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How Do I Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

Having a dull lawnmower blade can be detrimental to your grass. A dull blade pulls at the root of the grass and can cause it to turn brown. It also leaves frayed ends of the grass which weakens it and can cause grass diseases and fungal growth. A sharp blade cuts the grass evenly which allows for a quick recovery. So, how do I sharpen lawn mower blades?

When to sharpen blades depends on the manufacturer. Some say to do it after 10 hours of use, while others say twice a season, which is after about 25 hours of use. Sharpening the blade will need to be more frequent if the terrain is filled with pinecones, rocks, etc. Follow these steps to maintain a healthy lawn and a proper working mower.

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Check the Blades

Sometimes the grass will give you signs that the blades need to be sharpened. If it is not recovering as well as usual, then it is time to change the blade. The cut grass blades will return nutrients to the grass so this is another reason to have a clean cut.

There are some signs on the blade that it needs to be changed. If there are dents and nicks usually from rocks then this is a huge sign they need to be sharpened. The rest are signs from the grass itself. If the grass looks torn instead of sliced, or if the grass heights are uneven after cutting. It is also a sign if the grass is browning or fraying.

Removing the Blades

The first step is to disconnect it from a power source, so you’ll need to remove the spark plug. Then, tilt the mower on its side with the air filter and carburetor side up. This prevents any oil from getting in the air filter. Mark the bottom of the blade with something that won’t rub off like a grease pencil or spray paint to ensure the blade will be reinstalled upright.

Take a wrench and find the bolt or but that is holding the blades in place. Use a wrench to remove it and the blades will release. You might have to shove a piece of wood between the blade and the deck to clamp it still. Clean the blades with a dry rag before sharpening. If it is caked with grass clippings, spray it with some penetrating oil and scrub with a brush. 

Sharpening the Blade

There are multiple ways to sharpen lawn mower blades. The most accessible to most people is probably sharpening by hand so that’s the method we will explore.

Safety always comes first, so grab your protective eyewear and gloves. Then grab a file or grindstone. Keep it at a 45-degree angle. Begin sharpening from the top side of the edge for cutting. Only file in one direction, do not go back and forth. The teeth of the blade should be felt while filing, if not, apply more pressure. It should take about 50 strokes to finish out the blade. Do not try and make it extremely sharp because just a butter knife level of sharpness will suffice. Once one blade is done, turn it over to the other blade and repeat. 

Blade Balance

An unbalanced blade can be detrimental to your mower. It will cause the mower to vibrate and the blade shaft or bearings can actually be destroyed. The easiest way to check is by putting a screwdriver in the middle of the hole in the blade. Hold the blade horizontally, and it should remain level once you let go. If it dips in one direction that means that side is heavier. Take a few more strokes off the blade and retest. 

Reinstall the Blade

The first step is to clean the area under the mower. Next, check the marking you made on the bottom of the blade to ensure you’re reinstalling it the right way. With the marked side facing you, put the blade onto the bolt. Take a socket wrench and secure the nut. Make sure it is secure and tight so the mower will run its smoothest. Reconnect the power source and the spark plug. Take the mower outside and ensure it runs smoothly. 

How Do I Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades? – Conclusion

A lawnmower in the process of mowing a very healthy yard. They have followed the steps and are no longer asking themselves, how do I sharpen lawn mower blades.
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The maintenance of your lawnmower is critical to your lawn health. This is just one of a couple of methods to sharpen your lawnmower blades. Once the blades are set, your grass clippings should be perfectly sliced. With these new blades, you’ll need the best lawn mower ramps to go with them. This ensures all the lawns on the block are healthy. You no longer have to ask yourself: how do I sharpen lawn mower blades? Happy mowing!

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