What to bring while camping in a tent?

What to bring while camping in a tent

Obviously, if you are going to be camping outdoors, you will need to bring a tent, a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a camping cot.  However, there are numerous other necessities that people often forget at home or do not think about bringing on a camping trip.  This article is perfect for answering the question: What to bring while camping in a tent? In this article, we will list the supplies that all campers need (many of which campers usually don’t think of).

List of What to bring while camping in a tent

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  • A repair kit:  This is important in case something happens when you are trying to set up your tent; this will have replacement items available.
  • Folding table and chairs: With these, you can set up an area to gather, eat, chat, and play games.
  • A camping cot: There are many different camping cot models; in fact, the best camping tents under 100 dollars combine the tent and the cot together.  If you want to travel light, this kind of camping cot can be useful.
  • First aid kit: Obviously, you never know when you might get a cut, so it is important to have a first aid kit with you in case something happens.
  • Whistle: This is important in case you get lost or in trouble.
  • Alarm clock: This is especially important if you are at a camp set up by your church, school, or another type of organization; you don’t want to miss breakfast and all of the fun activities that everyone is going to be doing.


For a camping trip, you will want to pack comfortable clothes that will help you to survive.  You do not want to pack stylish or fashionable clothing.  Remember, you are going on a camping trip, not on an exotic vacation to the beach.  With that being said, here are the types of clothes you should pack

  • Moisture-wicking shirts: As the name suggests, these shirts wick away sweat and moisture.  This is especially important if you are camping in a particularly hot area.
  • Sturdy walking shoes: You want shoes that are strong and can last for long walking distances.
  • Swimming suit: If there is a swimming pool or lake at your destination, and you want to swim, this is essential.
  • Long underwear: You should have long underwear in case it gets cold while you are camping.
  • Slippers to wear in the tent: Hiking boots and tennis shoes will obviously get dirty while you are camping.  Slippers are important for warming your feet and keeping your tent clean.
  • Rain gear:  This is important to have in case it rains during your camping trip.

Personal Care

It is important to maintain your hygiene, even on a camping trip.  Obviously, you should bring toiletries, but here are some other items that you will need:

  • Glasses, contacts, and prescription medications.  Even though you are going to be in the elements for several days, these products are just as important as ever.  This is especially true for the medications; repercussions can be extremely unpleasant if you do not take your medications exactly as prescribed.
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen: You don’t want to get a sunburn or a mosquito bite, do you?
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: Not having access to a sink is no excuse for not brushing your teeth.  You can use a water bottle to spit the toothpaste out when you are done.

Outdoor Items

If you are camping in a tent, there probably won’t be any running water, heat, or other conveniences like the ones you have at home.  Be sure to add these items to your packing list:

  • Pots and pans: Obviously, these won’t be readily available at the campsite, and you will need them to make meals.
  • Dishwashing bin: This is for washing your pots and pans after you eat.  Don’t forget dish soap (preferably a biodegradable brand), and dish towels.
  • Hot chocolate: There is nothing like a great cup of hot chocolate around the campfire at night.

Memory-Making items

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It is important to have fun items as well as the essentials with you on your camping trip.  There are many of these items that campers generally do not think to bring.  With these items, you can have an exciting adventure in the great outdoors.  These items include:

  • Board games
  • A star chart
  • A guide book
  • A journal for writing about your experiences
  • Radio
  • DVDs and portable DVD player (but be sure to have something to cover the portable DVD player with if it rains).
  • Reading books:  You can entertain yourself with books after a long day of hiking or other exhausting activities.
  • iPOD: You can listen to music during your drive to the camping site and back home.  You can also listen to music around the campfire with your family or friends.


In this article, we have covered several categories of items that you need to have with you when you are going on a camping trip.  We have covered the absolute essentials, the kind of clothing you need to bring, the outdoor items you should have, and some fun items that will help you make your camping trip the most memorable one ever.  We hope that this information helps you to have a fun trip.  Happy camping!

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