What Is Considered a Large Room for Air Purifiers?

What Is Considered A Large Room For Air Purifiers?

In order to find the perfect air purifier for you, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the room. The type of air purifier needed is dependent on the size of the room to maximize the efficiency of the purifier. Some things to also consider when looking for an air purifier is if you are a pet owner and your budget. Owning a pet can cause many pollutants in the air, so getting a good air purifier will help ensure clean air. When looking to buy an air purifier, you may be asking yourself: what is considered a large room for air purifiers? This article will help assist you on what is considered to be a large room and how you can choose the right size air purifier. 

Large Rooms

Finding the best air purifiers for large rooms will help clean the air quality of the room.

Large rooms can accumulate a large number of air pollutants. Removing dust, pollen, smoke, and other pollutants will increase the air quality of that room. Asking the question of “how big of an air purifier do I need?” is very common. Knowing the dimensions of your room is vital for your decision on the best air purifier for you. Getting the right size air purifier is important because it ensures that the appliance will work effectively in the room. 

Large Room Dimensions

You can find the best affordable air purifiers for you with just finding the square footage of your room and some research.

A large room is considered to be anywhere from 500 to 1,500 square feet. If a room is 500 or more square feet, it is recommended to get an air purifier with an air coverage of 500 or more square feet to maximize the purity of the airflow. 

Steps in Choosing the Right Air Purifier

there are the best air purifiers for pet owners that can clean out all of the pollutants brought in the house from the pets.

To choose the right air purifiers for a large room, you need to measure the square footage of the room you are wanting to purify. By doing that you can pick the air purifier that can meet your expectations by fully purifying the air in the room. Listed below are the steps in choosing the right air purifier for you accessible for a large room.

Step 1: Determine Where the Air purifier is Going

To ensure you are purchasing the right air purifier, knowing what room it is going in will allow you to buy the best fit. Air purifiers can be placed in just about any room from small, medium, and large rooms, to offices and kitchens. Purchasing an air purifier that is too small, will not successfully purify the whole room. 

Step 2: Measuring the Square Footage

Now that you have decided what room you want the air purifier to be in, the next step is finding the square footage of the room. This is an important step in determining to get a purifier that will clean the whole room. To measure the square footage, you need to first measure the two perpendicular walls finding the feet of those two walls. Then, you multiply those two numbers to find the square footage of the room. 

Step 3: Finding the Right Match 

Lastly, with having the square foot measurements you are now ready to find the best affordable air purifier for you! Before purchasing, make sure it can purify up to the square footage of the room to ensure the purifier can purify all the air in the room. 

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

The clean air delivery rate is a standard measurement that allows consumers to compare air purifiers performances. The CADR test is conducted by The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. This will test the noise level and air filtration performance which ensure things like dust, pollen, and smoke are efficiently being filtered out. To find what the minimum clean air delivery rate for an effective air purifier is, you take the room size in square feet and multiply it by ⅔. By getting the air purifier with a higher CADR output means the appliance can cover more air at a faster pace. 


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Finding the perfect air purifier isn’t always easy, but with the right research and knowing the room it makes the process a lot easier. After knowing what is considered a large room, you will be able to find the perfect air purifier for you.

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