Which Is Better Wired or Wireless Headphones?

Which is Better: Wired or Wireless Headphones?

The first thing we ask ourselves before buying a set of headphones. Which is better: wired or wireless headphones? Both have their benefits and usually depend on user preference and what they need out of it or what situations will it be used in. Lots of people ask themselves which is better: wired or wireless headphones. Over time wireless headphones have been evolving but are they truly comparable to the quality that wired headphones to bring. I will be doing my best to help you decide on a more definite answer to this important question.

Which is Better: Wired Headphones?

Wired Headphones
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When deciding on what to get you have to measure the pros and cons of both. Starting off with wired headphones, no matter how new or how good a wireless set of headphones may be, wired headphones will always have the better sound quality. Wired headphone companies can just focus on sound quality while wireless companies have to worry about wireless technologies. Wired headphones will always outmatch wireless in terms of sound due to the fact they use analog signals which handle more data than digital signals resulting in full crisp quality sound.

When browsing prices for both types, you tend to notice a trend that wireless headphones seem to be always more expensive than their wired counterparts. The main reason behind this is the wireless technology to create wireless headphones is expensive. Another plus is that wired headphones are much easier to fix than wireless, and cheaper as well.

Wireless headphones are also very easy to use, all you have to do is plug it in and go, and they have no need for a battery, therefore, being able to be used unlimitedly. These are the pros to consider when buying a wired set of headphones.

The main concerns related to wired headphones are just the wire itself and the future of compatibility, depending on the brand the wires can be fragile and tear. Or that it is clutter and perhaps be considered too much and that could restrict your movement.

Lastly the compatibility of wired headphones, with Apple releasing their phones without a headphone jack, one could wonder how long other companies follow behind. And different companies are using new jack sizes, you may have to buy an adapter to make your wired headphones work. 

Which is Better: Or Wireless Headphones?

Wireless Headphones
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Moving onto the second option is wireless headphones, with a future that seems to be favoring comfortability, most things are becoming wireless for that reason. The main pros for wireless headphones first stating the obvious one are the freedom of movement and portability that it is able to provide. Removing the inconvenience of being stuck to your device at all times completely which is quite helpful in main aspects such as traveling, exercise, and many more circumstances.

With the future eliminating jacks slowly from most devices or changing their sizes, wireless headphones seem to be the go-to as they usually connect to any of these devices even if the jacks are changing. You are essentially as free as a bird with a wireless pair of headphones however there are concerns that should be brought up.

Starting out with the first concern most buyers will notice is the more expensive price tag that comes along with a single pair due to the technology. The price for each model will vary but they are typically all more expensive than a wired set of headphones. As previously mentioned the sound quality of these headphones will always be considered sub-par when compared to a wired set of headphones due to the technology being used that compresses the audio.

These headphones also require charging, but with most sets, they can last quite a long time; however, when in use they not only drain their own batteries but the device it is connected to as well, so say your phone.

That would mean your phone may die before your headphones will, which is worse, now you’re stuck with a dead phone and nothing to listen to. If your headphones ever start breaking, may as well call them quits and find an expert if the software is malfunctioning because the odds that you can fix it by yourself are slim.

Lastly, the main concern that I think would worry most buyers is the fact that your headphones are unable to connect with your device. With newer models, this is seen as less and less of a problem and are considered more reliable but the possibility of not connecting is still out there. Not to mention that multiple devices in an area with the same frequency will also affect your overall sound quality even further, cause delays or even cut out completely. These are the cons to consider when purchasing a wireless pair of headphones.

Which Type of Headphone is for You?

Conclusion. Thinking which is for you.
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Finally, we are back where we started, which is better: wired or wireless headphones? I am unable to definitively say that this is for you, but there is an ample amount of data provided to help you consider what would be best for you. It just comes down to your preference and which one will be more suited for your lifestyle. I hope this was able to help you and I wish you all the best in finding the perfect set for you!

Written by Steven Nguyen

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