Is a Chromebook Good for Writers?

What is the best laptop for writers that is good for me? Is a Chromebook good for writers? The question that most writers have in mind is what kind of laptop should they get to write their manuscripts, blogs, novels, playwrights, note-taking, etc. What would help to have access to their manuscripts if they lose them or misplace them?

I mean that is every writer’s worst nightmare. Not having a backup plan. Being a good writer means having good tools that we have access to. Writers need laptops that are not so heavy to carry around and have long battery life. There are many laptops to choose from, but it is always that one question that all writers have. Is it good for me? Writers need laptops that are not so heavy to carry around and have long battery life.

Some writers have their eyes on Chromebooks but still question themselves.  Is the Chromebook good for writers? I mean it seems like it is a simple answer, but it all depends on the type of writing that the writer is doing. Different writers have different styles and different usage for writing, but we are not here to talk about other laptops. We are here to talk about if the Chromebook is good for writers. Depending on the writing, it feels as if the Chromebook is good enough for writers to use. 

Chromebooks are not the newest laptops, but they are becoming more common to use. We have seen them in schools and other institutions that learned that Chromebooks are good laptops for their students, workers, friends, and others to have and use as a writing tool.

Chromebooks come in different brands like Google, Acer, HP, etc. Writers could choose their favorite brand Chromebook. Not only is it good for writing, but they are very secure which is why schools know that they are not easily able to hack into. Chromebooks are known for their operating system and perfect keyboard. It may not seem that Chromebooks are great laptops for writers but in reality, they are.

Is a Chromebook Good for Writers?: Yes

Is a Chromebook Good for Writers?: Yes
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Here are some advantages that make a Chromebook good for writers.

Chrome OS

One advantage is that Chromebooks come with Chrome OS. This means that Chromebook offers one browser and comes with apps. When you hear Chromebook, you connect it to Google. The Chromebook has easy access to Google, Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet,  Google Excel, etc. This means that a writer does not have to waste money to purchase other writing tools like Microsoft Office. When using Google Docs, it has a feature to save all your writing even if you did not choose to save it and looking back at history.  Unlike other operating systems, the Chrome OS does a very great job in managing its RAM meaning that writers will not have problems typing.

Long Battery life

Another advantage is that Chromebooks have long battery life. On average, the Chromebook has an 8-hour battery life which means that you almost spend a whole or half-day just working and writing all day. Sometimes as writers, writing does not come as fast as we want to and we want a laptop that has the battery life to be there when we have a breakthrough. Chromebooks have that battery life to last when we are just thinking of ideas and want to write them down. 


If you are still debating if a Chromebook is good for writers, let me tell you about pricing. Writers are like regular people who want laptops that do not cause too much and could do simple tasks as type or write. Chromebooks are affordable that could cost under $400 and range up to $1,200.

Lightweight and Slim

Not only do they have a limited budget, but they are lightweight and slim. Yes, I said lightweight meaning that they are easily able to carry around and travel with. Other laptops that have more features are heavier to carry around, so if you are looking for a lightweight laptop and you want to write the Chromebook is good. We are in a time where we are living in quarantine and doing everything remotely meaning that laptops are used as a form of communication. Chromebooks create that remote that writers love because they like to take their laptops where they go when they get inspired. 


Image source: Unsplash

Just like the writers, I have never thought of having a Chromebook as a laptop to write. I mean Chromebooks feel that they are used for schoolwork which is common nowadays. But Chromebooks are good to either write a novel or just take notes for an idea. They do not have to be a writer’s main laptop, but they could be a backup to when a writer needs a laptop to take on the go. With its small size, it could be carried in a bag and just go with us. There are many Chromebooks and each Chromebook has its unique feature like turning into a tablet. I mean why not give a Chromebook a try.

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