brewing time will also affect caffeine. There are extra bold cups that contain 20% more caffeine for those who need that extra kick in the mornings. 

Light Roast

Light roasts will provide the most caffeine in your coffee. Caribou makes a sweet light roast with the soft taste of caramel that is not overwhelming. Green Mountain is a brand that offers a light roast with an exceptionally strong flavor and aroma. Because light roasts will have more caffeine, this could affect what else you decide to put into your coffee such as sugars and creamers.

Medium Roast

Medium roast coffee tends to have a more balanced flavor. The Original Donut Shop is a very popular brand that has a medium roast cup. The Original Donut Shop is owned by Keurig and they are a long-time favorite with a plethora of flavors and options, but the regular medium roast is a well-known favorite. 

Dark Roast

Dark roasts will have the least amount of caffeine than the other two. Peet’s Coffee is an example of a great dark roast coffee that has chocolate and smoky undertones. Dark roasts will allow for a strong coffee taste regardless of the creamer or flavoring you may decide to put in, so you will want to make sure you really like the cups you decide to get. 


Although all cups will still have at least some caffeine, decaffeinated cups will be the best way to go for the least amount of caffeine. Usually removing caffeine will end with a weak flavor. Brands such as Newman’s Own have cups that have been reviewed as having more flavor. San Francisco Bay also has decaf cups that are environmentally friendly.


Flavored cups will have caffeine just like non-flavored cups, so you’ll want to look at specific cups to see how much caffeine is in the cups you want to buy. San Francisco Bay offers french vanilla flavored cups that are medium-light roast. However, some flavored cups also have other benefits. VitaCup French Roast, for example, has antioxidants and essential vitamins to not only help get you through the morning but help you get through the day. 

Flavored K Coffee Cups

More than the taste and flavors of the cups themselves, there are other factors that can affect your coffee experience. Flavored cups, for instance, you may want to shake before inserting the cup into the machine because it is common for the flavor to settle in the package.

What Are the Best K Coffee Cups: Other Factors

Aside from the flavor and aroma that a great cup of coffee must have, there are some other factors that can influence your purchase. For example, some brands are much more environmentally friendly. Tasty cups, for instance, are biodegradable. The company uses materials that are not only great for the environment, but they don’t take anything away from the coffee. A lot of brands are not very environmentally friendly, so if this is a concern for you, it will be worth it to look into multiple brands to decide what best suits your needs. 


 You’re also going to want to make sure that you are removing your cups very quickly after using them and cleaning your machine often. You also may want to avoid buying some cups online because they are more likely to experience wear and tear that can lead to damaged cups. One more thing to watch out for would be the difference between pods and K cups. Pods are usually packed in filters while K-cups are inside a packaged cup.

What Are the Best K Coffee Cups: Conclusion

What are the best K coffee cups? Well, there are many places to look when trying to find the best K coffee cups. Whether you are interested in finding a place to start looking for your new machine, or you’re interested in trying a new flavor, there are certainly many choices to choose from. Of course, you can always try to find some interesting variety packs so that you can try a large mix of light, medium, and dark roasts as well as different flavors and blends.

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