Best Gifts for Hikers

23 Best Gifts For Hikers

Not all hikers are the same. It is hard to find the best gifts for hikers because some hikers are the most prepared people you will meet, having bought everything in advance so they are prepared for every situation. But most do not have the resources to buy everything they need off the bat or maybe something they have needs an upgrade. This is a top 20 list of items you can buy for your favorite hiker that will help them in a multitude of ways.

23 Best Gifts For Hikers list

1. Salmon Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots 

Being one of the highest-selling boots on the market the X ultra 3 has become one of the most effective hiking shoes due to the descent control technology that makes descending in wet conditions a breeze compared to the competition.

Sample Customer Review…I love these boots so much that not only have I bought 2 pairs but I bought them for my brother as well. He loves them as much as I do. I have been out in the rain with these boots for a 4-hour traffic detail without feeling a drop of water. That being said I was wearing rain pants to keep the rain from running down my leg and going into the top of the boots. Any boot will get water in it if you let water either poor in through the top.

The boots do need a short break in feeling before they feel absolutely perfect but even then they still feel way comfier than most new boots. Once they are thoroughly broken in you can’t ask for a better lightweight waterproof hiking boot that is at home in the concrete jungle of Atlanta as it was for me in the Grand Canyon. I usually walk anywhere from 12,000 to as many as 24,000 steps a day.


2. Black Diamond Trail Trek Poles

Anyone who enjoys trek poles will greatly enjoy the Black Diamond Trail Trek Poles as they are highly rated and one of the top sellers on These poles are complementary carbon fiber giving them an incredible strength to weight ratio. They also have the ability to be folded into thirds giving them the ability to be stored in incredibly tight spaces. If you are looking for an option that fits into a backpack these are what you are looking for.

Sample Customer Review…These poles are easy to use lightweight and comfortable. I used them in the 2018 Never Summer 100k which had 13,000 feet of climbing including several mountain summits. These poles worked like a champ! On the rugged sections, they were sturdy and took my weight when I stumbled with no problems. On the runnable sections, they are so light that holding them in hand is no burden at all.

These trekking poles are very light and comfortable to use. The important thing to remember is the pull the handle out until it clicks.

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3. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The new version of the bottle is now dishwasher safe, as well as the new coating will not fade away over time. Hydro Flask metal continues to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours.

The bottle is BPA-free with a leak-proof lid. The bottle has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Sample Customer Review…This is my second Hydro Flask (I lost my first one). But the first one was so good I had to get another. Keeps my water cold all day, which is a must in the southwest. It’s nice and durable, and it keeps the color really well, unlike the knockoffs. My wife also has a Hydro Flask, and we pretty much use them exclusively now, even around the house. Saves on dishes and running the dishwasher as often, which is nice. Holds plenty, and I recommend the straw lid.

The other lids are nice and all, but only the straw one can go in the dishwasher. It’s a little more of a pain to clean that one by hand since you need the little nylon brush for straws, but it’s much more convenient not to have to tilt a massive 40 oz bottle back when it’s completely full. Spilled way too much ice-cold water on my lap before sucking up and getting the straw lid (pun intended).

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4. North Face Venture Rain Jacket 

This jacket is perfect for those unexpected days where the weather is not always on your side.  This rain jacket is stylish and relaxed in fit. It is mostly waterproof giving the wearer limited insolation. 

Sample Customer Review…The venture jacket is extremely lightweight and easily packable for trips or storage. It’s been my go-to jacket for styling, layering, or first-line defense against rain. In high humidity and rain, the jacket seemed to be less breathable than when humidity is at more dry levels. The nice thing is that the vents under the arms unzip to allow ventilation.

I ordered this jacket two sizes too large, intentionally, for the purpose of putting it on over flannels or hoodies, and it was worked phenomenally for me. My one complaint may be that the hood of the jacket fits small over hats such as snapbacks or thick beanies even though the jacket is even larger than I need.

The jacket fits great though, the length is true to size, which was expected and accounted for when ordering, but the sleeves were not too long! The cuffs of the sleeves and the hem of the jacket are all adjustable for fit, comfort, and dryness, as well as zipping pockets and a cover layer for the front zipper. I am thoroughly impressed with the ability of this jacket to entirely block out the rain and even strong winds. Wish I had photos for fits, but this is definitely a must-have jacket.

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5. prAna Brion Men’s Pants

While being comfortable and stylish these pants offer many features the average pants do not. They are very breathable and have sweat-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry during your long days of hiking without leaving your legs exposed to nature. 

Sample Customer Review…I used to think “pants are pants”… then I received a pair of these as a gift, and they totally upended that opinion. These are now my favorite item of clothing. I’ve bought 3 more pairs since then, and they’re basically all I own now. These pants are comfortable, durable, stain-resistant, fast-drying, wrinkle-resistant… and they can just go anywhere.

I regularly wear them to the office, around the house, and then on the other side of the spectrum, they’re also my go-to for hiking and backpacking trips. They are lightweight, breathable, and can handle the abuse of days on the trail, including abrasion on rocks, and snagging on brush. They come back, go through the wash, and they’re ready for the office again Monday.

I recommend them to all my friends… and since you’re a stranger who is looking at reviews to determine whether you should buy them… You should. They’re great pants.

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6. Smartwool Base Layer 

This base layer is made to keep you warm whether it’s working out or going on an adventure. Made to be worn all day long the interlock knit is made for durability, breathability, and thermoregulation. The 100 % Merino wool construction gives you the next to skin comfort all day. 

Sample Customer Review…I own several Smart Wool products. Their products are pricey, however, in my opinion, you’re getting the best fabric technology has to offer. These garments are made from Merino Wool. For me personally, there is no itchy, scratchy, wool feel. Seriously, they feel like cashmere next to your skin. My favorite Merino Wool Weight is 250. It is the perfect fabric weight for Colorado winters. The wool fabric does a great job wicking moisture from your body during increased activity in the winter outdoors.

I am not a skier or mountaineer, however, when walking, hiking, or manually removing snow, I wear this garment as a base layer. I use to wear cotton next to my skin and after some winter outdoor activity, I would sweat and subsequently become cold and clammy. These shirts wick that sweat away and you still feel warm. Great fabric technology. I have found none better than Smart Wool.

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7. Eddie Bauer Down Jacket 

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One of the best sellers on the market, this versatile jacket can provide anyone with the warmth and mobility they desire. Nylon shells with 650 fill premium down insulation for top-of-the-line warmth. 100% Nylon construction and water-resistant finish that sheds moisture rather than soaking it in. 

Sample Customer Review…Very nice lightweight down jacket. Fit is perfect. Not too long at just past the waist. The sleeves are right where they should be as well.

As others have pointed out, it’s not a super durable variety but that’s probably in the light shell design. And for the price, it’s a great choice. It provides a lot more warmth than I expected. Down definitely does a great job at insulating.

Easy to roll up and keep in a small bag as well. Stylish and wind-resistant, definitely recommend if this is what you’re looking for.

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8.  Merrell Men’s Bare Trail Running Shoe

If the person you are looking to buy a gift for is into running on trails or hikes in a particularly hot climate then these are the shoes for them. These 100% mesh trail running shoes are a great option for those who like to hit the ground running. Made for both men and women you can find these in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Sample Customer Review…I’ve had this shoe for about 3 months now. It is still holding up nicely, considering the amount of wear I’ve put them through. I just them for HITT, strength training, trail running, and just wandering around town. I am a shoe enthusiast and have owned all sorts of shoes barefoot-style/ zero drop shoes as well as other brands that are minimalist style and these shoes are the MOST comfortable shoe I have ever worn.

They also are really cool looking, just wish they had an all black, version so I could wear them to work. This shoe has an excellent sole and the Vibram grip is amazing. But.. this isn’t a “water shoe” as described. Water goes right through it due to the extensive use of mesh. The mesh is great though because your feet will not get hot when hiking on the hottest days.

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9. Smartwool Hiking Crew Socks

These socks are designed to be used in any adventure as they are built for performance. With various flex zones built in the socks are designed to be very comfortable. They have breathability but do not lack durability. Constructed with 66% Merino Wool, 33% Nylon, and 1% Elastane being made of the best materials so you know they will last long. 

Sample Customer Review…If you’re looking at this you’ve probably heard about how great merino wool socks are. And it’s all true comfy warm even when wet. But there’s so much more that makes these so great. The socks come over the toes and the stitch is behind the front of your toes. At the toe knuckle (if that’s what you call it).

The seams are stitched completely flat. It leaves no bumps lumps or any spot that will cause a pressure point. I put 8 hours of hiking a day on these almost 20 miles. And now I get no sore spots or blisters. They’re also way more durable than regular socks. They last much longer. I think in the end they may balance out in price due to their longer life span. They really do fight order too.

In short, these are amazing if you’re looking at them I assume you have a reason for wanting better socks. Get a couple of pairs.

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10. Youphoria Quick Dry Towel

Whether you need to pack a light camping towel, shower gym towel, a small pack towel, or a large beach towel, this product has you covered. A quick-dry travel towel can hold up to five times its weight in water, making it the most functional towel for travel. Our microfiber towels also dry up to ten times faster than normal traditional towels.

Mildew-resistant and odor-free. They’re perfect for indoor or outdoor activities. Each travel towel comes with a convenient carry bag for traveling. It’s perfect for quick drying of the skin after swimming, workouts, backpacking, or even hot yoga. If you need a towel designed for a quick dry this is the one for you.

Sample Customer Review…Recently I took the beach towel size camping with me for a week. The large size was exceptional because I’m a pretty big guy and the length made using it much easier. There was no lint left behind from use. After using it the towel was dry rather quickly allowing me to pack it away until I needed it again.

The weight was good and seeing it was to go in a backpack much lighter than any other towel I have used.

When I received it there was no heavy, unpleasant order and I loved the color. Washing the towel later did not seem to significantly alter the color.

I should mention that folding the towel to put away in the sack that came with it was much easier than I expected.

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11. Neff Beanie

These hats come in a one-size-fits-all and a variety of colors. 100% Acrylic construction. The simple design only featuring the Neff logo patch means it can match anything without being too noisy. These top-selling daily beanies are warm, comfortable, stylish, and fun. While being ultra-soft and warm these beanies also offer breathability even on the warmers days. These hats also should be hand washed. 

Sample Customer Review…I like that this is somewhat warm, but it breathes well so I can wear it indoors without my head getting hot and sweaty. It fits well on my average-to-slightly-larger-than-average head. It’s not tight, but it’s not real loose either. It wouldn’t be the best beanie for really cold days if you plan to spend a lot of time outside. But it’s good if you’re in and out a lot.

This is my favorite hat and brand. I have been wearing Neff beanies since high school and know that I can always expect great quality from them. It’s super stylish and my all-time favorite “go-to” hat.

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12. North Face Etip Gloves

These gloves are very sought after nowadays based on the features they have. These 100% Polyester imported gloves offer to pull on closure no extra adjustment needed. They also have extra silicone gripping on the palm allowing for extra grip while out and about. Etip thumb and index finger allow for phone and other touch screens without having to take the glove off. The final feature is the clip system that allows for easy storage and keeps you from losing a glove. 

Sample Customer Review…I kind of love these gloves. Great for keeping hands warm when active since I usually get clammy when hiking, biking, uphill skinning, etc. They are good in the cold even with moderate wind. Dexterity is good enough to pack up camp in the snowy cold without having to take them off all morning, a huge plus.

Touch screen compatibility is also great. I pair them with a heavier set of gloves in case I find my hands going into the snow a lot. Haven’t used them a ton on rock. Some contact has been ok so far, but I would probably use gloves with more durable fingertips if doing that all day.

Fit snugly, but not too tight. The stretch material is very comfortable. and even though it’s close to the skin, it’s very warm. Makes it easy to work my devices and still have warm hands.

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13. Carabiners

These Stainless Steel carabiners are dustproof. They are durable and lightweight made from aircraft aluminum. The spring-loaded clip works as well as a spring-loaded gate. Can be used as a handle or hanger as well as many other uses around the home. Many applications for outdoor hiking, fishing, camping, traveling, as well as key chain clip. Use it to attach bottles, backpacks, ropes of camping tents, and hiking poles.

Sample Customer Review…I love these carabiners. My husband and I go camping a lot and we needed some carabiners to help us attach our gear to a gear line when we are outdoors. These are great because they are easy to use, a good size, and come in fun colors. These aren’t weight-bearing but they do a really good job of keeping our stuff organized.

My husband and I also have a lot of gear that is similar in color and style. It’s nice to have a different color carabiner to distinguish my items from his. Makes finding things a lot easier and saves us time.

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14. Hiking Trowel Digging Tool 

Everyone knows when you are hiking in the woods for days on end sometimes you just have to go. TheTentLab offers three models; #1 is the lightest at .45oz; the #2 is the backpacker’s classic, .6 oz) for more normal weight fanatics (2.5 X 6.8 inches); and the #3, a .97oz beast; big, strong and most capable of handling truly awful hole-digging situations (2.6 X 8 inches); use the length to gauge the hole depth up to 8 inches of depth.

US-produced 7075-T6 aluminum that meets the AMS4045 standard the go-to aluminum for satellites and aircraft. The aluminum is a high strength, this grade of aluminum is available in only a handful of countries with technology and a quality-driven supply chain comes with a  lifetime warranty. Anodized in fun colors to prevent corrosion and surface damage. 

Sample Customer Review…This is a great little tool to make those little holes, nobody wants to talk about. I reviewed the previous model and decided to get one of these new ones to check out the improvements. With the new tooled edges, it digs into soil packed with roots even easier than before. The new edges do not cut into the hands as long as you hold the tool as indicated in the instructions.

I got size #2 which is the same as the previous model. For me, #1 was too light and fragile, and #3 overkill. All in all, a number 2 to use for number 2, seems like a great lightweight idea.

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15. Thermal Blanket 

This is a four-pack of blankets made of Aluminized Mylar to help keep one as warm as possible no matter the conditions. Each package includes one extra gold-colored blanket. Military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar. Designed to retain up to 90% of your body heat, and to completely block rain, snow, and moisture. Swiss Safe Guarantees customer satisfaction or receives a 100% refund.

Sample Customer Review…First, the product is a lightweight, Mylar blanket folded inside a plastic bag. There are 4 blankets and they came nicely packaged and individually bagged which makes them perfect to separate and drop in your car, backpack, go-bag, or tent.

There are lots of ways these blankets can be used to maintain a safe body temperature in wet and/ or cold climates. I’m pleased with the product and the seller contacted me via email after the products were shipped with useful tips for the blankets, affirmed their commitment to quality and satisfaction, then thanked me for the purchase.

If I see other products from this seller, when I order in the future, I will make it a priority to do business with Eric and Swiss Safe Products again. Great friendly customer service.

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16. Duct Tape 

Duct tape is duct tape, you might not always need it but when you do need it you are happy you have it. This duck brand is heavy-duty grey-colored duct tape. Works on a variety of surfaces, including wood, vinyl, plastic, leather, and metal. Tears easily by hand for simple application and conform to uneven surfaces.

Sample Customer Review…Yes!! This roll of duck tape is a winner. It has enough tape on it to last a while. And the tape is strong. Not like these other duck tapes you buy with very little tape per roll.

Great duct tape at a great price! Put it on a leaky hose and it did the trick. Unfortunately, my garden hose is old and needs to be replaced but that’s not the fault of the tape. I liked this tape so much that I bought another role a week later. Great stuff! Definitely will be buying repeatedly as needed.

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17. Turtle Fur Neck and Face Warmer

This original Turtle Fur will help shield yourself for ultimate warmth, comfort, and wear.  The perfect winter accessory for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, shoveling, walking the dog, or just taking a stroll in extreme weather. One size fits most. Machine washable.

Sample Customer Review…I recently went to Alaska for work and ended up going to an outdoor store near my hotel where they recommended this to me. (Bought another from Amazon as a gift for relatives moving to upstate NY.) It made a world of difference being outside.

I actually wore it covering my nose and mouth and it made me quite comfortable in -30 weather, even when my breath was freezing over on the outside of it. It’s really soft material too, so it’s very comfortable against your skin.

The only drawback to it was when I was going in and out of stores being a tourist, after being inside for a few minutes my neck would start getting sweaty from being too warm. Obviously, common sense should prevail here though, and most people will just be wearing it outside and not in and out.

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18. ENO 1-2 Person Camping Hammock 

The DoubleNest is versatile, durable, and compact, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or lounging around. Made from Nylon Taffeta, it is breathable and quick drying. Great for those couples that want to cuddle in the trees.

Sample Customer Reviews…First off, this thing is a hammock. If you haven’t slept/laid/sat in a hammock you are missing out on an essential life experience. That said, this particular hammock is great. The material is extremely lightweight, yet durable, making this an ideal option for backpacking or even just toting around in general.

The material is also very comfortable and can be easily folded to use as a chair or draped over to cocoon yourself if you so choose. All in all this thing feels built to last, and it also conveniently packs down into itself.

As for being big enough for two people, I’d say that depends greatly on which two people you choose. I’ve comfortably snuggled up with someone in this, but we were both quite thin, and even given that it’s imperative you don’t mind being extremely close.

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19. DUCO Polarized Sunglasses 

100% UV protection blocks 100% of UV rays. Made from lightweight alloy, designed for cycling, climbing, and fishing. These long-lasting glasses have a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Sample Customer Review…One has to acknowledge, first, that these are high-end sunglasses. I purchased these because they were well-reviewed, polarized, had UV protection, and were cheap enough that I wouldn’t worry too much if I forgot them somewhere. All of those objectives were definitely met.

They are very comfortable, and I don’t feel like my view of the world has been skewed too much. Meaning, some glasses have a tint that really changes things a lot. These seem to darken evenly.

Also, I would note that these grip my head really well. I wore glasses all throughout my childhood, and it was frustrating because I have a nose that doesn’t support glasses well. These don’t slide down my nose easily. The nose pads are grippy, and the earpieces are also grippy. I guess some people could find that too grippy, but for me, it is very helpful.

I’m definitely glad I bought these. I thinking about buying a few more, just to have backups in case they stop production.

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20. First Aid Kit

Designed to fit your every need in those unexpected moments. Includes a CPR mask as well as everything needed to help someone for a short amount of time until you can receive more medical attention. Can fit in a backpack or purse so you can bring it everywhere.

Sample Customer Review…This small 100-piece first-aid kit is an extremely convenient kit if you are looking for something perfect for traveling and camping, The kit comes with a sturdy carrying case/bag and all 100 pieces are enclosed in a ziplock baggie to keep it together. Every piece is just right for any purpose. Recently, I chaperoned elementary-aged students at a week-long church camp and this kit fit perfectly into the small side pocket of my backpack.

It was nice to know that I could easily take a first-aid kit with me wherever I went with the kiddos and I was well prepared for any minor scrapes or injuries. A great addition to any car or sports bag–doesn’t take up much space and includes a variety of meds/materials you may need to administer to someone in need of minor aid. Perfect for school teachers, hikers, moms/dads/etc. I will definitely be purchasing again once I am in need of replenishment.

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21. SeriPen UV Water Purification  

Designed to handle up to 8,000 liters of water and remove 99.9% of the harmful organisms in the water. It is safe and effective and perfect for those trips where you can not bring enough water with you. 

Sample Customer Review…This was a great purchase. I used it on my 25 day trip to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, and drank tap water everywhere. I never got sick, so it much have worked! If you’re using it for travel, then it’s extremely convenient because (1) you never have to think about buying water at the store, and (2) you don’t have to go through massive amounts of plastic bottles.

In fact, at some point during a trip, it’ll pay for itself, because you won’t be buying water. The batteries lasted a pretty good amount of time — we had to change them twice, but that was easy to do, and the batteries are easy to find at watch stores.

Great purchase!

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22. GoPro HERO9

The GoPro allows the hiker in your life to document their outdoor adventures, without lugging around a large or heavy device. GoPros are made for action and are waterproof, making this little camera super durable! It shoots in HD and is even live stream capable, so their adventures can be shared easily. It is not an inexpensive gift, but it is one that will last and capture countless hours of fun.

Sample Customer Reviews…By far the most impressive GoPro I have ever owned. The 20MP camera functionality makes this great to bring to my kid’s sporting events and the 14.7MP frame grabs have been fun to pull out of the videos. I love the front screen and plan on buying housing for any rugged activities.

I have been playing around with the “Hindsight” feature (captures something like 30 seconds before you hit the button) at my kid’s baseball game which is really cool because I don’t need to record the whole game to find a good action shot or miss a spectacular play. By far one of the sweetest options. I am really looking forward to testing this out in the cold being it has a bigger battery than my HERO8.

It is a little heavier than my HERO8, but I think the trade-off is worth it for sure with the 20MP pictures and all the updates and battery life. Looking forward to getting some great videos and pictures before winter.

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23. National Geographic: Complete National Parks of the United States

This isn’t a gift your favorite hiker will be backing for their treks, but it will make a nice addition to their home life. This book contains over 400 national parks to give them ideas for their next adventure. It contains pictures, maps, local histories, and lots of other information they will find interesting, helpful, or both. Not to mention it functions as a conversation starter as a coffee table book.

Sample Customer Review…This book provides beautiful pictures and great details. I bought this for my parents who are getting ready to RV across America. They loved it, the book made a wonderful gift. In a day and age where everything is on the internet, it is still nice to be able to hold something in your hands for reference (especially when you may not have the best internet signal).

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking of traveling to all the National Parks! This comprehensive book begs you to get off the couch and begin exploring. I guess I was naive as to how many parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites, and trails we are blessed to have right here in the USA, let alone in our own backyard.

I like the way the book is broken down into regions and then goes state by state explaining the sites, monuments, battlefields, parks, or trails. Concise explanations and beautiful photos make this book a winner.

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I hope this buying guide has helped you find the best gifts for hikers. Happy hiking!

Written by Jonah Mackiewicz and Grace Sura

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