Are battery chainsaws worth it?

Are Battery Chainsaws Worth it?

Everyone needs some power tools to help with home improvement or special projects. Whether it be cutting off branches of trees that are straying into your yard and dropping unwanted leaves and debris into your yard or you want to get a more precise and fast trim on your hedges; chainsaws are super helpful tools for any outdoorsman. They are commonly used in some construction projects, but this article will be talking more about how to choose a chainsaw for the common consumer and homeowner.

We can’t speak to the needs of construction workers and professional handymen, but we can give you our best insight on chainsaws for the average Joe. Chainsaws are huge and can be really dangerous, so it’s not a shock that people might be doing extra research on what kind of chainsaw they should purchase. There are ones with cords, ones with batteries, ones that are big, and ones that are small. There are a lot of different types of chainsaws, but specifically, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of battery chainsaws.

Pros and Cons: Are Battery Chainsaws Worth it?

Pros and cons: are battery chainsaws worth it?

There are a lot of different types of chainsaws out on the market. Some are powered by gas, which can get pricey because of how often you would need to buy and refill the tank. Not to mention the fumes that come out from the gas being burned; it can cause damage to your lungs and the environment.

There are chainsaws that have cords and plug into the wall to use electricity. Those are helpful because they don’t release the same toxic fumes that gas chainsaws do, but they have a limited range on where you can use them. The cord length might inhibit you from cutting certain things, or limits where you can cut things. This might be a major hazard if someone is walking by and trips on the cord while it is in use. The cord also might get caught in the chains and get severed, which renders the whole tool useless if it can’t receive the power it needs to function.


We recommend chainsaws that operate on a battery because it solves all of the problems associated with gas and electric chainsaws. The battery doesn’t release those nasty fumes the way gas chainsaws do, and they can be moved anywhere, unlike the electric chainsaws. You will have to buy a new battery to replace the old one every now and again, but it will last a lot longer than gas will, and it is much safer than having a cord connected to a tool that is dangerous.

One reason that battery chainsaws are a good idea is that the battery might be the same as some other outdoor equipment you own. If you have another tool that uses the same battery, you’ll be able to switch them out if it dies and your task isn’t completed yet. The batteries are often rechargeable, so you won’t have to spend much in terms of resupplying energy, the way you would with a gas chainsaw.

These battery-operated chainsaws are also a lot quieter during use than gas-powered ones, so they also will save your hearing. Exposure to loud noises for extended periods of time can cause long-term health problems, so this is great if you’re a more cautious person. Battery chainsaws are also much lower maintenance than the ones that rely on gas, so this might be great if you don’t like having to keep up with all of your power tools; whether it be an extremely busy schedule, or you just would rather use your time in other ways. 


Some downsides to a battery-operated chainsaw are that the running time is limited, they might not be the best for larger jobs, they might not be able to reach some higher or larger branches. Since they operate on a rechargeable battery, these chainsaws will require you to either halt your progress to recharge or spend a bit more to have a backup ready for these tasks.

It can be annoying to have to wait to recharge, but if you don’t think you’ll be using your chainsaw for periods that are longer than an hour or two, you probably won’t have to worry about this too much. Since these chainsaws are a little bit smaller and have a shorter run time, these chainsaws might not be your best bet if you’re about to perform a huge, long-term task. Also, they might not be able to reach higher or bigger branches on trees, if that’s your goal, because of their size. 


Overall, choosing a battery-operated chainsaw is probably a good bet for a regular homeowner. The run time might be a bit short, but most people won’t need to use a chainsaw for extended periods of time. They are more eco-friendly and efficient, so they can save energy costs and reduce any health hazards associated with gas chainsaws. Hopefully, this guide on if you should choose a battery chainsaw was helpful in deciding if you should add one of these to your shopping cart the next time you visit the local hardware store!

Written by Amanda Fort

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