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What Headphones Do Sports Analysts Wear?

Broadcasted sports television has a lot of moving parts behind it, all working to create the entertaining final product that you can watch all around the world. One integral part of this sports broadcasting is the sports analysts behind it, and to do their job effectively today, they need good technology such as good quality headphones. A lot of thought goes into choosing which headphones they use. So what headphones do sports analysts wear? This varies between analysts, and many choose to use headsets instead of headphones. Here, you will learn the difference between those two, and much more on what types sports analysts use, and what to consider when buying some for yourself.

What Headphones Do Sports Analysts Wear: Headphones vs. Headsets

What Headphones Do Sports Analysts Wear
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Firstly, an important distinction that must be made is the difference between headphones and headsets. Headphones are simply small speakers that are usually attached to your ears with a headband. Recently however, new developments have led to some headphones pairs that exclude the headband aspect and stay in your ears a lot more subtly. Headphones in general are used more for only listening. While it may be less common, broadcast commentators and analysts may use headphones along with a separate microphone allowing them to listen and communicate. They tend to be used by people who are stagnant when broadcasting. 

Headsets on the other hand, are a pair of headphones attached to a microphone. This allows the speaker to both listen and communicate, as well as move around if needed. Since these are more secure and allow much more flexibility, they are more common in sports events, telecommunications and broadcasting.

Different Types of Headsets and Headphones

What Headphones Do Sports Analysts Wear
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The most popular type of headsets and headphones have historically been the over-the-ear style. These are considered the best for external noise cancellation as well as comfort. However, there are a few other types that have gained traction in recent years.

On-the-ear headsets are much lighter weight. They are not as solid at noise cancellation, but can provide a decent amount. Many offer padding for comfortability as well.

Ear-hook headsets are also very lightweight, and are headphones that fit inside the outer ear and are held in place by a clip or band. These are good at staying in place when the person wearing them is not.

Lastly, In-ears work as earbuds and stay in place without needing a clip or band. If these have a tight fit then they can work well at excluding outside noise. These are also the most lightweight and hidden style of headphones. 

Reliable Brands and Styles

What Headphones Do Sports Analysts Wear
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Some of the best sports headphones and headsets brands are Sennhesier, Bose, and Audio-Technica. While different sports announcers and analysts use different types of headsets and headphones, there are a few that stand out as the most popular and reliable. 

One of these is the Sennhesier HMD-26s. These may be the most popular headsets in sports. They are lightweight with extra soft cushioning over the ears and headband for extended comfort. They provide audio transmission in good broadcast quality, and offer an application that can be turned off and on for protective hearing. 

Arguably the best headphone for podcasting, and best studio headphone, are the Sennheiser HD280PROs, which popular podcaster Joe Rogan uses, along with a Shure SM7B dynamic microphone, on his podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience. These headphones offer padded, closed earcups, and have a snug fit around the head to keep them in place. 

The Bose B30 headset is also a very popular one in sports. These allow for noise cancellation, which can come in very handy during loud sporting events. In addition to sports analysts, these are commonly used by coaches during games in the NFL specifically.  

The Audio-Technica BPHS2s is a headset that tends to be less commonly used, but is still of high quality and one of the best options available.


What Headphones Do Sports Analysts Wear
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The audio quality, noise isolation capability, stability, comfort, and look are all factors that go into choosing the right kind of headset or headphone for a sports analyst or broadcaster to wear. The ability to use this technology in sports media has elevated its value incredibly. However, these different types of headsets and headphones can be used for much more than sports broadcasting. Podcasts, coaching, and online gaming are all activities that may require these types of technology as well. Thankfully, there are many great quality options to choose from when buying a pair. 

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