Best Dog Gifts

38 Best Dog Gifts

Make an informed decision about the special dog in your life. This gift guide will help you find the best dog gifts for your dog, with extensive product reviews, descriptions, and pros and cons. From collars to pet cameras, everything you need for your dog is here! 

Top 38 Best Dog Gifts

1. The Ultimate Dog Box


  • An essential collection of best-selling toys treats, and must-haves 
  • High-quality materials and ingredients
  • Dog tested and approved
  • Best dog gift for new dog owners 
  • Variety of products for your dog
  • Great gift idea
  • None

Sample Customer Review…I just got Hops a few weeks ago and have been searching for all kinds of treats/toys for him. My best friend recommended Rocco & Roxie and said they had a special box for new dog parents. I ordered this box absolutely love all the goodies it comes with. Treats, toys, shampoo, and even a stain & odor remover! Hops love the jerky treats and have been begging for them every day. I put a jerky treat inside the ball during playtime! The shampoo smells great and his skin responds well to it. Stain and odor had been a lifesaver as we continue to work on training him. Love this box and so glad my best friend recommended it. A must-have for any new dog owner!!

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2. Personalized Pet Bowl

Having personalized pet bowls is a must-have. They are unique to your family and your pet will love this personalized ceramic pet bowl!


  • 100% High-quality ceramic 
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • Great for dry food, wet food, or water
  • Personalization will appear to be shown on both sides of the bowl
  • Cute personalization
  • Easy to clean
  • Material is ceramic, may break if dropped

Sample Customer Review…These are adorable! These are high quality, sturdy, art and lettering feel permanent, they arrived on time and in good condition, and look even better in person. Definitely glad I bought them!

We have two dogs – one small and one big. I wanted to know who’s bowl was whose, and I wanted them to stylistically match. Since one dog gets 4 times the amount of kibble compared to the other, I wanted different-sized bowls. They have an impressive amount of designs to choose from, and they look splendid in person.

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3. Collapsible Dog Bowl

This collapsible dog bowl is great for anyone who loves traveling with their dog. Easily expand the bowl and fill it with food or water! 


  • Portable, reusable, and durable! 
  • Measurements: 7 inches wide, 2.5 inches height
  • Holds up to 25 fluid ounces or 3 cups of dog food 
  • Eco friendly
  • Materials: silicone
  • Easy to clean 
  • Slip-free
  • Includes: clip for easy carry and travel
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Not as sturdy
  • Wears over time

Sample Customer Review…We have two large GSDs and go on long walks on a regular basis and these work out great for their drinking. They can clip to your shorts or anything really and you don’t even know they are there they are so lightweight. They open easily to pour water in and a perfect size for them to drink from comfortably. Super easy to clean and take care of. Makes trips to the park or anywhere so easily. Also, a great idea if you take your dogs to a dog park, you can have them drink for these instead of the community bowl. Highly recommend!

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4. Dog DNA Test 

This pet DNA test is perfect for your dog if you are unsure what breed they are. If you rescued your dog this is a great option! 


  • It Will tell you what breed your dog is 
  • Tests for diseases 
  • Find your dog’s family tree
  • Partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine 
  • Trusted by vet hospitals 
  • Results between 2-4 weeks
  • Find out your dogs breed
  • Find relatives!
  • None

Sample Customer Review…There is nothing about this product that I didn’t like. So from beginning to end here it goes:

1) The box you receive your kit in is the same box you send it back in. This box is very durable and I had no concerns about the package accidentally opening en route.

2) Making an account online was extremely easy, really as easy as 1,2,3.

3) Swab collection was so easy, all one tube. My dog didn’t mind the collection one bit.

5) Processing of the sample was great! I was told 4-6 weeks and given updates almost every week about the progress. This was really helpful because I didn’t have to log on all the time and check the status.

6) Surveys are optional but I loved taking them because they were so in-depth and told you how your dog measures up to other dogs which were really cool to see.

7) Results! I was initially told 4-6 weeks but it didn’t even take 4! I swabbed her on Feb 14 and received my results on Mar 11. The results were amazing! It told me the percentages of the breeds in her and her family lineage up to her great grandparents! The report also provided in-depth information about the breeds in her! Then it gets into the chromosomes! You actually get to see why your dog is predominantly colored one way compared to another (p.s. that’s just the tip of the iceberg with the chromosomes!) It also tells you which health-related issues your pup may run into. I found out that mine is a carrier for a gene with eye problems but Embark also told me that because she is only a carrier her chances of having this problem are 2-20%. They even told me how it’s treated and what signs/symptoms to look for.

Bottom line: this was so much fun and I enjoyed every bit of doing this with my girl! Not a single bit of me has anything negative about this experience. After all the information I was given I see why the price is a little high. You really do get what you pay for and it’s totally worth every penny.

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5. Dog Bath Tub Station 

Easily bathe your dog without the backaches! This elevated dog bath time will make your life easier.


  • Easy bath time 
  • Good grooming height for you, 36 inches 
  • Foldable for travel 
  • Measurements: 32.3” long, 17.8” wide, and 11.1” deep
  • Includes three-point leash restraint with adjustable collar
  • For pets up to 40 pounds
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Comfortable for you and your dog
  • No leaning over and hurting your back
  • Assembly is required

Sample Customer Review…First off this tub is absolutely perfect for DIY dog baths and house call groomers!

It unfolds and folds up super easily and quickly for storage, it weighs 11lbs!!! Very sturdy.

It can absolutely great for small dogs under 25 lbs and a dog that would be well behaved between 30-45lbs. Set up is easy as 1-2-3.

There’s a plugin for the tub and an adjustable tube for water to go out of that’s pretty long. After your done just a quick wipe down with a towel and you’re done.

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6. Pet Teepee Bed

Looking for a cute bed for your dog? This teepee is one of the cutest and durable beds out there! Your dog will be relaxing in its own space in no time. 


  • Material: 100% Durable Cotton Canvas, Pine Poles
  • Canvas is Machine washable.
  • Measurements: 24 inches tall, 20-inch diameter
  • Suitable for pets under 7kg/15lbs
  • Includes: cotton canvas tent with pine wooden poles, assembly instructions
  • Comfortable material for your dog
  • Fits most smaller dogs
  • Assembly required

Sample Customer Review…I’ve never written a review on a product before. But I loved this product so much I wanted to share it. It is so adorable and my cats love it. I barely had it put together and they were already trying to get into it. The assembly was super easy. It took me about 5 minutes to assemble. It is very sturdy and of excellent quality. By far my best purchase on Amazon.

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7. Donut Dog Bed

This donut cat and dog bed is perfect for your furry friends to snuggle up and get some sleep. 

  • The round shape helps dogs sleep better
  • Provides head and neck support, and joint and muscle pain relief
  • Cozy and flexible
  • Materials: vegan faux shag fur, non-toxic filling
  • Water and dirt-resistant bottoms
  • Removable
  • Machine wash and dry 
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Easy to wash in the washing machine and dryer
  • Can tear from use

Sample Customer Review…Omg so soft and silky but at the same time it fluffy and a little firm. Stuffing is great. The edges are perfect for my dog to prop his head on. He loves this bed. Soon as it came he laid in it and wouldn’t get out.

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8. Dog Ball Toy

Play ball with your dog to tire them out if they have too much energy! They will love to run around and bite this fun ball. 


  • It squeaks, is lightweight, high bounce, and has a buoyant design 
  • Tough durable rubber 
  • Fun and games for your dog
  • Will tire out your dog
  • Will wear with use

Sample Customer Review…Perfect little balls for my little dog, he loves chuckit balls. I use them without the chuckit and they are fun around the yard and inside the house too. These are strong, durable, bouncy fun balls. I especially like that they have no strong rubber smell, they were completely odor-free straight from the package. My dog has other chuckit balls too, he likes them all. I would definitely buy them again, though I expect the ones we have will last a long time. Definitely recommend.

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9. Dog Feeding Mat

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This snuffle mat is perfect to get your dog’s smelling senses tingling. Hide some treats within the mat and watch your dog go crazy! 


  • It encourages natural smelling skills
  • Easy to use mat 
  • Machine washable 
  • Materials: upcycled materials and polar fleece 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Perfect for all dog sizes
  • Encourages your dog’s natural senses
  • Fun for any dog
  • Needs to be washed after use

Sample Customer Review…Oh my! I should have gotten this for my puppy a long time ago!! My 8 years old Shih Tzu is having so much fun with this shuffle mat! I’m thinking about getting another one for my other puppy! The mat is thick and of excellent quality. I really like how the bottom of the mat has an anti-slip. I highly recommend this product!!

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10. Unicorn Dog Toy

This long-lasting unicorn plush dog toy is great for dogs who love to play or cuddle with a stuffed animal. 


  • Measurements: height 9 inches
  • Plush outer fabric with thick mesh lining
  • Concealed double stitched seams 
  • Non-toxic polyfill 
  • Embroidered eyes for safety
  • Safe for chewing and playing
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Will wear with use

Sample Customer Review…Granted, my dog is not an ultra-destructive chewer, but he does go at this a fair amount and it has held up great. I have certainly gotten my money’s worth. I have 7 stuffed animals by this maker, and there’s a good reason for that. My dogs like them, the eyes are cloth (instead of plastic or something else that could be a choking hazard or harmful if swallowed) and they just work. I’ll definitely keep adding to the collection.

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11. Sofa Bed for Dogs

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Your dog will always need a new bed. Why not check this sofa bed for dogs! It is stylish for your room and your dog will love its comfort. 


  • Human-grade upholstery, textured linen 
  • Conceals pet fur and wearing
  • Supportive bolsters for head and neck support 
  • Back pocket for toy storage 
  • Help hide fur and wearing
  • Will need to be washed

Sample Customer Review…My dog is an older dog and I was looking for a product that would look great in my living room. This product did include one bone-shaped pillow. This product is a high-quality product and looks great! I am very happy with my purchase!

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12. “The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs” Book

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This book will help explain the certain things we do for our dogs. 


  • Learn to communicate with your dog
  • Paperback 
  • Learn more about you and your dog’s behavior
  • None

Sample Customer Review…As a professional dog trainer, I discovered this book many years ago. I recently ordered another copy as I have made it part of the required reading for all of my interns. As with any profession, we rarely agree on everything another trainer does – however, the perspectives and techniques offered in this book are worth considering. The analogy that a leash is much like an old telephone line is important – communication travels both ways – up and down the leash. Highly recommend this book!

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13. Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Helps with dogs that are just too excited to eat their favorite meal.


  • Slows down your dogs eating 
  • Helps with digestion 
  • Nonslip base
  • BPA, phthalate, and PVC free
  • Comes in 5 styles and 3 different sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great for making sure your dog eats slow
  • Non-slip base for no mess
  • Needs to be cleaned after use

Sample Customer Review…Slows my dog down drastically.

It took her from roughly 20 seconds per cup up to 2 minutes per cup.

The quality is excellent it is heavy and the rubber base keeps it from sliding around while she is working on getting the food out.

I feel like it’s stimulating as well and she has to use her brain to get it out rather than just gulping down mouthfuls (without even chewing) and I’m sure she enjoys her meals more now that she gets to actually taste them.

Not to mention avoiding health issues like bloat or undigested unchecked foods in bulk in her system.

This is the real outward hound it is marked on the bottom and very well made.

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14. Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

Cannot bring your dog with you somewhere? Give this snuggle puppy to your animal. I promise they will love it. It will keep your precious company while you are away.


  • Helps reduce negative behaviors
  • Reduces stress caused by loud noises or storms
  • Contains a pulsing heartbeat and heating pack 
  • Machine washable 
  • Aids in better health for your dog
  • Comforts your dog while away
  • Can be torn through wear and tear

Sample Customer Review…My daughter recommended this to me and I thought the price was too high but she felt so strongly about it, I bought it. Well, the kid was right! My new puppy sleeps better with the heartbeat sound. All night in fact. The dog is durably made, easy to turn on and off, the velcro closure is sturdy and my GSD puppy carries it throughout the day and sleeps with it at night -her head on the puppy. It works great and I am very impressed with the product and the company. I will recommend this dog and I know my daughter has recommended this dog to her friends with new puppies and they love it as well. How nice to have a great product made by a company that stands behind their product. Wow!

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15. Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

Dogs will love this mentally stimulating toy as they search for the squirrels. It is one of the best dog gifts! 


  • Squeaky toy 
  • Fun hide and seek game
  • Soft on teeth and gums 
  • Fun mind game
  • Soft on your dog’s gums and teeth
  • Material will wear down with use

Sample Customer Review…I cannot praise this product enough. I purchased it for my 12 lb Mountain Feist – a cross between a Rat Terrier and Jack Russell bred to be a small animal hunting dog. They are chewers and highly motivated and active. Bluebell loves challenges and this toy does it. I can hide treats in, stuff all her small toys and the squirrels in and she dives in. She has figured out she can get to the treats faster by going thru the side holes but then spends a lot of time just throwing the log around and running around the house with it on her head. The squirrels are well made and have stood up to her chewing and our tug of war games. I purchased the large and it works great. I think the large would work better for any dog over 6 lbs. Bluebell was about 6 pounds when I purchased it. I cannot say enough about the durability of this product.

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16. Pet Stroller

For dogs who have a harder time walking. This pet stroller will make your dog’s life easier and they will look adorable in it. 


  • Easy-locking; NO-ZIP entry and one-hand quick fold mechanism
  • Easy setup 
  • Panoramic view window 
  • Position the canopy in three ways
  • Has mesh ventilation
  • Cup holder, tray, storage basket, removable washable liner, and interior tether
  • Waterproof material
  • Front shock absorbers and back wheel brakes
  • Measurements: height to handle 40″; interior dimension 24″L x 11″W x 22″H 
  • For pets up to 30 pounds 
  • Comfortable ride for your dog
  • Views for your dog exercise for you!
  • Supports up to 30 pounds

Sample Customer Review…One of my West Highland terriers weighing about 26 lbs. injured his knee. The vet recommended 8 wks of rest. No running, jumping, playing, or climbing stairs. No stress or potential strain on the knee. I purchased the small stroller. It arrived promptly, assembled in 15 minutes, and my dog is now able to ride around over grass and onto a bike path with his sibling walking by my side. The wheels are stable and easily maneuverable. For safety, I close the bonnet screen with each stroll so he won’t jump out. He doesn’t whimper or whine. There is sufficient room for him to stand, sit and lay down. The viewing screen on top of the stroller allows me to see him in the stroller and he frequently looks up to check on me. The basket underneath is a convenient place for dog accessories. 

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17. Dog Treat Camera 

If you are ever gone on vacation without your dogs, this camera is perfect for you! It not only can dispense treats automatically for you, but you can also see the joy on your dog’s face when they see you. 


  • 1080p full HD camera
  • Night Vision
  • Livestream video, 160-degree wide-angle view
  • Barking alert
  • Treat dispenser 
  • 3-step easy setup: 1) plug into a power outlet using the included cord 2) download the Furbo app 3) connect to wifi at your house 
  • Requires Internet connection and Wifi 
  • Includes: charger
  • Talk to your dog whenever you want
  • Dispense treats with a button!
  • Requires access to Internet connection and Wifi

Sample Customer Review…I love this item! It alerts me when my dog is barking, I can take a look to see and hear what’s going on. I can toss my fur baby treats, speak to him, listen in, and the range of vision is phenomenal! He has also come to know that when it makes the sound, a treat is coming to him. I’ve commended him and rewarded him for going potty on his training pads while I’m at work, I’ve given commands such as sit, down, etc, and rewarded him for following orders. It allows me to continuously watch and train him when I’m not even at home. Wonderful!

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18. Cricket Dog Treats

Give your dog the best treatment to keep them healthy. Your dog will love these cricket protein treats! 


  • Hypoallergenic, easily digestible, prebiotic
  • Contains omega-3 and B12 
  • Made with sustainable and straightforward ingredients saves 200 gallons of water per bag 
  • Digestible proteins
  • Made with peanut butter, flaxseed, lentils, and crickets!
  • Helps improve and maintain your dogs gut health 
  • Made with the best ingredients for your dog’s health
  • Sustainable
  • Use as directed

Sample Customer Review… Jiminy is what we have been looking for in a dog treat and training tool. My dog loves them. We have been using them consistently for the past two weeks and our dog has two new tricks. The natural ingredients are important to me as a pet owner. They smell good too. And I don’t mind carrying them in my pocket on our walks. A lot of treats can feel greasy and smell. These don’t. I’ll be ordering more. Thank you!

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19. Corded Stick Vacuum

This dependable vacuum is great for pet lovers who have dogs who may shed their fur. 


  • Converts into a handheld function 
  • Floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Extra tools 
  • Fingertip controlled switch 
  • Swivel steering
  • Measurements: Cleaning path width 8.5 inches 
  • Includes: vacuum, precision duster, crevice tool, and pet multi-tool
  • Weight: 8.2 pounds
  • Lightweight and easy steering grip
  • Can be converted to a handheld
  • Requires electricity
  • The inside bag will need to be replaced when it is full

Sample Customer Review…You’re reading reviews for this vacuum because you have two concerns: hair and weight. Consider your problems solved.

First, hair. As you can see from the attached image, I have the kind of long, extremely thick hair that strangles vacuum rollers dead in nanoseconds. This vacuum’s roller has a groove carved into the plastic so you can quickly and easily slide a knife or scissor blade in, severing every hair with no hassle. Instant cleanup, no destroyed roller.

The suction is no joke. There are two settings: one that is as powerful as my old vacuum on max power, and one that is TURBO CHARGED. This will demolish ground-in dirt and hair even from high-pile carpet or rugs. The suction is so powerful, even carpeting and rugs that have been pounded completely flat have the fibers physically pulled upwards, so even if your hairy little monster of a pet likes to destroy carpet or rug fibers, after vacuuming they feel plush and wonderful. Con: on Turbo mode, you will smell burning hair. The motor really is not kidding around and will set itself on fire before it allows the tiniest speck of dirt to remain on your floor.

Second: weight. It’s remarkably lightweight and very easy to heft around even with tiny elf arms. The maneuverability of the vacuum head is excellent and can work around such tight unwieldy places as between chair legs. All the pieces pop apart and reassemble with no trouble, so storage and transportation will never be an issue. Con: almost all of the weight is in the top handle, where the motor is. This can make it a tiny bit difficult to get the vacuum head to stay on the ground properly, and makes it nigh impossible for you just to stand the vacuum up anywhere and leave it there. Being top-heavy does it no favors.

Bonus pro: there are a huge number of attachments, heads, and specialty bits and bobs in with the vacuum. I don’t know what half of them are used for. Some are obviously for cleaning off stairs, or ceiling fans, or getting into crevasses, but some of them, who even knows. Literally, whatever kind of application you’d like this vacuum for, there’s probably a specialized nozzle for it. This is the cleanest my stairs have been in four years.

If you’re looking for a worthwhile vacuum that will demolish human hair, pet hair, ground-in dirt, and particulates from any flooring you could possibly have, all while staying under $200, this is it.

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20. Indoor Smart Camera

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This smart home camera is perfect for saying a quick hello to your dog while you are away from home. Easily connect to your camera through the convenience of your phone. 


  • Live view from anywhere in 1080p -1080p Full HD
  • Two-way audio 
  • Motion/Sound Recording with Free Cloud Storage
  • Can automatically record a 12-second video when motion or sound is detected
  • Phone notifications can be enabled to view when motion is detected
  • Night vision
  • Voice Controlled
  • Wifi connection 
  • Can be shared among family members 
  • Say hello to your dogs any time you leave the house!
  • Can be viewed by multiple persons
  • Need access to Wifi

Sample Customer Review…I initially bought one camera, tried it out for a week, and fell in love. I ended up buying two more cameras for my house shortly after. Wyze cam is setting a new standard for what to expect in a wifi camera. Most companies want to charge you for cloud storage, but wyze cam doesn’t. With wyze cam, you get all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank. Things such as motion detection, sound detection, detection zones, night vision, smoke alarm detection, 14 days cloud storage, SD slot, two-way audio! Best of all it’s all free, no subscription required!

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21. Mobile Pet Bed

This ultimate dog box is a great gift for any dog lover! Contains multiple items that will make you and your dog’s daily life easier. 

This pet bed is perfect for traveling with your pet! 


  • Travel pet bed, carrier, and car seat
  • Materials: luggage-grade nylon outside, plush polyester inside
  • For pets up to 15 pounds
  • No assembly required
  • Includes: padded shoulder strap, washable bedding, mesh dome top with carrying handle, water-resistant foam liner
  • Instruction manual included 
  • Take your dog anywhere you go!
  • Can only fit small dogs

Sample Customer Review…The versatility and quality of this pet carrier are worth the price. There an easily removable strap for carrying, and you can buckle it into the car. It’s soft on the inside, you can machine wash the fluffy piece where the pet would sleep. I’ve used it for my 10.2lb chihuahua and I wouldn’t use it on anything much bigger. I also use it for a 4lb (tiny!) sphynx kitten. It’s amazing. You can unzip it around the middle and just leave it out for the pets to sleep in, or you can open it on the top. It also has a velcro handle on the top.

The fabric is very high quality and the colors are beautiful. The exterior is very sturdy luggage quality fabric that would be easily wiped down with a wet rag.

I don’t write many reviews, and only if I really like something. I highly recommend this bag. So simple, beautiful, and functional. This bag will last you through multiple pets.

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22. Dog Sweater

If you are going on a walk outside with your dog use this dog sweater to keep them warm! 


  • Material: 100% wool 
  • Size: Fits 10-18 pounds 
  • Handmade by Quechuan Indians
  • Will keep your pup warm on walks
  • Comfy material
  • May shrink in wash

Sample Customer Review…I have owned small dogs who need sweaters for almost 50 years. I’m so excited about this sweater!! Most sweaters might last one winter. I have never had a beautiful sweater like this for my dog. This is made out of 100% organic sustainable wool that is hand-knitted. You can immediately see this sweater is hand-made and exquisitely done. This is a heavier sweater and well worth every penny. I have been looking for a great quality sweater for more years than I can remember. This is definitely a winter sweater. I live in Southern California and we do get cold winter nights. High 30’s and low 40’s. But I haven’t found anything remotely appropriate in stores here or even online. If washed correctly this sweater should last for years. Imagine that!

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23. Dog Bow Tie

This cute dog plaid bow tie will have your dog looking precious as ever. 

  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Attaches to all collar designs 
  • Material: cotton
  • Wipe clean with a damp towel
  • Measurements: 3.75” L x 2” W x 0.75” H
  • Easy to attach to any collar
  • None

Sample Customer Review…Love this company. Return buyer for bowties and flowers for our dogs. Hold their shape and color, as well as stays clean. Washed and continued to impress.

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24. Dog Shower 

This dog shower is a great way to make your dog’s bath time a lot easier and less messy! 


  • Easy install 
  • Can operate both showerhead and wand at the same time 
  • Easy to use, create less of a mess 
  • The showerhead has five spray patterns
  • The shower wand has three spray patterns
  • DIal for water strength 
  • Waterfall setting 
  • Easily bathe your dog without water everywhere
  • Easy install
  • Needs to be attached to faucet

Sample Customer Review…Excellent well thought out design! Nice variety of sprays that have a simple & easy switch on the main shower head. The long hosed handheld sprayer is a plus – for rinsing hair while taking a bath, cleaning the tub/shower, to bathing pets with ease using pet attachment to massage and rinse your furry friend well. Can see how gentle “waterfall” mode would be great for infants.

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25. Pet Fountain

This fancy pet fountain is perfect to decorate your space and keep your dog hydrated. 


  • A quiet water pump for water circulation helps provide hygienic water for your pet 
  • Lasts between 2 ½ – 4 years
  • 2.5-liter capacity
  • Material: BPA free, PP resin
  • Automatic free-falling stream
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Includes 1 silicone pad to catch over spilled water 
  • 3 water flow modes: gentle fountain, flower bubble, and flower waterfall
  • Includes 3 replacement filters
  • Triple filtration system
  • Cute design
  • Filtered water to keep your dog healthy
  • Needs access to an electrical outlet

Sample Customer Review…No-to little noise when operating appropriately..sound of gently flowing water. Easy to clean, put together, and change filter. I had no experience with such things, ie water pumps, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to assemble and now to clean/change the filter. I was totally amazed that my indoor rescue cats, of various ages, and my 12-year-old, small dog, drink from it all of the time, and in healthy amounts. I have several water bowls in various locations of my 2 story house, but they all prefer drinking water from this product. They’ve all increased the intake amount of water as well, which, for any animal, particularly older animals, is so important to do. Adequate hydration is crucial for their optimal health. I never would have believed that something like this could have made such a difference in my pets’ lives, but it has.

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26. Puzzle Ball

This do it all puzzle ball is perfect if your dog loves playing fetch! It is a hybrid chew toy and a bouncy ball. 


  • Big holes, easier for smaller dogs to bite
  • Material: rubber, it is soft on your dog’s gums
  • Made for tugging, fetching, chewing, or stuffing with treats
  • Soft on your dog’s gums and teeth
  • Easy to play with and bite
  • None

Sample Customer Review…My dogs love this ball! I originally got the bigger size not really realizing how big it was. But my puppies (two very different breeds and sizes) didn’t care. They both love playing with it. I decided to get another one…this smaller size…so that my schnauzer mix didn’t bounce off the couch every time he tried to jump up onto it while carrying the ball. Problem solved. Anyway, these balls are durable and lightweight. Both of my boys are chewers, and these balls are designed well for that.

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27. Interactive Dog Toy

Dogs are pretty smart. Challenge your dog with this fun interactive toy.


  • Level 3 puzzle game that challenges your dog’s ability to learn steps and combinations find disclosed treats while sharpening their minds
  • Perfect for teaching non-destructive or positive actions
  • Swivel, pull, then lock in the treats 
  • Easy to clean 
  • BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free 
  • Challenges your dogs senses
  • Dispenses treats
  • Needs to be recharged by electricity

Sample Customer Review…My puppy Chabuddy loves this puzzle. Chabuddy is a clever little American shepherd who needs mental stimulation as well as exercise. There are 20 compartments of several different sizes for treats or kibble of your choice. There are holes at the top of each treat cover/lid so Chabuddy can smell what’s under them. He uses his nose and paws to remove covers, flip open the lids, and slide the boxes to reveal more treats. I didn’t have to teach Chabuddy what to do with the puzzle, I just gave him a single peak under one lid to show him food was in fact accessible and his nose did the rest of the work. The puzzle seems to be made with quality material and was thoughtfully designed. Chabuddy recommends this puzzle and so do I.

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28. Dog Mug

Easy water bottle for your dog to easily drink from! This water bottle squirts out water and returns the water back into the bottle for easy storage. 


  • BPA Free
  • Food and dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to use, mess-free
  • Leak-free bottle
  • 20-ounce bottle 
  • Includes: adjustable hook-and-loop strap
  • Easily accessible water bowl
  • Convenient bottle closure
  • Breakable if dropped

Sample Customer Review…This is the best water bottle I’ve ever had for my dogs. The reason: there is no water waste. Simply squeeze the bottle until the desired amount of water appears in the bowl at the top. When the dog has had their fill, releasing the bottle allows the water to flow back into the bottle. I have taken this on hiking trips as well as road trips, and it works equally well. It also fits into the car’s cup holder, which is nice. It’s an ingenious design.

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29. Dog Training Harness

This no-pull dog training harness is for eager dogs who love going for walks with you.


  • Front-Leash Attachment Harness
  • Side by side walking
  • Materials: welded O-rings, nickel-plated, and steel
  • Teaches your dog to walk by your side
  • No pulling
  • It May only fit a certain size of dogs

Sample Customer Review…Our professional dog trainer specifically recommended the SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Harness. I used her own during a Canine Good Citizenship Training Class and immediately ordered my own. That was three months ago, and I have not been disappointed.

Constructed of nylon webbing with plastic clips and fittings, this product may be used with a dog collar. The straps will not overlap or interfere with the collar.

The metal ring sits in the front – on the dog’s chest – so the leash clip can attach to the harness and the collar’s ring for optimum (but kind) control. My pup respects this harness on long trail walks, even when we encounter such tempting distractions as birds, squirrels, and other dogs.

I recommend the SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Harness. At about $30, it costs more than lots of similar products, but I found it much more useful and effective than other dog harnesses we have tried.

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30. Foam Mattress Dog Bed

This foam mattress dog bed is great if your dog has trouble sleeping. They will love to relax in this bed. 


  • Orthopedic-foam option
  • Materials: insulating sherpa fleece, blanket exterior microsuede
  • Easy on your dog’s joints 
  • Measurements: 26″ Base, 26″ x 26″ x 3″
  • Easy to clean 
  • Comfortable for your dog
  • Easy for you to clean
  • Can be torn with use

Sample Customer Review…This adorable, cozy little covered round dog bed is perfect! My little 9-pound Shorkie girl LOVES it, and she fits perfectly inside it. The plastic tubing holds it open so she can burrow inside on her own, without me having to cover her back up every time she gets out of it on chilly nights. The tubing can also be removed if you don’t want to use it. I ordered the 18″ round pink one, and the color is soft and pretty. The inside is completely lined with sherpa material. The sleeping pad itself is a cushy 4″ thick and supports my little ones’ weight very well.

I’m very pleased with this little bed, and would gladly recommend it to anyone with a small dog!

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31. Pet Odor Exterminator Candle

Love your dog, but not so much the smells they make? This pet odor exterminator candle is just perfect for you!


  • Ingredients: enzyme formulated products 
  • Removes animal odors
  • Size: 13 oz 
  • Estimated Burn Time Of 70 Hours
  • Gets rid of pet odor
  • Smells nice
  • Requires flame to be used

Sample Customer Review…I first learned about this product from my dog’s allergy/vet clinic. They had it burning in the waiting area and it smelled delightfully fragrant. The best thing is that it actually works at eliminating pet odors! I have a pit bull with severe allergies so she is always licking and biting and as a result, she has a strong odor from her skin issues. My boyfriend says my house definitely smells like dogs. But when I used this candle, I asked for his honest opinion in it helped in masking the doggy smell. And he says it definitely smells 100% better and I agree! I make sure I burn it before the company comes over to “freshen” my house. The one jar I bought has lasted for several weeks now. The fragrant is not overbearing and fills the room with its wonderful citrus scent. I will continue buying over and over again.

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32. Treat Mat

This treat mat is great for feeding your dog treats on this lick pad.


  • Alternative for slow feeding dog bowls
  • Fresh breath for your dog, scrapes the tongue, and cleans 
  • For portion control 
  • Raised pattern mat design 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA 
  • Cleans your dog’s mouth
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Great for dogs who eat a little too fast
  • Needs to be cleaned after use

Sample Customer Review…My puppy is scared of baths and it is almost impossible to get him into a bathtub. This licki mat is my lifesaver! Now, I can’t imagine bath time for my 6-month-old Goldendoodle puppy without this!

This product is of good quality. Dishwasher safe.

I smear some dog-safe peanut butter and yogurt on this mat and then freeze it. I take it out of the freezer right before my puppy’s bathtime and lure him into the bathtub using this. He becomes fascinated by the treats in this mat and is totally focused on licking it that he forgets that I am bathing him. Gives me a good 20-minute window to bathe and clean him!

This product does not have suction cups to keep it in place. That does not bother me since I like to hold it in my hand and move it around so that my puppy moves accordingly. This makes it easier for me to wash him. But I think it will be a problem for those who are looking forward to using this as a crate training tool.

Also, I use this mat solely to help my puppy through bathtime which is one of his most stressful situations; thus increasing the effectiveness of this tool in reducing his anxiety. In case this mat is available to him all the time, he will eventually get bored of it, therefore reducing its effectiveness during stressful situations. This is one important point to keep in mind in case you are using this licki mat as a tool to reduce anxiety!

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33. Dog Pool Float

Do you want your dog to float beside you in the pool? This dog pool float is the best dog gift for pool lovers! This float is perfect for small dogs and can hold up to 65 pounds


  • Puncture resistant
  • For small dogs
  • Puncture resistant 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Portable, take with you anywhere 
  • Measurements: when inflated 51.5″L x 31″W x 9″H
  • Supports dogs up to 65 lbs
  • Won’t tear or pop from your dog’s nails
  • You can take it to your pool or the lake
  • Only supports dogs up to 65 pounds

Sample Customer Review…I’m a retired veterinarian and trainer. I got this as a sort of gag or prop for a few photos but I did not realize the value of this item as a training tool until I started to use it. Since it has a fabric bottom, it has a naturally unstable and shifting surface which forces the dog to balance. This forces the dog to constantly work their muscles, and this is excellent for core strength. With positive reinforcement and gentle training using this float also builds tremendous self-confidence: Two of my five dogs now jump from the deck into the float and back, or from the float into the water. One hangs out in the float as much as possible and clearly loves it. The only thing I can’t teach is afloat to float jump… so I bought a second one.

In regards to the construction, it is superb. The right material has been used which does not tear or puncture, and a stiff wire-rim helps it keep its shape. I’ve been using it daily for almost three weeks and there has been absolutely no deflation. Kudos to the person or people who designed this item; it’s superbly made. I’d give it six stars if I could.

If you are deeply committed to your dog’s happiness, self-confidence, and well-being and have a pool or body of water available, get this.

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34. Dog Toy

If your dog loves playing with squeaky toys this triangle ring toy is perfect for you. You will love to see your dog excited and playful.


  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Plastic and polyester
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Squeaky and fun for any dog
  • Material can be torn

Sample Customer Review…My dog is a 55 lb mutt and a power chewer. These are the sturdiest toys I have ever found, he rips normal stuffed toys apart in about 5 minutes. Duraforce toys are thick like seatbelt material almost. For dog toys, the brand is a bit spendy but well worth it!

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 35. Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

This treat dispensing dog toy is perfect for dogs that love treats after a little fun! 


  • Halves are adjustable to carry small treats 
  • Twist the parts further apart for a quick treat or twist closer for more of a challenge to keep your pet busy for more time 
  • Dispenses treat randomly 
  • Easy to use 
  • For soft to medium chewing
  • Made of non-toxic, safe materials
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made for dogs up to 10 pounds
  • Safe for your dog
  • A fun challenge to get the treats out
  • Have to refill treats

36. Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy

This fun interactive hide-and-seek toy will intrigue your dog! Great for dogs who have mastered level 1 puzzles.


  • Intermediate-level dog puzzle
  • Material: non-slip base, plastic, and wood composite
  • Non-removable parts
  • BPA, PVC & Phthalate-Free
  • Remove and replace the toy if damaged
  • Easy to clean with warm water and soap
  • Hide treats for an added challenge
  • Do not leave toy with unsupervised pets

Sample Customer Review…This is awesome! My border collie’s level of intelligence is a part-time job for me. He requires engagement and he figures out everything fast. This puzzle took him a good hour and a half to figure out the first time and every time after that, he sits with this for about an hour. He’s really calm (which he’s normally not) and concentrated with it, methodically moving pieces. I ordered a second, different puzzle a day after we received this first one. It’s easy to clean because the sliding tiles just pop right off but I’ve just been using his regular kibble in it so it has hardly gotten dirty at all.

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37. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy isn’t a typical ball. This interactive ball makes noises when it is pushed, moved, or shaken around. This would be a perfect gift for a dog that gets bored of traditional toys and for any owners who want to find something that is going to keep their dog busy. Its durable material allows for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Makes noises when moved, touched, or shaken around
  • Interactive
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Made with pet-safe materials
  • No batteries required
  • Made with pet safe material
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Reduces boredom
  • Easy for dogs to grab onto
  • Not recommended for extremely heavy chewers
  • Too big for smaller breeds

Sample Customer Review…This ball is perfect for any dog that loves sound or is very curious. My dog Bear is completely fascinated by the ball. He is some kind of cute shepherd mix that at any interesting sound tilts his head and tries to figure out what is making that noise. This ball fits so perfectly with the types of toys I look for, for Bear. When he first got his ball he went nuts and for days all I heard was the wobble wag falling off the bed, being thrown across the hallway, and dropped for added dramatic effect for my attention. Bear loves it! We have developed a new routine of taking the ball outside and playing soccer. As time moves forward he has gotten pretty good at soccer and even pounces it at times like a fox.

One more important note that I am so happy about with the ball. Wobble Ball is made out of this mostly plastic almost rubbery material that doesn’t allow dogs to bite through or tear apart easily. This is wonderful because it is one of the only toys Bear hasn’t demolished. It holds up and all you can see on the ball is tiny intentions from his teeth and that is from hours of playing soccer, keep away, fetch, and occasionally a weird chewing session.

I highly recommend this ball for anyone with a dog that could use a different type of toy that stimulates them mentally and physically. It checks all the boxes and adds an extra dramatic effect when playing with your dog.

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38. Kong Classic Dog Toy

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is the perfect way to interact with and give your dog treats. Its durable material makes this a great toy for any dog, especially those who are heavy chewers. Not only is it a great way to give your dogs treats, but it can also be used as a toy that your dogs will enjoy playing with. Its multi-purpose use makes this a great way to keep any dog busy!


  • Durable
  • Chew Toy 
  • Can be filled with treats
  • Interactive
  • Bouncy
  • Comes in different size
  • Can be filled with treats
  • Good for crate and fetch training
  • Offers stimulation and entertainment
  • Ideal for heavy chewers
  • Difficult to clean
  • Might give off an odor

Sample Customer Review…Do yourself a favor and get a couple of Kongs for your dogs.

They are the best multi-purpose dog toy you can buy.

I use ours for everything with my own dogs and foster dogs that come through.

I use them to crate train and help ease separation anxiety by keeping the pooches busy.

I use them as a motivator during training exercises (usually the ball for retrieval training).

They make for an excellent workout aid because they bounce all over the place when thrown and can tire pups out efficiently.

Kongs also is a HUGE help during teething stages of puppyhood (just freeze so soothe sore gums) or if you get an adult dog that is prone to chewing. This helps reinforce what a puppy or a dog can chew on with gentle correction and immediate redirection to a Kong.

I’ve never had a Kong be annihilated or shredded and I once fostered a nervous Rottweiler Mix puppy that ate through the arm of an old loveseat in 7 minutes (he loved his Kong). We leave one ball outside in the back yard and it is has stood up to two years of weather very well, it is a little cracked and has tons of teeth marks, but it is still sturdy and in one piece.

You can fill it with whatever you want and have it on hand. We like to use peanut butter and yogurt with chunks of fruit.

Like I said, just do yourself and your dog a favor and buy one.

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Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Purchasing Dog Gifts

What Will Work Best for Your Dog

Every dog is different. In order to determine what gifts will work best for your dogs, you should carefully observe your dog’s behaviors.

Types of Gifts

Different gifts you can choose for your dog include but are not limited to rope and pull toys, puzzles, interactive toys, heavy-duty toys, plush toys, stuffing free toys, treat-dispensing toys, fetch and throw toys, electronic toys, dog beds, and clothes. The type of gift you choose to buy for your dog will depend on their size, personality, chewing behaviors, and age. 


It is crucial to look for something that best fits the size of your dog in regards to toys, treats, beds, and other gifts for your pet. For example, a smaller dog would benefit from having a smaller toy, while a big dog would benefit from having a toy closer to its size. 


Every dog has their own individual personality, which means that every dog is going to react differently when they receive a new gift. It is important to get to know your dog and their personality really well when it comes to deciding on what gifts you know that they are going to love.

Chewing Behavior

Every dog has a different behavior when it comes to chewing. Some dogs tend to be very gentle, while others end up tearing things up within minutes. If you want to buy your dog a toy, you may need to get something more indestructible if your dog tends to rip up their toys. On the other hand, dogs that are more gentle with their toys would benefit from having a more soft and plush toy.


It is crucial to take into consideration how old your dog is. If your dog is still a young puppy, its teeth are very fragile and sensitive. At this age, make sure that you choose a toy for your dog that is soft and plush so that you don’t risk damaging their teeth. Once your dog is at the stage where they are teething, you could give them toys or treats with a more firm texture. After your dog has passed the teething stage and they are no longer a puppy, this is when you can give them heavy-duty and indestructible toys that tend to last a long time. 

The Importance of Play and Toys

  • Stimulation: When your dog is given more entertainment during the day through playing with toys, this results in a happier and healthier dog.
  • Reduces boredom: If your dog is bored, it can become destructive and tear up things in your house. To prevent this, gifting and providing your dog with new toys is a great way to keep them busy.

Safety Factors to Take into Consideration

Carefully observe your dogs after you purchase a new item. Some companies are selling products that require your dog to push a lever to receive treats. Try to avoid giving your dog something like this because the objects are sharp and pointy that could cause potential danger to your dog.


Your dog will love and appreciate these gifts. Whether it makes it easier on you or your dog you both will be happy. The best dog gifts are thought of with love!

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