Can You Sleep with Wireless Headphones On?

Can You Sleep with Wireless Headphones On?

Falling asleep with your headphones is something that you see happen all the time when you’re in public, and listening to music is something that many people use to relax to fall asleep. The real question is can you sleep with wireless headphones on? Sleep is something that we all need, so it’s important to know if we should continue to use headphones while we sleep. Understanding how to properly use wireless headphones will help you so you don’t jeopardize the hearing that you will need throughout your lifetime. This article will provide you with valuable knowledge about what you need to know about falling asleep with wireless headphones on. 

Comparing Different Headphone Styles 

Can You Sleep with Wireless Headphones On?
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One of the first things to go over is the different headphones that you could possibly get. There are on-ear, over-ear, and in-ear headphones. Using over-ear and in-ear headphones would be difficult while lying down, and so we would not recommend using these types of headphones while sleeping. Although, you could sleep sideways, this can only be done if you don’t move while you sleep.

The best type of headphones for sleep use is generally the in-ear headphones that will stay in your ears while sleeping. Having headphones that are wireless will make it an easier process to fall asleep and lower the risk of breaking the product. Usually, the in-ear buds stay in throughout the night, but it’s not a sure thing that they will. 

Get Headphones That Make Sleeping Easier 

Many headphone companies have realized the demand for wireless headphones that can be used while sleeping. They have been able to create low-profile headphones that don’t stick out from your ears so that when you move around in your sleep there is no chance of damaging the product or your ear. 

A new category of wireless headphones includes headband headphones that allow for the user to move in their sleep, or sleep on their side if they so desire. Researching a variety of wireless headphones, like headband headphones, will make it easier to determine the best type of headphones for you.  

Satisfaction with the Use of Headphones

Headphones not only provide relaxing music, but they are effective at blocking out the distracting noises that go on around us. When you’re in a noisy room and you need some sleep, putting on some wireless headphones will block out the sound that usually distracts you from falling asleep.

Listening to white noise has been shown to induce sleep. The white noise helps to relax one’s breathing and lower your heart rate which will put you into a mode that allows you to relax and fall asleep. It’s recommended to listen to music or white noise shortly before you go to bed as it helps you to relax and fall asleep more easily. 

Sleeping with headphones has shown some benefits to those who have problems with things such as PTSD and insomnia that affect an individual’s ability to fall asleep. Playing music or white noise in the background has been found to be one of the ways to overcome not being able to fall asleep. 

Issues with Using Headphones 

The first issue of sleeping with headphones is the build-up of wax that occurs when there isn’t a decent amount of circulation of blood in your ears. Having your headphones in for such a long time is what usually causes this to occur and it can potentially result in damage to the product and your ears. It’s recommended that you should have certain days where you wear them and have a few days you take them out while you sleep.

Another issue that tends to come up with frequent headphone usage while sleeping is a condition called otitis externa. This condition usually causes fluid to accumulate in your ear and occurs because the skin surrounding your canal begins to fall apart. Pain and soreness will usually follow as the condition becomes worse from the constant use of the headphones. To prevent this, you should keep the volume levels low while sleeping. Another solution is to find the best wireless headphones for sleeping which can help prevent some of these issues. 

So, Can You Sleep with Wireless Headphones On? 

Wireless headphones are definitely something to consider if you are having a hard time sleeping, and there are many good options that you can use to fulfill your needs when it comes to falling asleep. If you are a person who enjoys music or relaxing to white noise, it’s important to know all you can about sleeping with wireless headphones on. There have been a few cases of those who have experienced damage due to sleeping with headphones on, but with advancements in technology, the likelihood of this occurring is low, which means you can enjoy the sounds of your favorite tunes as you fall asleep. 

Written by Ben Kennaley

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