how to pick out wireless headphones for working out under $50

How To Pick Out Wireless Headphones for Working Out Under $50

When searching for any kind of product, looking for the best value and the best price go hand-in-hand when attempting to find something that will not only be accessible but also enjoyable years down the line. This goes for any type of technology as well, specifically wireless headsets, that aren’t too expensive and/or nonfunctional months after purchasing. In this article, we will be helping you streamline a checklist that will allow you to find out How To Pick Out Wireless Headphones for Working Out Under $50 from a multitude of different stores across the country!

We will also be summarizing what to look out for and what not to buy when purchasing cheaper headsets as well. If you follow along, this article should perfectly sum up the basic mindset for forming the ways in which you should go about researching any product that you are in the market to purchase.  

What are Wireless Headphones?

What are Wireless Headphones?

Wireless headphones, to be specific, are headphones that have the ability to connect to devices without using a cord or wire in the process. They can connect to smartphones, computers, stereos, gaming consoles, television sets, and more! Today, the wireless connection is something that many athletic individuals strive to purchase in order to gain easier access to music or any form of media while working out. Without wireless functionality, headphones would no longer be very useful for these forms of movement today. More importantly for many athletes, however, is the price of these headphones, and how exactly they are going to purchase them without looking for those that are of the best value. Luckily, we got you covered.

Price vs. Value

Attempting to locate a set of wireless headphones that are $50 or less is a feat that not many individuals are able to achieve; especially when they want to keep the utilization and functionality in mind. Looking at specific stores and online sellers can be useful in narrowing down the best product, for the best price.

Some headphone users have trouble picking and choosing wireless headsets that are below prices as high as $500 and cannot seem to stay in the range of even $150. Utilizing the skill of being price-conscious, while also keeping the best value in mind, is incredibly important when shopping for this type of technology.

By doing so, one can soon figure out the rest of the aspects they want for their newly bought headphones down the line.

Battery Life

When looking for wireless headphones at a cheaper price, battery life is definitely a function to keep in mind. If your headset dies quickly, then the price is not equal to what you originally perceived. You would ideally want a pair of wireless headphones that have a battery life of 6 hours or more between charging, making it easier to utilize them throughout the day.

A charging station may also come alongside the headphones themselves, meaning that a longer charging time may be needed in order use the set for longer. The more life you get out of the wireless headphones, the better! 

Water and Sweat Resistant

If you are someone who is in the market for a pair of wireless headphones for the sole purpose of working out, then water and sweat resistance is definitely something to keep in mind when researching at different department stores and/or online providers.

Wireless headphones at a lower price may not come with the high-quality resistance of some better quality products, but there is a good chance you can find a pair that do with a little patience and in-depth research.

Bluetooth Range

The term ‘wireless’ means that a longer and wider Bluetooth range is something that is super important when looking at headphones under $50 or less. Whether you want to listen to music around the house, or simply connect to the TV to watch the big game, a better connection and range means better sound and usage out of your purchase you have made.

Noise-Cancelling and Sound

Finally, the number one issue most people run into when looking for cheaper, wireless headphones is sound. Finding a pair that are not only noise-canceling but also has great sound for podcasts and music is definitely an aspect that you want to remember while on the hunt for your headphones. If you don’t, then the utilization of the technology may not have been worth the charge you have been so adamant about spending all along.

Conclusion – Wireless Headphones for Working Out Under $50


Whether you are simply looking for a quick fix of cheaper headphones, or are in the market for a headset that will be both respectable and adaptable, keeping these key factors in mind while researching wireless headphones under $50 is drastically important before making any rash decisions. By coming up with the specifics of what you want to get out of this purchase will truly benefit your time in both the short term and the long term as well. 

Written by Madalyn Bumsted

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